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Hey Double Dragon Dojo! My name is Trevor Duke.

I had a best friend submit a Double Dragon cosplay at an anime convention to your fan art page.  I've made some funny yet cool Double Dragon Advance sprite comics.  I have a few small ones and one big actual comic.  I'm emailing you these, Dojo Master, and would like to see them in your fan art page.  So I hope you like them!

Trevor Duke

Thanks Trevor.  Since you submitted comics, I added them to the Fan Fiction section with the other Double Dragon fan comics.  I haven't seen any new fan comics in a while, so thanks for sending those in.  Also, it's nice to hear that it was your friends who sent me some fan art.  I hope I get some more!

Dojo Master


[Update in response to yesterday's post.]

After looking at the old page we used to have for the characters in Double Dragon II (PC Engine version), I managed to jog my memory.  Back when I updated this site to its current format, Johnny Undaunted, our associate editor, felt that there was no point in having a separate characters page for the PC Engine version of the game since the information contained in that page was simply redundant.  It didn't add anything new to what he had detailed in the NES characters page.  It just had images of the sprites from the PC Engine version.  So we deleted that PC Engine version page and just used the NES characters page, which is why that page says that the characters listed are for the PC Engine version as well.

However, I realize that some people might like to have that page acknowledge the PC Engine version a little more.  Since we already had the sprites on hand, I went ahead and included both the NES and PC Engine sprites on the page.  Enjoy!

Dojo Master


Hey, what happened to the Double Dragon II PC-Engine character page?

Itís been a while, but I remember on your old site you had a character page for the PC-Engine Double Dragon II that differed from the NES one.

Colby Davis

Oh, wow!  Thank you for notifying me.  I didn't even remember that there was a separate character page for that specific game.  I checked the Internet Archive and it seems that I somehow lost that page when I upgraded the site to this current format back in 2006.  I wasn't even able to find it on my computer.  However, thanks to the wonderful Archive, I was able to find that long-lost character page.  I'll get it posted very soon here.  Thanks again for reminding me, and if anyone ever notices that the Dojo is missing something, or there is some sort of error, please let me know!

Dojo Master