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Hi again to the dojo team,

Iím wondering if anybody at the Dojo is aware of a Phil Collins song called ďEasy LoverĒ?  It appears that the Double Dragon II - Mission 2 theme (Low Pursuit on the Arranged Soundtrack) is based very closely on this song.  Iíve included a link to the song so that you can hear it for yourself, and I have no problem with the link being made public for others to hear.  The song really is a dead ringer for Low Pursuit.


You're right about that.  I listened to both songs again and there is definitely a similarity there.  As a matter of fact, the entire DD II soundtrack seems to have a similar guitar style to Easy Lover.  That must have been a definitive style of the 80s.  I'd be careful about posting songs for download on your website though.  You don't want the music police to come calling because of any free downloads.

Dojo Master


What's up Double Dragon Dojo?  My name is Vadinho aka Vizion.  I appreciate the effort you guys put into the whole Super Double Dragon original story and how the game is really supposed to be.  I remember being younger and going to my cousins house playing the game and not wanting to give up the controller or play anything else.  Though I hated the fact of it not having a story line and it not having a proper ending.  I just loved Double Dragon and all the sequels but Super Double Dragon is overall the best one to come out.  The Game Boy Advance one was close but it just didn't do it for me.  Seriously, I know it's 2006 but just last year I ended up buying a SNES and broke my neck trying to find a copy of Super Double Dragon and finally got it.  My cousin thought I was crazy buying all that old shit but I didn't care what he thought.  I had to get it guess.  You can say I'm a true fan.  Nonetheless I love the website and I wanted to ask a question.  Now that I know their is a more detailed version of the game I'd like to know if you know where to play the Japanese version or if I could get it for SNES?  A fan in need and a fan indeed.  Please holler back and get me updated.

Vadinho aka Vizion

Thanks for compliments.  I have to give credit where it's due though.  All of the work on that story was done by Game Kommander.  They conducted the interview and Johnny provided the translation.  I just cleaned up the grammar and posted the translated article. 

It's good to see you're a big fan of SDD.  If DD Advance isn't that interesting to you, then you really need to try the two-player mode.  It makes a huge difference.  But as far as Return of DD goes, you can always find copies on eBay.  In order to play it on your SNES though, you'll need some sort of Super Famicom to SNES converter (plugs into the top of you system, probably looks like a Game Genie).  Otherwise you can just download the ROM on the internet, but it's not the same as playing it on a T.V.  If you need more help be sure to post your questions on our message boards.

Dojo Master

Just want to let you know my name's Seth Coronado and that I'm your biggest fan!  Are you guys ever going to make a second movie of Double Dragon?  If you did, I'd worship you!!!!  What about video games?  Are you going to make some for XBOX 360, GameCube, etc.?  I only have Double Dragon 1 for my NES.  And I have the movie.  I really like the DD 1 game, but I cannot get past the double Chins in Mission 4.

I haven't seen your cartoon series yet, but one of my friends said it was cool.  I haven't played Double Dragon Advance, but I really want to.  I never knew that you had merchandise until I found your site.  If I had the money, I'd buy it all!  I really want shirts, comics and the other stuff.  How much is your merchandise?  I have a question: are there any level warps on the first game?

Okay, My name is Seth Coronado, I'm 14 years old, and I live in Payette, Idaho (wish I didn't).

P.S.  I'm your biggest fan ever!

Seth Allen Coronado

Looks like I'll have to clear up a misconception that our younger fans always fall prey to.  The Dojo is not run by the creators of the Double Dragon series.  We've never even met the creators.  We're just a bunch of DD fans who enjoy a little bit of journalism and feel the need to write about everything involving the series.  With that said, there are no current plans by the publisher of Double Dragon, Atlus Entertainment, to release a new game.  As far as the movie goes, someone in Hollywood has expressed interest in making a new one, but that's it.  And as far as the merchandise goes, we don't sell any of it.  As a matter of fact, it's very difficult to find, and your best bet is eBay.

If you're still having trouble with DD for the NES, make sure to check out our guide for the game by clicking here.  There are no level warps, but if you follow the guide, you shouldn't have any trouble beating it.  Thanks for your support.

Dojo Master

Hey what's up?  Well anyways I wrote you a long time ago asking about what's the difference between the Lewis and Lee brothers.  And I appreciated that you cleared all of that up to me.  Anyways, I have another question.  I'm starting up this new site and it's basically a review site for older games and my personal favorites as opposed to the current-gen ones and next-gen ones.  And so far I only have one review up.  And the next one is going to be the Neo-Geo Double Dragon game!  But my question is this: I have no idea how to actually customize my site like you guys do.  I mean, how did you get your logo and other designs on the left hand side and stuff?  Is there a special html code I have to put in to do something like that?  If so...what is it (sorry I'm still pretty new to hypertext)?  And my next question is this: I noticed that Double Dragon Advance was the last "true" DD game to come out.  Do you personally think Million will release a new one or do you think it was a one-time thing?  I'm praying that they do make an all new one that can be better than Return of Double Dragon (my all time fav)!  Well it'd really mean a lot to me to hear back from you soon.  Keep up the great work on the site!  Glad to see one of the best series of all time is still being kept alive through the site!

Brent aka Legend

Unfortunately, I'm not that great at web design.  I cheat by using Microsoft FrontPage, and I would recommend you do the same.  I don't have the ability to give a full-blown crash course on web design, but I will tell you that everyone uses tables to create their web pages and they divide them into cells, which can be individually filled with content.  That's how you create a navigation on the left side of the page.  But if you're serious about this web design stuff, take some courses in high school or college.  They're really helpful.

I really do think that Million will make another DD.  Nintendo is cashing in on the numerous remakes it keeps releasing, and Million could do the same by remaking Super Double Dragon in its originally proposed design (or any other title for that matter).  It's a fairly inexpensive thing to do, and it brings huge sales.  So if Atlus or Million is reading this, they should seriously consider it.

Dojo Master