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Did Technos have anything to do with the Sega Game Gear version of Double Dragon?

Card Captor

Nope.  They just issued the license.  Virgin was responsible for that garbage, as well as some other atrocious games.

Dojo Master



My name is Gianluca, I'm from Italy. During the eighties (1987-1989) I used to be a true Double Dragon junkie, like few others, you can bet!

I saw DD for the first time in a small arcade hall and it totally blew me away. Animation and graphics were unbelievably realistic and involving for that time and the combat method was truly awesome: Double Dragon was the first combat game to feature a sophisticated punch/kick/throw combo method where you could combine each move the way you wanted. Think about it: it was much more advanced that the still far to come and acclaimed Final Fight. Moreover, the game was set in a believable and gloomy urban environment, which truly smelt like '80 like no other game. Last but not least, the Double Dragon characters were so cool, the way a character used to be in the eighties: leather jackets, sunglasses (Jimmy and Billy don't actually wear them according to Technos Japan's official iconography, but their original arcade sprites looked like they did, at least to me) and that cool attitude.

Talking about the cool look, I did never really shared the same point of view on the way Jimmy and Billy Lee have been portrayed in many late followings of the arcade game. Many artworks were drawn in the US and, according to me, they totally missed the point. Billy and Jimmy are not really gang brawlers (not only!) but expert and sophisticated martial artists, they resemble heroes from manga works such as Hokuto no Ken and this is clearly visible in the Japanese artworks of the SuperFamicon version of Super Double Dragon. I prefer by far the way they've been depicted in Rage of the Dragons for the Neo Geo than they way they look in many western adaptations of the first two arcade games, or, worst, in the movie.

Today, I think there's plenty of room for an advance side-scrolling 3D combat game. One on one 3D battle games are kind of a spoilt genre by far, combat games can be more diversified and multi-layered, gameplay-wise.  Side-scroller combat games with multiple enemies can do the magic where one on one combat games can't be developed much further, look at the one vs. many combat sequences in Shenmue 2 (Sega, Dreamcast) and tell me if it doesn't look interesting. But, of course, I suppose it's much easier and cheaper to develope an over-tested and abused game type instead of investing time and money in developing a new combat game paradigm but I'm not giving it up: after all guys at Technos Japan were so ingenious in times of much thinner resources, I hope they will eventually come back with a 3D title.

And as for your DD site, I really adore it! I'm so glad a site on one of the myths of my teenage-hood exists and shares many of my views on this saga, I hope it's going to stay for a veeery long time so that the legend will not be forgotten.

My only criticism is about FilePlanet-supported downloading. To me that site is totally crap. I couldn't manage to get one file even though I already have an account. It keeps saying the file is missing (even though it said I was going to download it just a second before) or I'm not logged (even though I just logged in) I really hope DD Dojo's music files weren't stored on that awful mess.

Besides that, I wish you good luck: keep the good work!



Thanks.  I'm surprised at how many Europeans email me saying how much they love Double Dragon.  I had no idea that area of the world was so into it.  We'd all love to see a 3D Double Dragon.  Who knows, it just might happen.  I can guarantee this site will not shut down within my lifetime.  I've seen too many sites come and go but this one won't.  I don't know what's causing your problems with FilePlanet because I'm certain that the links are correct.  We can't get rid of it.  You see, we have free hosting and unlimited file space given to us graciously by and along with the banner ads we have to use FilePlanet.  Considering how much we get from this deal, it's more than a fair trade.

Dojo Master


I finally got my hands on a copy of Double Dragon 2 for MegaDrive/Genesis. I got it really cheap too! I have to say it isn't nearly as bad as people have been saying it is. In fact it is my favorite Double Dragon out of the Genesis ones. It does have a bit of slowdown but that just makes it like the Matrix!

Now my next goal is to somehow get a copy of Double Dragon 2 for PC Engine. It would be cool if Atlus would release this version as an unlockable in the next Double Dragon they make.  Which brings me to my next question. Did the PC Engine get Double Dragon 1, and 3, or just Double Dragon 2?

And speaking of Atlus, I too agree that they should make a Super Double Dragon Dx, that puts in everything the original team was planning to put in. They should get that guy from the article to come in and help them. Nice article by the way. Good job!

Thanks again!


Wow.  I'm surprised to see that somebody actually likes a game with slowdown.  I prefer a little faster pace with games though.  Only one Double Dragon game was released for the PC Engine: Double Dragon 2.  It's a bit strange that they picked the second game only and not the rest.  We'd love to see Super Double Dragon dx also.  Hopefully Atlus gets some ideas.  Thanks for your compliments.  Much credit goes to Game Kommander for letting us reprint the article and Johnny Undaunted for translating it.

Dojo Master


Double Dragon Advance contains these tributes to Bruce Lee - the brothers forward jump kick is exactly the same as Lee's flying jump kick from Game of Death (vs. Kareem Abdul Jabbar). Lee is on the back of the truck in Level 4. And check these pics out!


Yes we've noticed these things before thanks to our staff member Johnny Undaunted.  Atlus has also confirmed them.  But just in case anybody didn't notice before, here are the obligatory shots again:

Dojo Master


I had just found a little discovery when on the third level of Double Dragon 1 for Nintendo (the greatest game system in the world! :). When you are fighting Will in the cave after beating up Chin, there's a cliff off to the left side of the screen that you can't see. But if you throw him to the left of the screen, then he's dead because he fell of the cliff. I was wondering if you or anyone else knew that because I find some neat things on DD 1 often. At first I never realized that people had discovered the trick with Linda's whip turning into a bat.

I'll let you know If I find any other neat things about this game.


Thanks.  We'll probably never stop receiving emails notifying us of newly discovered glitches.

Dojo Master


Who is the band that sings on the Double Dragon Arrange Album?? That girl's voice seems familiar.

Akumu Hau

You mean the music in the arranged Double Dragon II music album? The remixes were done by Kazuhiro Hara and Nobuhito Tanahashi. I don't know who did the vocals in Dead or Alive (the J-Pop rendition of the Double Dragon) though. You got me there.

Johnny Undaunted
Associate Editor


Double Dragon Daria as silly sequel? Maybe not. A sarcastic teen fighting the Shadow Warriors and teaming-up with the Dragons wouldn't fly. Though Capcom did release Mega Man Soccer and Tradewest/Rare did Battletoads/Double Dragon, so I wouldn't be surprised if Atlus did. Seems to me Atlus is the only third party publisher on the GBA that gets me excited about new games. Though I do play all my games via Game Boy Player.

I think if a DD game was made with Zombie Revenge's engine, it'd be pretty neat to look at, though I can't promise quality. I mean, Zombie Revenge, Dynamite Cop and Die Hard Arcade all sucked as beat 'em ups. DD is unique.

I love to see the DDs characters (villains too) team-up to fight the Final Fight and Streets of Rage characters. Just keep those Turtles out of it!

Tyrone Warbasse

Let's all hope for a 3D Double Dragon.  And let's hope it doesn't have the Lee brothers beating up a giant octopus.

Dojo Master


Double Dragon Advance is a great game and truly a game for the fans.  Here's my thoughts for the sequel.  The sequel should take a more unique approach, one that will impress not only Double Dragon fans but fans of fighting games in general.  Artificial intelligence: if someone was trying to beat you in the head with a baseball bat, would it not be a wise idea to disarm your opponent? "enemies climbing ladders in pursuit of you" Timed moves: kneeling for excessive, and extended periods of time, making you invulnerable to enemy attacks is borderline lame.  If this wasn't in Double Dragon 1 I wouldn't excuse it.  Better graphics engine: Less of the same, Double Dragon Advance was an excellent remake mixing elements of several Double Dragon games-"genius" but I would like to see Double Dragon 2 have more evolutionary characteristics to it, like when Double Dragon 2 for the arcade was totally remade for the Nintendo.  Being a fan myself, I think Double Dragon 2 should be made for the Nintendo D.S. "Nintendo's new handheld system''  It's a more capable system and its coming out this year. Thanks for your time.....

A Pringle

Nice ideas.  I'm sure Atlus won't disappoint us with the next game, but chances are that it's skeleton will consist of the arcade sequel.  Chances are that we could end up with three titles on the GBA like Castlevania fans did.  I have no clue if Atlus is interested in the DS.

Dojo Master

Great siteóvery informative and I love the fan art. Iíve always been a big fan of the NES Double Dragons (despite their flaws), especially Double Dragon II.  Iím in the process of making a MUGEN fighter with NES Double Dragon sprites.  Iím not releasing it publicly or anything; itís just a hobby.  I just always thought it would be cool to see Chin vs. Ranzou, Princess Noiram vs. the Shadow Warrior, Williams vs. Gibson, Willie vs. Jim, etc. Until I learned about MUGEN, I never thought it would have been possible.  But, I digress.

I wonder if you could help me with some of the charactersí names?  I havenít been able to find these anywhere, and this is the most comprehensive Double Dragon site Iíve ever seen.  Even if you donít have any definitive answer, any clues, hints, approximations, or guesses would be appreciated!

The names of the blue ninjas from Double Dragon II?
The name of the Gladiator from Double Dragon III (not Roneyóthe other ones)?
The name of the ninjas from Double Dragon III (not Ranzouóthe purple & yellow ones)?

And, finally, something Iíve always wondered about. Whatís the deal with the three Chins? I know the Double Dragon III Chin is Chin Seimei, but are the Double Dragon I and II Chins the same guy? Are they both Chin Taimei or are they different guys?

Thanks in advance for any help and thanks for making a great site for a great old series.


Robert Norman

Thanks.  To answer your questions:

The name of the blue ninjas from DD 2 is simply Ninja.  He's basically a nameless character.
The gladiators are once again, nameless characters identified only by their look.
Same thing with the ninjas.

Yes.  Chin from DD 1 & 2 is the same guy, Mr. Taimei.  Chin Seimei from DD 3 is his pissed off brother.

Dojo Master

I have played all versions of Double Dragon One Two Three and Return of/ Super Double Dragon.  My opinion, Double Dragon Advance is a mixture of all versions.  Which is great, superb.  If they were to make a sequel I would like it to be like Double Dragon Two: The Rise of the Dragons, or something.  Something completely new.  Same game play.  Different levels, different enemies, etc.  I must have the music though. Without the music Double Dragon isn't complete.  I actually work out to Double Dragon soundtracks. 
Double Dragon Advance was cool, because it had things like Super Double Dragon, such as the blocking technique, and the truck ride.  Which was cool.  Even same line up.  Fight 3 pretty easy guys then a hard one.  As in Super you fight the clown a little then Roper, William, Then Jeff, Then Steve.  They also had Burnov from Double Dragon two, in there which was cool, because in the other's the boss was Jeff. Which was gay because Jeff isn't actually a boss.  They should make one as Duke as the boss.  Willy is getting gay because he has been the main guy in the last mods.  I'm ready for some head on head action, or two on one action with my brother again with a guy WITHOUT a gun.  I wish they had some music from Super Double Dragon in Advance, I really liked that soundtrack.  Especially, the way the Mission 3 was played, well in the American version, the Famicom was different. I hope Double Dragon is brought back.  I mean come on, you will revive Ninja Faggots, and not the two greatest legends known to man ??? I mean come on, Battletoads would even kick some Ninja Turtle butt! I mean I'm not dissing the Ninja Turtles, just saying rather have Double Dragon.  Thanks.


The good music from Super Double Dragon was basically the remakes of old themes such as City Slum, which appeared in DDA.  But if you want SDD original music in the next game I would recommend the themes from levels 1 and 4.  I'm sure some people might be getting tired of Willy but don't forget that DDA is as much a remake as an original game.  When we get an entirely new game I'm sure they'll create a completely new cast.  Double Dragon has returned since we have a new game, but I'm guessing that you mean for it to return to its original glory days.  We'll probably need a console game for that.

Dojo Master


Oops.  I wrote you a letter the other day singing the praises of Double Dragon 2 for the Game Boy, but I goofed.  I was actually playing Double Dragon 1!  I've since played DD2 and am writing to caution anyone who read my glowing "review" for DD2, to take note that I screwed up.  Don't waste your time with DD2!  I got confused as I was recalling memories of DD2 for the NES while playing DD1 for the GB.  Yikes, no wonder you thought I was crazy! :-P Sorry for the confusion.


Thanks for clearing up the confusion.  I thought something was screwy.  Be warned everybody and under no circumstances go near Double Dragon 3 for Game Boy.

Dojo Master

Hello. Great site. I am happy to say that I have been the proud owner of Double Dragon Advance for a couple of months now (since November). I just love how the game really follows the arcade version (especially with the weapons). Not like the NES or original Game Boy versions where the weapons disappear. The Abobos with afros, the secret service guys, Hong, Burnov, Chin, the bald version of Chin, the Five Emperors, and Kikucho (the samurai) were also a nice addition. I do agree that Raymond is a ridiculous name for the Mission 7 boss. Plus, I liked how they named the green Abobo with the mohawk at the end of Mission 5 Mibobo. I sure hope they make a sequel to Double Dragon Advance in the near future. 

How about this? Atlus should make Double Dragon Advance II: The Revenge and have it also follow the arcade version. I would also put in some elements that were found in DD2 for the NES version such as fighting in the helicopter with the opening doors, and the undersea base with the spiked ceiling (keep Willy in the game like in the arcade version, though). You know when you fight your Doppleganger after beating Willy in the arcade version? Well, if they do make a DDA2, I would put in the Mysterious Warrior from the NES version at the end of the game and after beating him, have Marian come back to life like in the NES version. Note that this is just an idea that I have. 


Great ideas.  I would have suggested the same things.  Chances are that if they make a sequel it will be very close to what you suggested.  Did anybody catch that strange dialog after beating Raymond?  Sure sounds suggestive to me.

Dojo Master

Do you know who were the crew (director, writer, etc.) for the Double Dragon cartoon series?


Well, unfortunately no.  The best way to find out would be to write down the credits at the end of each show.  If you don't have a copy of the show I could check out one of my tapes and post the info in the Dojo.  Normally I would recommend that you check out but I couldn't help but notice that you are the editor for that section.  Bet you didn't think Dojo Master would know that did you?  We do post the name of the writer for each episode when we review them, but so far we have only one review.  We should slowly expand our cartoon section this year.

Dojo Master


I recently got myself a GBA player and decided too try some of my bros' old Game Boy carts (love that word).  Nemesis and the Mario games were fun, but when I popped Double Dragon 2 in, I could not believe how cool it was!  I just couldn't believe that a 
game so old could be such a blast!  The fact that I was expecting so little from it, made its coolness like a bucket of ice water to the 
face!  I had more fun with it than I did with the Lord of the Rings game I played a while back, and I really liked that game!  DD2 for the NES was (IS, even though I haven't played it in 10 years) one of my very faves.  It amazed the life out of me back then.  I decided to try and find another copy for my ancient NES, and while looking on the net learned that there was a new GBA Double Dragon!  I was actually not that shocked, as most of the stuff from my youth is already back.  I haven't tried it yet but I will and when I do I'm sure I wont be disappointed!  My discovery of the old cart led me to search for DD stuff and to this sweet site!  Keep up the cool work! 

" Born again Double Dragon nut" 


Wow.  Did you really enjoy DD2 on Game Boy that much?  I didn't think very highly of it though I was happy to get my hands on an unopened copy of it as a collector.  You definitely need to pick up Double Dragon Advance and make sure that a friend buys a copy too.  It'll be even more fun with that Game Boy Player of yours.

Dojo Master

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! (Again!) I just played all versions of DD1 and DD2 on the Amstrad CPC 6128 (Yeah, I found one, with a bunch of games {all pirates}.) Thought the resolution of the Amstrad reminds me of Apple II resolution (I'll program a port to IIgs in a few months), the bad version of DD1 is bad, and yes, like the Amstrad Mystery review states, it is actually bed that the C64 version! Though it sucks, it looks like it belongs on the Intellivision (there's a port that should be done for fun). Why and who did this to us is beyond me, and I do feel sorry for the Amstrad owners in Europe/Australia that bought this version, and not the good version. Both require the CPC 6128 model, so there's no excuse for releasing the same game twice for reasons only the now-owned-by Electronic Arts Virgin Games (dissolved into the giant corporation somewhere) will ever know. Because of this awful version of the game, this David Leitch should be . . . leached!

And then there's the Spanish version of DD2 on the Amstrad. I'm glad to see Virgin had faith in the 2600. Oh, wait, that's an Amstrad version of DD2? No, it can't be! It's worse than the 2600 version of DD1! I mean, DD1 on 7800 and DD2 on C64 looks the same enough that they should've been released on each other's console, but this Spanish Amstrad DD2 is worse than the C64 version of DD1! I had a horrible time controlling Billy, and the scenes look nothing like DD2 at anytime. Billy's wearing blue for Pete's sake! (Okay, so he wears blue in the NES/PC Engine version, but it's still has the essence of DD2's arcade machine in it.) Like playing the game on a lower-end Spectrum, the action is only half screen. Why? Questions that go unanswered into the ether.

I heard a rumor from an old Japanese magazine that there might be an anime or series based upon Double Dragon over there, made in 1988 or so. I contacted a friend at Urban Vision and he did find a Pony Canyon/Technos Japan trademark register in Tokyo, but that's about it. I also notice the magazine doesn't have a picture of the anime. However, I'll keep my eye out for this.

Thus far, I plan to slowly (I'm a rookie programmer) port DD1 and DD2 to other platforms that it never was released for. Besides Apple IIgs (or ][) and Intellivision, would anybody care to see ports for 400/800/5200, TurboGrafx-16, and such? It'll be freeware. Anyways, what I getting at is what the AGD (type that is a search engine for their website) is doing to old Sierra games.

Take care, and keep up the most entertaining site at!

Tyrone Warbasse

Thanks for the info.  It's best to just steer clear of all the computer ports of the game.  As far as an anime based on Double Dragon, I don't know.  Sounds strange especially if it was released in 1988, a year after the arcade game debuted.  But if you want to see what Double Dragon borrowed from, just look at Fist of the North Star.

Dojo Master


I stumbled across your web page and loved it! It's great to see this game getting the respect it deserves. I would like to contribute a picture of my Double Dragon arcade game I just purchased off ebay. I've always wanted to own the arcade that sent side-scrolling fighters into the next generation. The game is in beautiful condition, and lacks only the Taito side art which will soon be on there. I live in Louisville, KY, so if anyone wants to swing by and help me take on Willy and his gang please feel free to email me.

Geoff Schnuerle

Wow.  That's really cool.  I think that's every fan's dream.  Too bad I don't live in your neck of the woods.

Dojo Master


I have a few questions! Now what game do you guys like better the Nekketsu series or Double Dragon? Who do you think would win in a fight between the 2? And do you guys know the correct date for River City Ransom Advance? One more thing, do you guys think Double Dragon would be good on a home console? Thanks for your time!

Geo Brusso

Well, I've never played the Nekketsu series so I can't compare them.  I'd have to ask the staff members what they think about them.  But obviously Billy and Jimmy would spank everybody.  River City Ransom is set for the first quarter of 2004, and of course Double Dragon should be on a console!

Dojo Master

Hi, I just wish to congratulate you for building this site especially dedicated to the true hardcore DD fans. It is truly ( if I may say a DD 
encyclopedia ). I also would like to punctualize the work you have done regarding the reviews section (I never knew there was a DD for 2600 ) and all the other sections. Thank so much for your time and effort and I wish you the best of luck.

Augusto de Olmos

Thanks a bunch.  If there's anything DD related, we want it to be here.

Dojo Master


Are you guys gonna do the characters section for Double Dragon: Advance anytime soon?  Oh, I have info on the shadow boss from Battletoads/Double Dragon.  I heard from a strategy guide on GameFAQs that he was a beefed up Burnov.  They looked at the opening sequence for DD2 and had mistaken Burnov for the boss, Willy for a mere henchman, and used Chintai for "Will".  Intresting...

Chadwick Weld

Yes, we should have the DDA characters section up soon.  It's basically very similar to the arcade original.  We're just waiting on the character info from the Japanese game's manual.  What you said about the Battletoads & Double Dragon info is basically true.  Thanks for the information.

Dojo Master