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Response to previous questions about Roper/Lopar from Johnny Undaunted:

Lopar and Wroper are just different (and incorrect) Romanizations of the name Roper when translating his name back from Japanese. Nothing more and nothing less.

Johnny Undaunted
Associate Editor


Hi there, huge fan of Double Dragon here. Also I've been a fan of your website for a couple years now, it's an awesome resource. I was just wondering about the soundtracks. I know the first 2 games came off of a CD and a cassette, but I'm lost on Super Double Dragon. Where did this soundtrack come from? They sound as if they were recorded from original demo tapes of some sort? Just curious. Also, I too am curious about the Lopar/Roper issue. My only guess is that it's a translation issue, since R and L tend to get mistranslated (In the Legend of Zelda series, the sea monster has been refered to as both Zola and Zora.) Well thanks for reading, have a good one!


You are quite correct in your assumption.  The Super Double Dragon soundtrack is from the original tapes that the game's planner, Muneki Ebinuma, released a year ago when he was featured on the website Game Kommander.  We provided a translated article with the website's permission and labeled it "The True Story."  CLICK HERE to read that article.  The tapes are old and thus the rather poor quality.

As for the Roper/Lopar issue, I'm still waiting for information from our resident Technos expert, Johnny Undaunted.  Rest assured I will post the information when it arrives.  You're also right about the L and R thing.  The Japanese language does not have a clear distinction between Ls and Rs.  They use one sound that is almost a combination of the two English sounds, thus the repeated jokes "fa ra ra ra ra," and "Ilene, Irene."  If you're unsure of what I mean, watch A Christmas Story, or better yet, play Samurai Showdown.  VICTOLY!

Dojo Master


I have some questions concerning the character named "Chintai" from the NES Double Dragon game. You said that Chin Taimei from Double Dragon II was the same guy the NES version of the first game, how is that true?  Also, in the US version of Double Dragon III for the NES, Acclaim made everyone that Chin Seimei was "Chintai" from DD1.  I don't believe he could possibly be the same long-haired guy from the first game. What is your opinion on it?  One last thing, Is Lopar's real name "Roper" for real because, I believed for years it was "Lopar".


You've come to the right place Hej (is that actually your name?).  Chin Taimei from DD 1 & 2 is actually the same guy.  As you probably noticed from playing the game, several characters from the first game reappeared in the second.  The only difference is that Chin now carries sticks.  Apparently Billy didn't kill them in the first, but based on the storyline from the third game, it appears that he finished the job in the second outing.  So that brings us to Chin Seimei, who is none other than Chin Taimei's brother.  Just read his speech before you fight him.  He seeks revenge for you killing his brother.  I'll need to consult Johnny about the Roper/Lopar thing.

Will Double Dragon be ported to the PSP?  Is there anyway DD fans can get a game company to make a DD game for PSP?  Anyone know if there is a GBA multi cart with the NES DD games on it?  I'm wondering if DD had a different title in Japan?  I know Rock Man is Mega Man in US games.

Irma Pallan

I can see transitions are not in your vocabulary.  There is no indication of a future Double Dragon game at this point.  The best thing you can do is to send an email to Atlus asking for one.  I don't know of any GBA multi carts, but I do know that they are illegal.  There is also no guarantee that the thing would even work correctly if you found one.  Double Dragon is simply Double Dragon in Japan, except it's referred to by it's Japanese name "Sou Setsu Ryu" and is written in kanji.

Dojo Master


Did you know that there is a Double Dragon IV for the NES system?  Double Dragon IV was the 1st part of the series I played. This was in 1992.  But this was on a Famicom clone, produced in Hong Kong. The game also was without Nintendo license (maybe it is even not from Technos), and I don't know if there was a licensed version. But it should work on an original Famicom. I still have the cartridge but my Famicom is broken for a long time.  Compared with the other parts it is not good at all, because most of the moves are missing and the character animation is too bad, but there are worse games and I had fun with it when I played it.

Thomas Nowak

I suppose I'll answer this to put an end to this confusion once and for all.  Double Dragon IV is officially known as "Super Double Dragon" here in America.  I'm talking about the 1992 SNES game.  Though the chronology in the storyline is not directly connected to the previous games (much like Super Castlevania IV), it is officially the fourth game in the series. 

Now, as for the title you are actually referring to that is all over the internet, that is not a real Double Dragon game.  The Double Dragon IV you are referring to is actually a bootleg of Target Renegeade from Taito.  Though the game has some similarities to the DD franchise, it is not a DD game.  It never was.  Somebody just started calling it Double Dragon IV and created a fake title screen for his own amusement.  Do not be fooled by this.  If it was a real game, we would have it listed in games section.  Remember, ROMs can be modified by people and thus you have this game.  I hope people will stop sending this in now.

Dojo Master


Just a quick question.  I see a machine gun in the top right hand corner of the last boss scene in the arcade version of Double Dragon 1.  Is it possible to get it?

P.S. I have yet to see a better website on any other videogame.


Padraic O` Fiachra

Sorry, but there is no way that you can get a hold of Machine Gun Willy's boom stick.  The only version to feature a useable gun was the pitiful Game Gear Double Dragon.  There have been multiple rumors floating around the internet about secret features in the arcade game.  Most of them are not true however.  The old "Arcade Forever" website had a list of these rumors.  You can check out the no longer updated website here:

Thank you very much for the praise.

Dojo Master


Hi, do you guys have any information of Double Dragon EX for the mobile phone? I haven't seen anything on the site.

Daniel Donders

Sorry, but currently we do not.  We're looking for someone who can download the game and provide a review for us.  Unfortunately, no one has so far.  However, we do have links posted in our forums with information about the game, including a review provided by another site.  We'll be adding information as soon as we receive it.

Dojo Master


Hi.  I was just wondering if you could tell me if Double Dragon 1 for the Sega Master System works on regular Sega Genesis system?  Thank you for your time and wonderful web site.

Elliott S. Monroe

No, a Master System cartridge will not work on the Sega Genesis in its standard form.  They are two separate systems much like the NES and Super NES.  The cartridges are different sizes and formats, plus the hardware is different, therefore they will not work interchangeably.  There may be some sort of conversion cartridges available that will allow you to play Master System games on Genesis, but I don't know of any at this point.  Your best bet is to simply purchase an old Master System off of Ebay.

Dojo Master


Hiya.  Joseph here.  Long-time fan of Double Dragon as well as the Double Dragon Dojo. I HAVE to give some serious props to you guys for all your efforts and whatnot on bringing unto the world the most comprehensive and complete site about every Double Dragon game in existence. And the fact you have so many. . .well. . .UNHEARD of arranged soundtracks and whatnot on the site, free for download. . . Just. . .wow.  That's all I can say about that.  Especially that apparently ultra-rare Return of Double Dragon soundtrack.  Man, all of those tracks do some SERIOUS justice to the game, not to mention the fact that you have the complete, true story of what
Return of Double Dragon was meant to be. . . So much was removed from the game. . . I mean, it was a wonderful game. . .especially the Japanese version. . .but with all the cut scenes and whatnot intact?  I can only imagine what the game would've been like THEN.  And I like the idea. . . If only I knew how to program.  Heh.  Anyway. . . The reason I decided to write, beside to boost your egos,
is because in the Return of Double Dragon True Story article, I noticed a few fun bits about what might have been. . . Stuff that caught my interest in particular, however, were the parts about the bridge over the canyon stage being burnt and falling into the river below, which would then float like a raft to an underground entrance to Duke's Mansion.  Well, get this!  Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio Tachi no Banka had this exact event happening towards the end of the game!  You'd fight some of Sabu's (the main villain of the game, we find out) thugs on a bridge overlooking a canyon, and then Ken - the person who framed Kunio and Riki in this game - torches the ropes on the bridge.  You fall. . .then end up riding the bridge as a very long raft to an underground entrance while fighting more of Sabu's thugs.  This leads to the sub-basement of Sabu's mansion, which is laced with tricks and traps, fall-away floors, and of course, enemies.  You then fight Ken, who has all the moves of both Kunio AND Riki, and finally, you get to pound Sabu.  When fighting Sabu, the entire stage is on fire, much like was supposed to be the Great Hall in RoDD.  Although Sabu doesn't drop a dark soul/shadow like Duke was slated to do, and you only fight him once, there's still a good deal of similarities between the two games, in my opinion.  It's almost like Shin Nekketsu Kouha was both a good Kunio game, AND the game that RoDD was slated to be, in a matter of speaking.  But that's just my opinion.  And by the way, Ryuuichi and Ryuuji don't appear in the game, unfortunately.  But ya can't have everything in a good game.  Heh. Well, I think that about covers all I wanted to say.  And then some.  Heh. So, until next time. . . Peace.

Take care of yourselves,

Joseph Collins

Thanks.  It's nice to hear that somebody actually appreciates the music without complaining about FilePlanet.  I mean, come on!  We're providing amazing stuff here that only requires you to register with GameSpy, who is a wonderful company by the way.  But anyway, back to the topic.  I didn't contact Johnny about this, but I'm sure there is a connection between the two games and I'm glad to see that your investigation based on our information helped.  You can always bring this up on the message board if you'd like to know more.  I think I speak for everyone when I say that I'd like to see a Super Double Dragon dx.  How about as an unlockable game within a new DD game?

Dojo Master