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Today's mailbag entry isn't from an emailer, but from me, Dojo Master.  While I was in Japan in October of this year, I managed to visit the famous electronics district in Tokyo called Akihabara.  There are many retro video games stores in Akihabara, and you can actually find quite a few pictures of these stores on various websites, as well as videos of the stores on Youtube.

While I was visiting these stores, I managed to find some Double Dragon related stuff.  I'll share a few of those pictures below.

The insides of these stores are loaded with old systems on display that you can play at your leisure.  While I was browsing this area, I ran across a Super Famicom (Japanese version of the Super Nintendo).  Guess what game was on display?  None other than Return of Double Dragon (Super Double Dragon in America).  Neat, huh?

You can buy all sorts of old games that are still in their boxes at these stores.  I spotted a Double Dragon II cartridge for the Famicom (Japanese version of the NES) still in its box.  I'm not sure if the box was opened and then resealed.  It may be an unopened box.  The price, if you were to convert it to American dollars, is somewhere above $30.  Not bad, huh?

These stores are also loaded with Japanese language game guides.  I had no idea that there were so many game guides for old Famicom and Super Famicom games (as well as comic books).  The game guides are incredibly small when compared to American guides like Nintendo Power Player's Guides.  What I'm holding in my hand here is a sealed guide book for the Famicom version of Double Dragon.  Too bad I can't read it!

Dojo Master


[Note: This email wasn't sent as a mailbag entry, but just as part of a discussion going back and forth between me and the emailer about his Double Dragon achievement guide for the Xbox 360.  I asked if I could post this email in the mailbag, and he gave me permission.  Enjoy!]

Oh yeah, here is my Forza Motorsport 2 Double Dragon car. I used the NES version for the sprites and background (recreating them pixel-by-pixel by hand), but the logo and Jimmy's hair are based on the SMS version. The background is about 80-90% accurate to the screenshot, but I couldn't include some details due to restrictions in Forza's decal editor.  I hope to do a sequel car in Forza 3 sometime.

Paul Acevedo


As a long time Double Dragon fan I spotted Double Dragon in the background of the Drake and Josh episode Movie Job but they changed the arcade cabinet to just say Dragon.  Screenshots are provided in the ZIP attached.  I have been meaning to send this to you guys for the site for a long time but I am kind of lazy.  Take care and great website by the way.

J. Reed

Thank you.  Somebody on that show must really like Double Dragon because it's not exactly the easiest set piece to track down.  The fact that they are even showing an arcade game, much less a Double Dragon game, in a movie theater shocks me.  I remember when arcade games were all over movie theaters.  I guess nobody likes that anymore.  That's too bad.  One theater near where I grew up had an entire upstairs section dedicated simply to arcade games.  It was wonderful.  I think now movie theater owners just want to sell tickets and get you out of there as quickly as possible.

I think there's still quite a bit of nostalgia floating around for these games, but surprisingly, there's no news of a new Double Dragon title for any of the major systems.  Maybe if more shows start using DD in their set backgrounds, somebody will think to make a sequel.

Dojo Master