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I've got a question regarding the new Double Dragon fighting game. I notice in the ad there is a SNK logo at the lower left hand corner, I thought SNK was dead, the company closed down in the US and JAPAN , how can they produce games when SNK is dead? The Neo Geo home system is dead how can the 2D fighter compete in 3d fighting world? I would love to comment on this wonderful site, I own all the Double Dragon games and I love them all, but my fave is Super Double Dragon, the music and game play is excellent!!!!! keep up the good work!!! 

Scott Zettee

Well, it's true SNK closed down several months ago, but a company named Playmore has bought all of SNK's intellectual properties, including the SNK name, and has been publishing new Neo-Geo titles with companies such as Eolith (KOF2k1 and KOF2k2) and Mega King (Metal Slug 4).

The Neo Geo home and arcade system isn't necessarily dead, since companies are still releasing AES (home) cartridges for it, such as Rage of the Dragons, to be released soon.

Dojo Master

wow...Double Dragon...the king of all 2 -player coop fighters...i remember playing this game when i was around 5 yrs old...i would play it everywhere i went all the time, by myself, with strangers, it didn't matter...i just had to play this was so mom would actually have to drag me away from the game to stop me from playing or watching game was truly the best game of its time...Double Dragon 2 was also an excellent sequel...which was practically a clone of the original but kept the game very intuitive...i also remember the many arcade clones that followed Double Dragons pattern...Ninja Gaiden, Crime Fighters, Combatribes and many other titles...Combatribes was a very a cool game in my kind of reminded me of a more modern Double Dragon...when Double Dragon was no longer around much...I believe Combatribes is for the snes...I had Double Dragon, Double Dragon 2, and Double Dragon 3 for Nes...they were all excellent...though i was a little disappointed with no coop feature for was still one of my fav's...i have not played Super Double Dragon before, but from what i read about it on your site it sounds like a pretty good game that i'll def have to check out...right now...i am currently system-less and am thinking about buying a snes...The systems i have once owned are Nes,Snes,N64,X-Box,Gamecube, but now i have not one of them...because i recently got ride of Gamecube which was once the system i last owned...i believe snes was nintendo's best system...but i hear neo geo is excellent...but i have never owned a system outside of nintendo...i am very much into the classic 2d 2player and up games...which prevailed in the good old days...any recommendations on which system i should buy , for true 2d classic arcade style action/adventure/fighting games? thinkin i'll buy one off of Ebay or Funcoland...hopefully they'll have something in store me ...and have the best Double Dragon Site ever...your the only one to put up and awesome site with complete info and awesome pics of an outstanding you have any sites on other games?...alright i wrote enough...excuse the punctuation ...thx for reading...great site...and thx for keeping the Double Dragon legend alive

Juice Dawga

Thanks.  First of all, go pick up Super Double Dragon.  Complete if you can.  That is not a title to be missed.  

As far as recommending systems, buy an NES, SNES, and anything else you like.  They are so cheap now it doesn't matter.  Don't forget to get the Game Boy Advance.

Actually, I do have another site, though I don't go out of my way to advertise it.  Click on the pick to go to the Shatterhand Web:

Dojo Master


Is the PC version of DD 1, 2 and 3 identical with the three Arcade series (sound effects, graphic, music)?

Which has the better sound effects, graphics and music, PC or Arcade? Do you know that?

Christoph Bach

The arcade games were ported at a time when personal computers couldn't keep up with arcade hardware. Lazy development and quick publishing by Tradewest made for terrible ports. The graphics, music, and sounds are in no way comparable to the arcade originals. They can't even compare in the fun factor to the NES versions. The best way to experience classic DD is through an arcade emulator called MAME. It is available on under Emulators.

Dojo Master