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Hey Guys,

I don't know if my first email was received so I was wondering if there is a limit to how much fan art you can submit.  The reason I'm asking is because I have quite a bit.  Oh and here are some pics from A-kon where my friend Trevor and I cosplayed as "Double Dragon"!!

David Davis

Very nice photos guys!  I like how you gave a nod to both classic (NES) Double Dragon art and newer (GBA) art.

To answer your first question, I'm not sure if I received your first email.  I've lost many emails over the years due to various reasons.  Recently we had to change servers and IGN shut down my email I was relying upon.  So chances are I might have lost whatever you sent me before.

To answer your second question, you can send as much fan art as you like!  Of course, if you were to send 1,000 images or something that might take quite a while to post, but hey, I'm up for a challenge!

Dojo Master

Hello.  I’ve visited your site and I just wanted to say hello and thanks.  I thought I should leave you a few words.

I like fighting game (but I’m not, a gamer) and I really enjoyed the one you have DD for Neo Geo, because I have a Neo Geo CD and have played some games a lot. Well, It’s really hard to say, something like this (I mean Dojo) would ever exist in Japan.

I took a look at the fan section and I can see how DD fan enjoy being the lovers.  You may see the sites that is seemingly doing the same thing in Japan, but in reality, they are doing the very different thing.

I also got music from your DD (Neo Geo) page.  I know the Dojo is really for anyone, but again, in Japan, if you ever visit a community site, you’ll be asked, “are you a foreigner?” (Not about ethnicity but about what they’d expect from you, and you’d be deprived of privacy.)  Meaning, you have to be the same if you want to share the interest, and the interest, in this context, means you cannot be yourself if you want to join the company.

I’m writing this because what you have for Dojo, like a game I got from your site Double Dragon, is, made in Japan (at least the title) and I thought it could be useful to know this “different language.”

I don’t know if you’d ever cared to visit Neo Geo  The web masters are not Japanese, they got DD for visitors to sell, as a member of the society, too.  And I could see how, despite their mission and their wishes to enjoy the fun of NeoGeoWorld, they had some difficulty and confusion in communicating with Japanese just because Japanese like to hide things.

It’s a well known fact that if you don’t do a wrong thing, there’s nothing to hide.  Japanese denies this.

You can imagine, if you are a game creator, you’d say, “This is the game we made. We hope you’ll enjoy it.”  But in Japan, sellers would say, “This is a game everyone plays,” or,” Everyone likes,” and it doesn’t even have to be the truth.  You are not giving a choice or whatsoever, and are not encouraged to develop your own taste.

There’s no open discussion which I see for the English speakers in Japanese.  So again, everyone hide hide hide their true thinking and emotions, just to be not separated.

I know people in English speaking countries can be taught to be a mature, responsible grown-up, but if you are such being in Japan, you are not Japanese.

And, you’d also want to be such so that you can lead the younger generation, but in Japan, there’s no such grounds.

I just wish Japanese would know that many English-speaking people that they have contact with, that people like you guys are doing the very different thing. (It is hard for them because all they’d think is that we are the same.)

Having seen the Dojo like yours, it’s good to know that love exist and moreover, a free society for all.


A Dojo Visitor

Thank you for that heart-felt letter!  I have interacted with many Japanese people in America, including visitors straight from Japan (as opposed to Japanese living in America or Japanese Americans if you will), and I have noticed at least a few of the things you mentioned.  I was very surprised to see you talk about those things to us, the owners of a mere Double Dragon fan site.  There are some things we take for granted such as community sites like this where people can be themselves and interact with others from any region or country, simply because they share the same interests.  But community websites can mean a lot to some people.

I'm very surprised that websites like this do not exist in Japan.  I have to ask though, does this website count:

As long as there are websites like this, people will have some sort of an avenue, however limited, to be themselves.

Dojo Master


I’m glad that you guys found a way to keep the site alive.  I remember when I was in like the 9th grade and I was looking for a good Double Dragon site that has everything I needed to know and boom I came across you guys.  Also here are two HD pictures for the lee brothers, Jimmy and Billy lee, for the box art and title screen.  Notice their dragon amulet.  In the game you will need them to unleash the brothers True power. Yes it will be a beat em' up.  We're going to try to stay true to the Double Dragons but where going to add a few new element in it that's all.

Credit goes out to Dmitriy Logunkov for the HR drawing.


Image of Jimmy Lee
Image of Billy Lee
Animated image

Thanks Thomas.  Nice images by the way.  Perhaps you've sent this information before and my memory is just a bit fuzzy, but what game is it that you're working on?  Do you have a site dedicated to your project?  If so send it to us and we'd love to take a look.  I appreciate you having been a visitor for so long.

Dojo Master

[Note: These two mailbag entries will be addressed in a single response since they both bring up essentially the same point: coverage of fan-made games].

Hi guys, thanks for all the great work you do - I found the Dojo back in 2001 and have been a regular visitor ever since.  There is something special about the series for all of us who grew up with it and I love the site.  From first finding a Double Dragon arcade machine with my friends in Orlando when I was 8, and trying to get Jeff onto the conveyor belt I was tuned into the magic.  My neighbor got an NES for his birthday and when I could get him to stop playing Zelda we were tagging in on alternate lives/levels to try to get to Willy.  I got an Amiga 500 for Christmas '89, along with Double Dragon II - with all the 2 player cheap shots and ensuing all-out "oh now its ****ing on!" fights to the death while bemused Ropers and Williams look on.  I still remember lying in bed at night in Wimbledon with the monitor off, speakers on, watching the stars and falling asleep to the awesome title music.  And playing WWF Superstars at the local bowling alley, getting my ass handed to me by Andre the Giant and seeing Billy Lee in the crowd.  More recently I must have tried every Scandia family fun center in the Bay Area looking for ol' Spike & Hammer (20 years later that still doesn't sound right).  But just last year I found an original Double Dragon II arcade machine in Hong Kong, and with a fistful of HK dollars played right through with a few Tsing Tao beers - one of those awesome times when you remember how cool it was to be a kid.

Even at the time of the arguably superior Final Fight and the MegaDrive's Streets Of Rage series, and when the genre peaked with X-men, Simpsons, TNMT, Sengoku & Alien vs. Predator, Double Dragon (by which I mean the first two) was still king, just too many good memories.  I hunted down the Japanese MegaDrive Double Dragon II cart and sanded down the cartridge slot to play it in my UK MegaDrive (there goes the warranty then).  Despite obvious slowdown flaws it ain't all that bad.  And over the years have been insulted/offended/scared and confused by the movie and cartoon, and got real hyped to play Rage Of The Dragons and especially Double Dragon Advance (Atlas didn't put a foot wrong with that one, even the new characters fit in perfectly) - when I heard about them first on your site.  I even tracked down the board game, hoping to be the one to review it for the Dojo but in five years that has seen me move from London to Phoenix to SF to Sydney it somehow is still gathering dust in a Washington storage locker.

I have also followed the fan-made Beats Of Rage mods, and whilst I'm sure someone else has suggested it I reckon some of these are worthy of full reviews or features on the site - especially Double Dragon Extreme and Gabo Hanzo's Double Dragon 3 - which is so good it exorcises the ghost of the arcade original.  Why the hell Technos outsourced the 3rd game I'll never get.  And even weirder the same team put out Silent Dragon a year later, and that is a pretty solid arcade beat em up, again with decent music that DD 3 admittedly had also.  But Double Dragon 3, well, to quote the man himself AVGN - WHAT THE HELL WHERE THEY THINKING?!!!  Gabo's version is just how it should of been.  I know some people slate The Revenge for being little more than a remake with Renegade controls but if hey it ain't broke don't fix it.  You hear that TradeWest?

Double Dragon Forever as you have featured is also a good addition.  I like the way you fight past Kunio and Hulk Hogan posters, a Lotus Esprit sprite in the garage that I can recognize from the Amiga days, and a red, blue and gray rig that is unmistakably a parked Optimus Prime.  Another cool game for fans by fans.  There's also a great Billy and Jimmy MUGEN character out there (in DD 1 and DD 2 sprites and colors and complete with barrel, baseball bat & cyclone kicks) - an effective tag-team against basically anyone.  Except ED-209, who generally takes zero of their s**t and just mows them down.

With the lack of new DD games what about branching out to extended family with a review section for Renegade and the quasi-sequel Target Renegade.  It was lame on the NES (yeah for a second I was suckered by the Double Dragon 4 bootleg) but the 8-bit computer versions are really playable, in most cases beating the Double Dragon ports and captures a lot of the DD style and influence.  I see a lot of people talk about a 3D Double Dragon. Die Hard Arcade - easily one of the best '90s coin-ops - showed how the transition should and can be done.  Like Double Dragon, that game still kicks all ass and proves yet again that great playability is timeless.  Anyway, thanks again I really enjoy your site.




Just checked out your Double Dragon site and there is no mention of the Double Dragon Sinclair Spectrum remake.  Check out the video here on YouTube:

The project has been put on hold until a new programmer can be found to complete the coding but its worth a mention on the site as the original port was so terrible!  It really shows how good the results can be on a Spec when you put in the effort.  Hopefully someone with decent programming skills will finish it off and give us all the port that we were expecting back in the day.  It would be the best 8-bit version to date.

Anyway, it would be good it you could add this to the site and maybe get some interest going for the completion of the 128k version.



First, thank you Mark for all of those wonderful memories.  That really sounded like an amazing time.  I like the Angry Video Game Nerd a lot, but I don't share his criticism of Double Dragon III for the NES.  Remember, he's releasing videos for humor, and games like Castlevania II and Double Dragon III simply aren't terrible games, but they can be criticized, which happened.  Double Dragon III was in fact my favorite NES game growing up.  I used to rent that version all the time as a kid and play it with my brother.  It was only when DD III wasn't available that we would pick up DD II (which was fun, also).

To answer both questions, we have a Fan Games section here in the Dojo but there's no content there yet.  I would like to start filling that page with information and reviews of fan games that are complete.  So, if any fan-made DD games would like to be featured here at the Dojo, they will need to be submitted with a link to download the full version.  Any background story, etc. should be submitted as well.

As for covering non-DD games, that's not what we really do.  We like to keep this site DD-specific, so we're generally not going to cover games like Renegade except when we're doing comparison articles or the history of Technos, for example.

But by all means, submit your fan games!

Dojo Master

Hi, my name is Brandon. I would like to congratulate you on having such a great page.  Double Dragon is my favorite game of all time and it's good to see that you have a site that has everything about Double Dragon.  I have been looking at your page for a while, but I never took the time to tell you about how good your page is.  I hope that this site will last forever and I hope I can find more games and information on fan and future games like Double Dragon Forever.  Once again, thank you for an awesome webpage.  Hopefully, I can create some fan art or some fan fiction to post on your page soon.

Thanks once again,


Thank you very much Brandon.  I'm sorry it took me so long to post your mailbag entry.  I usually don't get emails from people just saying that they like the site.  That really is nice and always revitalizes the drive to keep this website going.  As you know, we recently had to change servers because IGN/GameSpy shut down hosting services.  But we are very glad that we decided to keep the site going.  It's for fans like you!

Dojo Master


Hey again Dojo master,

One of the problems I find with Double Dragon (and with retro type games in general) is that there is very little available concept art and other cool behind the scenes stuff that we see regularly with most modern games.  I was wondering if you guys would ever make some sort of effort (if it were even possible) to track down some of this material for all to see?

Speaking of arts: after finishing Double Dragon Advance for the first time in co-op I was re-inspired to go back and color a bit of fan art I made a while ago, so here you go.  I hope it gets enjoyed.

Take care


Hmmmmm, let's see here.  I know we have the complete concept art available for Double Dragon Advance.  Here's the link right here: 

I'm really glad I saved that stuff.  Now, as for concept art for other games.  I'm not really sure we have any (all of the major DD games were released before the advent of the Internet, so it wasn't exactly widely distributed), but we do have some various official DD artwork saved on this website.  Unfortunately, I must have deleted the page where I kept it all saved for people to view.  But, no need to worry.  I put the page back together and you can now view our Official Game Art page once again.  It's listed under the Miscellaneous section.

Other than that, have you checked out the Japanese-only DD III manga?  It's a wonderful comic that contains great artwork for the series.

Oh, and thanks for the art work you submitted.  I'm really impressed with the quality.  You can view it in our Fan Art section.

Dojo Master


Hi there.  I just want to say I love the site and here is a sneak peek at my New Double Dragon game.  This is the story board.  I’ll show you guys what the in-game picture will look like.  DD will live on.  I know it OH!  And this will be the world's first 3D Double Dragon game.  Here is a in-game model of Sonia.  This game is going to rock guys, you will love it.  The world is ready for a new DD game with a new look and design.

Credit goes out to Garlandor for the 3d models and the art work is done by Candra.

We're not done yet this is just the beginning.


Thomas Swann

Well that's certainly interesting.  Nice artwork.  But I think the breasts aren't big enough.  Might want to work on that some more.

So does this fan game have a home page where we can track its progress?  Also, will you be posting videos of the gameplay as the game develops?  I look forward to seeing the finished product.

Dojo Master

Hi.  My name is Tyler Downing and I recently put together a short film based on the NES classic Double Dragon, and now it has been accepted into a film festival called NFFTY.  I write to you because I think this is something cool for the Double Dragon community.  The festival is on April 24th through the 26th and it will be in Seattle.  I hope this email has sparked your interest and I look forward to hearing back from you and then possibly sending you a copy.

Tyler Downing

Well thank you Tyler.  I would certainly love to see your film.  I hope it wins some awards too!  Sending a copy of the film would probably be difficult due to its potential size though.  How about posting it on YouTube?  Or a personal website?  I'll post a link to your film if you go ahead and do that.

Dojo Master

Hello, you forgot to add Atari St version of Double Dragon 1, 2, and 3 and the ZX Spectrum of Double Dragon 3. When will you add these to Video Game section where the reviews of the Double Dragon of all versions of platform?


Thank you for the request.  Basically, we can only add those pages as soon as we obtain content for those versions (namely, when we obtain reviews and screenshots).  I will certainly put in a request with our staff members to review those games though.  It would be really nice to get them posted soon.  Keep checking back.

Dojo Master

I own a Double Dragon II: The Revenge pcb and have always wondered why when a knife is thrown or a bullet is shot (by Willy) the blood appears to be gray or white instead of red.  It's like that on the mame rom as well.  I could've sworn there was red blood when I used to play it in the late eighties, yet there is no dip switch to change it (that I know of).

Does red blood exist in any DDII pcbs?  Is it because mine is from a certain region?  Any help on this subject would be great.

Thanks for your time,


The splash effect shares the same palette as Player 2's outfit, which is why its colored red in the first Double Dragon and white in the second.

Johnny Undaunted
Associate Editor

Hello, my name is Arthur.  I'm from Brazil and I would like to congratulate you for your page on Double Dragon.  The page is perfect for those who are fans.  It's a shame as our beloved series have nothing of recent, but it will always be in our hearts as that good and old game.  You are finally doing a great job and continue keeping the page alive.

Bye man


Thank you Arthur.  We appreciate the compliments.  I'll see about getting updates for you guys more often.  Maybe we'll finally get around to that long-overdue review of the Xbox Live Arcade version of Double Dragon.

Dojo Master


I've loved Double Dragon ever since I played part 2 on my older brother's NES.  But recently I've found a new love...RPGs.  For months I've poured over system after system of my own design.  Just last night I started one that I believe would be as suitable as possible for Double Dragon: The unofficial role-playing game.  I can't promise the same level of action as the games, but post apocalyptic martial arts action is almost always good.  Should have a beta version up in a couple days, and this is a tabletop RPG, not an online one.

Sheryl Frieson

Sounds wonderful Sheryl.  I once had a friend try to get me into pen and paper RPGs, but I could never find the appeal.  I always welcome things Double Dragon related however.  Please let me know when you finish your project.  I'm sure the Double Dragon fans would love to take a look at it.

Dojo Master

Dear Dojo Master,

In researching for a feature length film for Double Dragon II: The Revenge for when I leave the service, I've come across a few bands that do covers of Double Dragon songs.  Minibosses, NESkimos, and The Advantage.  Each have their respective websites that showcase their music.  Powerglove and Vomitron do NES covers as well, but nothing from Double Dragon.

Also, I've found a short parody film combining the office life with Double Dragon.  Nowhere near as god as the Lego one, but maybe some users would get a kick out of it.

Your site has been an invaluable asset.  Thanks for taking the time and effort to keep it as streamlined and informative as possible.

Lastly, if anyone could be chosen to play Abobo, who would you want it to be and why?


Michael Brumbaugh
US Army

Yes, I recall listening to several Double Dragon covers on Youtube and other sites.  Minibosses seemed to do a really good job in that department.  My memory may be slipping, but I think I've seen that office video before that you linked.  I may have even posted it on our front page.  It sure is a hilarious video.  I do have to say though that this is the first email I've received from from a serviceman.  I really appreciate you taking the time to share your enjoyment about our favorite video game series even while you're about to be deployed.  Good luck!

As for the perfect Abobo?  Well, that's hard to say, but I think I'll stick with Bolo Yeung for now (the guy who starred in Double Impact and Enter the Dragon).

Dojo Master

Is there a way to receive more than 2 lives on Double Dragon NES?  Or a way to continue the game from where you left off at?  Thanks.


Unfortunately, no.  And that's really what makes this such a hard game since you'll often get clobbered several times by the moving stones in Mission 4.  Your best bet is probably to just practice, practice and practice!

Dojo Master

Since Capcom released Final Fight: Streetwise for the PS2 and Xbox in full 3D polygonal graphics, when will a new Double Dragon game ever come out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in full 3D polygonal graphics?


Boy wouldn't that be nice.  Unfortunately, since the amazing release of Double Dragon Advance in 2003, we've had no word on a full-blown 3D remake of Double Dragon on current consoles.  But given the attention the series has received in the past few years with releases on both Xbox Live Arcade and the Virtual Console, I won't rule anything out.  We just don't have any conclusive news to report at the moment.

Dojo Master

Hi guys,

First, congratulations for your site.  I pay visit since 2001 and I like it very much.  It brings so many good memories to me anytime I want to jump back to my old NES days.

Recently I had the chance to play DD 2 on PC Engine, and, as you know, there are three different endings here.  Really I don't speak a word of Japanese, but I guess some of you do, so can you resume me what happens in the game end?  I assume that the 3rd ending (the happy one where Marian wakes up alive and well) should be the same of the NES version, displaying the Mysterious Warrior's prophecy, but I can't get the others.  I think I've heard the word tenshi (angel?) in one of them, maybe referring to the prophecy again, but it seems that it turns out to be a bitter end anyway.  Can you help me?



I'm really glad to hear that you've visited our site for so long.  It's nice to have long-running fans.

Though I've never played the PC Engine version of Double Dragon 2 myself, I assume it's the same ending as the NES version since it is in fact primarily based upon that version.  Your best bet is to send Johnny Undaunted an email.  We have his email address listed on the bottom of our main page.

Dojo Master

Hi man.  I have some fan footage in my gallery of Double Dragon.  I hope what you post in your great site.

Crow X

Thank you for sharing your fan art!  Please send us more!

Dojo Master

Hello.  I played Double Dragon V for Jaguar system a lot, but I can't find any codes for this version.  Can you help me please?  I want to unlock Shadow Master.  Thanks for your time!


Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any codes for this version of the game.  If anyone could find some, I'd be happy to post them on the website.

Dojo Master

Hello, I am a fan of the Double Dragon series.

Where do you achieved this new soundtrack of the game Return of Double Dragon/Super Double Dragon?  It has a few songs that are not in the game. I found these songs great, better than the original songs that touch on the game.

But, as has put them with a sound and better quality?  And some have broken links in some songs.



The soundtrack you listened to is from the original tapes that Muneki Ebinuma shared in his interview with Game Kommander.  We posted an English translation of that interview a while back as well as the songs that were supposed to be included in the final retail version of the game.  Mr. Ebinuma had explained somewhere that the tapes were of a poor quality and apologized for that.  Unfortunately, there are no higher quality versions of those songs, which is why Mr. Ebinuma had apologized.

I double checked the links to the songs and they appear to be working.  If one of the links is broken, would you please email me the link so I can check it?  Thanks.

Dojo Master


I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to re-upload the Rage of the Dragons moves sticker as I've been looking everywhere for it but there seems to be a problem with the image (bottom part missing, file is corrupt if saved to pc). The image location is

Thanks for your help,


I double checked the image and sure enough that's the complete file.  It turns out that I must have gotten a hold of an incomplete scan.  Therefore, I can't post the remaining portion of the moves sticker unless someone provides me with a complete scan.  I'm sorry.

Dojo Master

Hi, I'm a fan of Double Dragon, and firstly I'd like to say congratulations on running a good site for very dedicated info to the game. I noticed you posted a lot on anything related to Double Dragon.

Well, I was wondering if you'd be interested in seeing any videos related to Double Dragon. There are actually a lot of vids out there tributed to Double Dragon. In fact, we just finished making an adaptation ourselves, and were surprised that two other groups are making/have finished adaptations ourselves.

In case you would like to see them for personal use or post them on the site, our adapation links our:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Be sure to also check out our YT channel for the trailers and making of [videos]!

I'd also like to show you what video was our inspiration:  It's actually very good, although short.

Here's another adaptation that beat us to being the first full-length on YouTube, based after Double Dragon II: The Revenge:  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Before we released ours, we also found another one that it is in the making:

I thought you'd be interested. I'd like you to also know that your site is being used for research, as we plan to make a sequel to our adaptation. So thanks for the info!

Good luck to your site's future.


Thanks.  And nice job guys.  I can tell you put a lot hard work into that.  I really like the sounds effects.  But for some reason the sound was disabled on part 3 when I viewed it so I couldn't hear any of the dialogue.  Maybe that will be fixed soon.  Good luck, and keep working on your videos.

Dojo Master