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I remember playing Double Dragon at my grandma's store when I was only five. I would wash her car for $2 so I could play it.  Do you know if they are making any new Double Dragon movies or games?


Thanks for the memories Bobby.  Atlus Games, the only company that is capable of making a Double Dragon sequel due to the fact that Technos is bankrupt, stated that there are no current plans for a Double Dragon sequel.  They have however, shown a certain interest in a River City Ransom sequel, but will not report any plans about that.  It is nearly impossible that you will see another Double Dragon movie since it would have to be based off of a new Double Dragon game.

Dojo Master


I love Double Dragon. I used to play the original Double Dragon made in '87 when I was 5 or 6 at the burger restaurant. I would spend every quarter I got my hands on. People would crowd around and watch as the screen flashed with each punch, each jump kick, and each elbow. Everyone held their attention sternly to the screen. You can never beat a classic such as Double Dragon. As for Super DD, that was quite an amazing game as well. Double dragon (arcade), DD II for the NES, and Super Double Dragon for SNES were the best Double Dragons. DD V was a horrible game that left a bad taste in every DD fan. It was just awful. An honorable mention goes to DD 2 for the arcade. It was good, but it just needed a bit more diversity from the first one. Anyways, a great site that you have here and you have a new supporter and fan of it.

Thanks for bringing back great memories!

Chris Popert

Great memories indeed. I remember playing Rampage with my brother and usually a friend at Round Table Pizza. I didn't see the arcade version of Double Dragon until 1994. I didn't have time to play it because I was at Six Flags with a friend for his birthday. I have to agree about DD V. When I saw it in Nintendo Power, I was very disappointed that it was a tournament fighter. Enjoy the site, and if you want to relive these memories, get some friends to sign the petition.

Dojo Master


The first video game I ever really liked was Double Dragon (NES).  When Double Dragon 2 (NES) came out it instantly became my favorite Double Dragon game.  Anyway, I've been noticing for a while now that the original arcade game listed Billy and Jimmy as Spike and Hammer.  Why?  Who changed the names to Billy and Jimmy Lee?  I thought they where twins, born October 23, 1969.  I've been reading that Jimmy is older than Billy.  Why is it that on the movie and on the Double Dragon 1 NES cover Jimmy appears to be Asian?  Spike and Hammer (if you will) were just regular guys.  In the cartoon they had super powers.  Will they make up their minds on who has blonde hair; Billy or Jimmy?  I am not dissing Double Dragon, but the companies keep on switching the story up.  I remember waiting almost 5 years too play Super Double Dragon.  I only played it for about two minutes at a friendís house (he acted real stingy with the game), but for those two minutes I felt like I was the king of the World.  Since then I now own the game that I bought in 1998 from the same friend.  I have played all the Double Dragon games: NES (DD1, DD2, DD3), SNES (SDD, DD5, RDD), Arcade (DD Neo, DD1, DD2, DD3), and Genesis (DD1).  Out of all these games my two favorites are DD2 (NES), SDD (SNES), and DD (Neo Geo).  Finally, I like your site itís good to see that Double Dragon lives foreverÖ

Leona Vallade

* Billy and Jimmy have always been Billy and Jimmy or at least in the Japanese versions. Taito changed their names to Hammer and Spike when they released the original arcade game in the USA. 

* The birthday of the Lee bros. that you had given me is from Double Dragon V. I don't consider Double Dragon V to be a true Double Dragon game as it was made by Tradewest, not Technos. It was very horrible in my honest opinion. Anyway, Jimmy is only a few seconds older than Billy since they're twins. 

* The only reason Jimmy looks Asian in the movie is because Mark Dacascos (the actor that plays Jimmy) is an Asian descendant. As for the cover art in the NES DD1, it's just bad art, plain and simple. 

* In the original arcade game by Technos, Billy has blonde hair and Jimmy has brown hair. But every Double Dragon game Technos made afterwards, they wanted to give Billy and Jimmy more distinguished looks. So they gave Billy spiky brown hair (usually sporting a mullet), while Jimmy was given standing blonde hair. And they stuck with that pattern until Neo Double Dragon. Note that I didn't count the Arcade Version of DD3 since I learned that it was made by a group outside of Technos. 

* The people that made the Double Dragon cartoons were ****ing idiots. That's why Billy and Jimmy are wearing ridiculous looking Halloween masks and plastic swords. 

* Technos always kept a consistent continuity for the series (or at least until DD3 for the Famicom), but Acclaim and Tradewest destroyed all of that by changing the storylines for no reason. 

Johnny Undaunted
Associate Editor


An excellent site!! Congratulations on keeping Double Dragon alive!!! I was in love with the game since the first time I played DD1.  Then when DD2 arrived I used to literally run after school with my partner, and we spent money everyday without fail on the game till we clocked it.  People actually used to crowd around watching. The site brings back excellent memories and gives info on stuff I've never seen before. I still love the game..DD1, DD2, not DD3(sucked).  Do you think there will ever be another Double Dragon made in the path of DD1 and DD2?  It would be so cool if it was made.  Another team dragon beat-em-up fest!!!..THANK YOU AGAIN.  DOUBLE DRAGON RULES!!!!

Umang Suparsad

Thank you.  That's a great story, I was never lucky enough to play it in the arcade which saddens me very much.  I have been looking for a long time, but there's nothing in Temecula, CA.  My background is with the great Nintendo versions.  

Believe me when I say that the Dojo will not rest until we get a sequel.  We hope to see something between the original arcade version and Super/Return of Double Dragon.  With the release of Super Dodgeball, there is a good chance Atlus will make a sequel, if they realize how much money it will make.  In the mean time, make sure to sign the petition and tell your friends, it's our best chance.

Dojo Master


I remember moving halfway across the country and stopping at a truck stop and playing an arcade version of Double Dragon; I believe it was DD3. The only difference here is it was three player and there was an African Lee brother.  I haven't seen it since that time and am wondering if you had ever heard of anything like this. I also believe it is not emulated.

Don Brack

You're in luck.  Johnny Undaunted is our Double Dragon expert, and provided much info on the game in our games section.  Click here to jump straight to the review.  There is also a Game Boy version that sucks.  You can also read its review.  I'm sure the arcade game is emulated.  There's a list of sites on the main page in the disclaimer.

Dojo Master


Can you recommend some games for the N64 that are like Double Dragon 2 and 3 on the NES?

Derrick Prempeh

I myself have thought about this at times.  The closest you can find is Fighting Force 64.  It's basically the only true fighting game on the system.  It's two player, and identical to the Playstation version.  However, the game was released a little too late for a good spotlight.  It's not comparable to Double Dragon, but I'd recommend it if you like fighting games in general.  I doubt that stores are still carrying this game, so check out Gamestop or ebay.

Dojo Master