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The Double Dragon Dojo is an independently run website that covers all aspects of the video game series Double Dragon, as well as products and media related to the series.  The Dojo is supported by a team of dedicated staff members who rely heavily upon contributions from fans of the series.  We offer continuing coverage of the games and their spin-offs, as well as provide a nearly complete database of information.  Submissions are welcome at all times and are subject to editing and verification.


November 3, 2013

It's been a while since I've updated the site.  I know people are asking for reviews of the more recent Double Dragon games, but all I can say for now is that we're working on it.  Hopefully we'll have something for you soon.

In other news, the first three Double Dragon arcade games are being released on mobile devices in a package called Double Dragon Trilogy.  You can see the official trailer here:

While it's nice to see these games being re-released, I'm personally disappointed that Double Dragon is once again being released on mobile devices and not consoles or handhelds.

- Dojo Master


April 7, 2013

This update is a couple days late and I apologize for that.  After disappearing for a while, Double Dragon II: Wander of Dragons was released on Xbox Live Arcade last Friday.  You can check out Paul Acevedo's preview of the game here:

Eddie MountainGoat has also finished the Comic section for us.  Thanks a bunch Eddie!  Now we have synopses and reviews for every issue of the comic series.  After all these years, the film, comic and cartoon sections are finally complete.  I'm really happy about that!

We also have some new fan art from MadGear.  Check it out in the Fan Art section.

- Dojo Master


January 21, 2013

We have another update to the mailbag, complete with pictures.  Check it out!

- Dojo Master


January 16, 2013

Happy belated New Year everybody.  I have two updates today.  First, we have some new fan art from Fistofthedeathstar.  Make sure to check that out in the Fan Art section.  We also have a new Mailbag entry, marking the first entry for this year.

I've had some people emailing me and asking if we're going to post a review of Double Dragon Neon.  I currently don't have any direct access to either an Xbox 360 or PS3, so I can't review it.  I would certainly like to get a review posted, but I'll have to see if one of our other staff members can get that done.  Until then, I apologize for the delay.

- Dojo Master



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