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I played Double Dragon for the Game Boy when I was just a kid and I love every minute of it, so I got recently Double Dragon Advance. And I totally agree with you, it is probably the best Double Dragon I ever played in my life.  It is so fun, except the 4th stage is a pain in the butt.  Anyways, what do you think of a possibility of them making a Double Dragon for the Wii, it seems like old school games like this are dying out?  By the way, in the intro of DDA, they refer to tae kwan do as a part of Sou-Setsu-Ken. I take tae kwan do and am testing for my brown belt.  So, I was wondering do you take martial arts/or interested in them?  Thanks for taking the time to read this!


Hi Aaron.  I'm amazed you just recently got Double Dragon Advance.  That game is amazing and was quite a big hit around here when it was released back in 2003.  If you ever get the chance to do the two-player mode, you'll see what the game is really meant to be like.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility of a Wii Double Dragon title entirely; it's just unlikely.  Luckily though, Aksys (a new company made up of former Technos employees) has begun releasing new and old titles including, most recently, Double Dragon (NES version) for the Virtual Console.  I'd say that right now, our best bet is waiting for Double Dragon II: the Revenge to appear on the Virtual Console as well.  I think it's inevitable. So in the mean time, try to support the DD series by purchasing the NES version from the Virtual Console, and maybe Aksys will start getting some ideas.

As far as martial arts go: yes, I have an do practice martial arts.  Previously, it was Tae Kwon Do.  Currently, I practice Aikido.  Congratulations on your your brown belt test.  Keep practicing and don't stop, even when you reach black belt.  It's a life-long journey.

Dojo Master

Hello, my name is Chris Anthony, I'm a big fan of your site, it is a great resource of information. I recently posted on Youtube a fan film for Double Dragon. I was wondering if you you would be interested in putting a link or something on your site, or let me know if you have any other ideas. If not I'd like to hear your thoughts of it.

In 4 parts

Chris Anthony

Nice job guys.  You have quite a bit of skill and put a lot of hard work into those films.  Just as a reminder to anyone, I'll be happy to post all of your fan work (including links) on the website, so keep sending it in!

Dojo Master


Hey guys,

I have recently started playing my old NES again and that means playing Double Dragon.  However, it has been many years since I played, but I thought two people could play at the same time. Perhaps you could shed some light on this for me.


You must be feeling the same confusion gamers felt when they picked up their copies of Double Dragon for the NES back in 1988.  Sure enough Richard, the NES version is INFAMOUS for its lack of a two-player cooperative mode.  What did we get instead?  An early version of Street Fighter II with a much simpler control system.  Many people fault the game for this "inexcusable" false advertising (not really "Double" is it?), but the single-player mode is still extremely deep for a fighter and provides an increasing challenge before the climactic fight with Jimmy Lee.  But fear not, if you're craving some two-player action, pick up Double Dragon II: the Revenge.  It's one of the highlights of the Double Dragon series and more than makes up for its predecessor's flaws.  Don't forget Double Dragon III: the Sacred Stones as well.  It's learning curve may be a bit high, but that shouldn't be much of a problem for hardcore gamers.

Dojo Master


Heya.  Just letting you know that the Jaguar Double Dragon 5 is missing two characters featured on the SNES/Genesis version (Trigger Happy and Icepick), yet the friggin box shows those two characters as available.  You didn't seem to make a note of that on the review/overview.

Those lazy asses reused the same art as the SNES and Genesis versions.

I've played the game and I don't see a way of unlocking those characters.  The game doesn't even have credits in the ending.


Hi Rey.  You're absolutely right, the Jaguar version is missing two characters.  Of course, that version is also generally regarded as the worst of all three versions that were released.  As far as the box listing characters that aren't even available, I'm not that surprised.  The Double Dragon series has become infamous for its numerous subpar ports.  But hey, at least it was original game, unlike the Game Boy version of Double Dragon II... although, I'm not sure that Double Dragon V could be considered any better.

Dojo Master

Hey guys.  I've recently been playing the awesome Double Dragon Advance game and I was surprised by the sheer style and depth of the title.  I've been meaning to do some nifty fan art (I'm an artist but I'm kind of busy with commissions and such at the moment, but once I free up...)  In the meanwhile I took the time to do a full-color remix wallpaper of the Billy and Jimmy Lee wallpapers that are still up on the old official Atlus DDA site.

Maybe you can use it on your site (By the way, thanks for the awesome commentary feature, it's really cool to get so much behind the scenes context on what on the surface seems to be such a straight forward brawler).


Hi Tom.  That was a very nice wallpaper design you sent us.  I went ahead an posted in our wallpaper section here.  Feel free to send in any additional artwork that you may create!

Dojo Master


I have a dedicated Double Dragon arcade game.  The Taito side art needs to be repaired.  Do you know if there is a place that sells it?  Is there a way to use stencils to redo the side art? 

Thank You,

As far as a company or regular dealer of side art is concerned, I have yet to hear of any such person or entity.  Your best bet is always going to be eBay.  I see people selling side art and marquees for arcades all the time, though Double Dragon pieces are a bit on the rare side.  There are also websites that specialize in collecting and posting high quality scans of side art such as The Arcade Art Library (  Perhaps you can grab a scan of DD's side art and create your own reprint or commission a specialist to do it.  Anyway, I hope this helps, and good luck with your search.

Dojo Master

Hey Dojo Master,

First I want to say that you have a great website.  I love the fact that there is a site that has a lot of info of the Double Dragon series.  I have a request to ask you.

At one time, this site had calling cards of the first Double Dragon game for the NES.  I believe those cards had the colored versions of the characters artwork from the instruction manual of DD1 (not the modified artwork of the characters that are on the Topps sticker cards).

Can you send me pictures of Billy Lee and Linda from that calling card set.  Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my email and for your help.  Keep up the great work.


Hi TMG.  I read your email and realized that when I converted the Dojo into its current version I had forgotten to repost the calling cards section.  Well, thanks to your helpful little reminder, I went ahead and posted the calling cards again, which you can under the "Merchandise" section by clicking this link.  I believe these calling cards were only available in Japan, thus all of the cards feature the Japanese artwork.  I'm not sure if this was exactly what you were looking for, but I hope it helps.

Dojo Master

Hey Great Site!  I'm a huge Double Dragon fan myself.

I was reading your section on "The Other Double Dragons" and see you had them from River City Ransom (though a variant was in the US release as "The Dragon Twins" I believe).

But the main reason I was writing was a variation of the Double Dragons from another game that I did not see mentioned (if you have it on the site and I missed it, beg my pardon).  A version of the Double Dragons appeared in the game Super Spike V'Ball.  In the character select screen there is a team made of of Billy and Jimmy (and from the picture on the selection screen they are clearly paying homage to DD).

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Michael Rearick

Sure enough, it seems like we didn't mention that fact in the Other Double Dragons article.  But rest assured, Johnny Undaunted (the author of that article) has known about Billy and Jimmy's inclusion in Super Spike V'Ball for a long time.  In fact, one of the splash logos we posted back when we were a relatively new site featured an image of Billy from Super Spike V'Ball.  Take a look for yourself:

Dojo Master

My email is [deleted].  I want my forum name to be chin tai hy.  I want to comment and chat on the subjects you guys brought up in there even though most of its old, but I think you should keep this site running to keep Double Dragon alive and hopefully bring some new life to the series.  I wrote a message in '06 and you responded about which game was better RotD or DDA and I can kind of understand with how you think advanced is the better of the two.  I mean, it did try to make everything in one but RotD had to be the illest 'cause it was a whole new atmosphere of kicking @$$; the moves were crazy.  All it was really missing was the ability to run and a couple other moves and your tragic stage casualties that Advance was also missing.  Oh, and why does it always seem to be that when it comes to Technos or Million or arcade systems, whatever they're called now, making a Double Dragon game, they always get rushed and it never comes out completed when that's probably the best game they have to make sales with.  It just doesn't make sense to me.  Who ever hires these guys to help their game company should really just give them their space when it comes to making Double Dragon - period.

P.S.  I can draw pretty well.  If I drew some pics of Billy and Jimmy would you put them on the front page or am I asking too much?


If you want to be able to post on the forums, make sure to first register the name you want (which will create secure your username and your profile so others can't take it) and then email me so I can activate your account once it's created.  It's a little safety feature I've had to implement to stop the porn spammers from flooding our boards.

It is sad indeed that so many Double Dragon games, even recent ones, have not lived up to their full potential.  The problems that developers face are that they are given limited funds to work with, limited development time, and, in some cases as Muneki Ebinuma explained with regards to Double Dragon Advance, limited cartridge space.  Video game publishing is a business, just like anything else.  And when you're in a business, there will always be constraints.  But if the series can find a way to flourish in today's market, then perhaps we will see a more full-fledged DD title.

As far your pictures go, feel free to send them in.  I'll post them in our fan art section.

Dojo Master

Hi there! I'm a long-time gamer, and the original Double Dragon was probably the game that got me hooked, in the first place.  I've found the DD Dojo to be a great and informative site (as well as enjoyable!) and I hope you all keep it up!  I'd like your opinion on the following:

Having had a look at Rage of the Dragons, I know it's not an official DD game, but there are more references to Double Dragon than are at first apparent.

Billy, Jimmy and Abubo are obvious.  However, there are more.

Linda makes a cameo as one of Abubo's attendants, before and after you fight him (see attached, RotdLinda.jpg).  It's not specified which one is Linda and which one is Roxy, but one of them has short blonde hair, a'la DD1 Linda, and the other has "punk-style" red hair, a'la DD2 Linda.  I also think it's interesting that of the two villainesses in the side-scroller Final Fight, Roxy and Poison, it was Poison that Capcom chose to be Hugo's attendant, in the Street Fighter III canon.  So is ROTD Roxy a little nod to Final Fight?

Marian's name is changed to Mariah, but she's dead, and is only mentioned as Jimmy's girlfriend (notably, not Billy's).  If you finish the game with Jimmy and his partner Sonia, Jimmy visits Mariah's grave.  If you finish it with Billy and Jimmy together, Billy tells Jimmy, "I know it hurts what happen to Mariah but it wasn't your fault." (Not a typo, just fairly good Engrish).

I couldn't find much on the storyline, but what I did find on Mariah's history indicates that the plot of ROTD is based more on what would have happened in the DD universe, after DD2, than on the Neo-Geo fighter, which tied in to the (RUBBISH) movie.  Mariah was killed by a street gang, which Jimmy had previously had ties to.  I think that's a little tribute to Jimmy's connection to the Shadow warriors in the NES DD1.  After Mariah was murdered, Billy and Jimmy took their revenge, destroying the gang (a'la DD2, the Revenge).

Then, there's Jones and Radel.  I'm pretty sure that they're inside-references to Williams and Roper.

One of Double Dragon's primary inspirations was the Bruce Lee movie, Enter the Dragon. In that movie, the character "Williams" was played by Jim Kelly, who also played Black Belt JONES, in the martial arts blaxploitation movie of the same name.  Jones' resemblance to Kelly is not obvious, but their are enough similarities, compounded by the fact that his yellow and black tracksuit is almost identical to the one worn by Williams on the poster for Enter the Dragon (you can check it out, at

Roper was played by John Saxon, who also played Leitenant RADL in the 1970s TV adventures of Wonder Woman.  Radel's jumpsuit is also quite similar to the one that Saxon wore, as Dylan Hunt, in the Sci Fi TV movie Planet Earth (see attached Huntsuitcloseup.jpg and Huntsuitgroupshot.jpg.  More pictures and synopsis available from PAX team 21, at

Well, What do you think?

Eddie MountainGoat

Those are some interesting and well thought-out points you've made Eddie.  I think you may be on to something.  Some references are more explicit than others (such as Double Dragon Advance's box art), while others are more implicit.  It's always neat finding those hidden clues, and make sure to let us know if you find any others.

Dojo Master

I wasn't sure what category to send these under, but I figured all of you would enjoy these.  My friend Mark and I did a Double Dragon cosplay at Nekocon X.  Myself as Billy and Mark as Jimmy.  Unfortunately, these are the only pics we have because my boots fell apart shortly after these were taken.  Hopefuly we will be able to do more in the future.

Michael Estep

P.S. My friends and I are currently in the planning phase of a making a Double Dragon fan film. I can assure you that I plan to make it as accurate as possible. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at the Dojo for showing me that enough people other myself care so deeply for this series, inspiring me to do this.

Very nice work gentlemen.  I have to say, this is the first time I have ever seen someone dress up as Billy or Jimmy.  I wonder how many people got the reference though?  Double Dragon is a bit old to this new generation of gamers who don't know anything other than Halo.  If you find any other pictures or manage to do this again, please send us anything - more pictures, details of the costumes, or even just a little information on how other people received your costumes.

Dojo Master

Hey there!  Welcome back!!!!

I have been wondering for ages why no game company will put out a collection of all three main Double Dragon games.  This may be a moot point, as I am sure you have been asked before.  I have written both Million and Atlus.  Both were almost rude.  Is this a wish I will never see fulfilled?  I got part of my wish with the Xbox Live Double Dragon.  What about 2 and 3 though?  Why not issue it on a disc.  I thought I would ask you seeing as you have been keeping the faith all these years.  Thanks by the way for doing that!!  Any info you have would be awesome. I love this game so much, if I could I would finance the whole project and absorb the loss... It must be preserved!!!

Double Dragon Dojo fan
Eugene Lopez

Hi Eugene.  I have no clue as to why we haven't seen Double Dragon 2 and 3 released on Xbox Live Arcade or other systems such as the Virtual Console.  It sure would be nice.  Even a compilation disc would be wonderful.  I think our best bet is to just keep supporting Double Dragon anyway we can, and perhaps with enough demand from the fan base, we can generate yet another new title in the likes of Double Dragon Advance or even a compilation pack.

Dojo Master

Was able to beat it myself (very hard) but don't have the capabilities of filming it. Someone did, though, and has posted the video on YouTube.


Thanks for sharing the video Paul.  It's amazing what has happened now because of Youtube.  It's almost like Mythbusters for the video game world.  I think I saw someone doing a similar thing with Double Dragon Advance as well.  Anyway, fun video!

Dojo Master

Hello my name is Chris Anthony, I am a film student and an working on a fan film based on Double Dragon II the Revenge.  I have the teaser on YouTube I was wondering if you would add a link to it on your page.  If you don't want to do that, when the full version is done I would like it to be featured somwhere on your site.  Anyways check out the teaser and let me know what you think. Thanks.

Here is the link:

Chris Anthony

Nice video Chris.  We'd be happy to post your full-length movie once it's finished.  Or, if you like, we can post a link to it if you upload it to Youtube like you did with your trailer.  It's interesting that you used Genesis music for the trailer as opposed to some more fast-paced music, but the martial arts sure were amazing.  I look forward to your finished project.  Oh, and how did your film class like it?

Dojo Master

Hey, guys. No big questions - I just wanted to say, your alternate title for the DD movie, "The Public Defamation of Abobo," very, very nearly caused me to evacuate my bowels. You possess great humor; you must use it only for good. And, to get chicks.

Pax et caritas,


Thanks J.  I aim for high-quality bowel evacuation every chance I get.  I'll see what I can come up with next.  Maybe a joke about suppositories...

Dojo Master