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Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone
Console: Commodore 64
Developer: The Sales Curve Ltd.
Publisher: Tradewest
Number of Players: 2
Release Date: 1991

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By Cloudmann
Contributing Writer


Most will agree that the Double Dragon series took a bit of a dive with the third installment.  The best version of the game (the NES port) was still far less fun than the last two installments, and the arcade version of DD 3 was nothing more than a quarter sucker.  Enter the C64 with pretty well-aged technology trying to port a mediocre DD game.

Graphics: D+

By and by, this is the most horrible Double Dragon conversion on the C64.  As blocky as DD II was and as weird as DD I looked, they both shine compared to this crap.  Colors are blotchy, sprites are small, backgrounds just look really dull and colorless, and all still images look like something a three-year-old could do.

Sound: D

I think a D is generous.  There is no music.  None.  You say, "Fine, how about sound?"  There's almost nothing there either.  This seems to be an afterthought that got thrown in about a week before this game went into production.  This is inexcusable.  In 1990, the C64 actually had one of the more advanced sound processors out on the market.  An Atari could have done this.

Enemies: C

I guess this is okay, except for the small sprites.  Most enemies seem to be here and most seem to attack at least slightly differently.  Really though, this is just a mediocre translation of mediocre enemies.  Average at best.

Weapons: C+

The arcade version had two weapons: the sword and nunchucks.  Maybe I'm missing something, but I only saw the sword in the C64 version.  You still have to buy your weapons.  This still sucks.

Controls and Moves: C+

This is every bit as sloppy as the arcade and you only have one button to work with.  Your guys just seem to move too slowly across the screen and the moves seem a bit ineffective against enemies.  This is pretty sloppy.

Modes: B

One player or two player.  That's it, just like the arcade, but a new mode or two would have been nice.

Conclusion/Overall: C- 

With the potential that the Commodore 64 had to reproduce arcade games with relative accuracy, you'd think that someone would have gotten one Double Dragon game right.  Of the three games ported to the C64, I'd have to say that this is the worst.  The control is off, the graphics suck, the sound is horrible, and none of the feel of the arcade game has been saved.  The bottom line is that this is a sorry conversion of a strictly mediocre arcade game.