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Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Console: Amiga
Developer: Binary Design
Publisher: Virgin Mastertronic
Number of Players: 2
Release Date: Late 1988

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American box

European box

European budget release

By Ace


After the rather vile Double Dragon for the Amiga, it was refreshing to see the Amiga having its capabilities pushed in the right direction.  This game is based on an arcade port (as you all know) of the second arcade game of Double Dragon.  Double Dragon II was interesting in its design and it seemed to be a remix of the first one with new parts and moves.  The Arcade game's AI was harder this time around, while the elbow smash is not so invincible (a good thing).


Graphics: A

This is were the game really shines through.  Graphically, it is very similar to the arcade version with less colors and slightly less detail, but still great.  Movement is also pretty smooth, with some frames being dropped, but nothing too noticeable.  It goes to show that the Amiga could handle games like this where the original failed, and all packed into one disk for 512k Amigas.


Sound: C+

First of all, the sound effects are okay.  Punching sounds and samples all seem to be intact.  The music simply sucks through, and is optional (thank god).  It's a basic little tune that plays all the way through the game by hitting F2.  I guess I can forgive the developers for the music because they packed the sound and graphics in so well.  It really doesn't take away that much.


Enemies: C-

The enemies are tough enough.  One of the main reasons is that they take so much energy from you when you get hit.  The muscle men especially make you tend to use jump kicks simply because there are too many enemies around you and you can lose a whole energy bar in seconds.  This is the most annoying thing about this conversation and the reason it doesn't score less is that it doesn't happen all the time.  The other problem is when enemies get up.  In the arcade version if you stay near them when they are down they will sweep you when they get up.  On this version you can keep on punching them as they get up until they die.  Thankfully enemies can still cause you problems when they are on their feet.  Some of the bosses give a good fight, like the second stage boss with the sunglasses.  But overall the game lacks the AI of the arcade version.  It was nice to have the evil dragon brothers left at the end.

Weapons: B

All the weapons have made it: the knife, chain whip, etc.  The only thing I don't like is that the enemies seem to just walk into the weapons too easily.

Controls and Moves: B

Controls are good and responsive, while using a one-button joystick instead of a two-button for the kicks and punches works well.  The moves all seem to be here.

Modes: C

Just one and two-player options.  Basic - and that's the way I like it.

Conclusion/Overall: B-

Out of playing all the arcade ports on the CPC (surprisingly good), Commodore 64 and Atari ST (almost as good as the Amiga), I believe this version is the closet and best version of DD II that I have played.  This is one of the better conversions made on the Amiga as I have been frustrated by DD I conversions.  Sure it has its problems with energy zapping enemies, and some of whom can constantly be punched getting up until they die, but it's still a challenge on the credits you get.  This is the closet arcade version on a computer.  It's a moderately flawed but worthwhile game.