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Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Console: Home computers
Developer: Binary Design
Publisher: Virgin Mastertronic
Number of Players: 2
Release Date: 1989

The Story Continues...

Things didn't go too well after all.  When the Black Warriors gang kidnapped Marian and sparked off the previous expedition into the city streets, her sweetheart Billy Lee saved the day.  With the help of his brother Jimmy, Billy managed to rescue Marian and dispose of the evil leader of the Black Warriors - a gun toting villain by the name of Willy.

At the end of Double Dragon 1, the city streets had been rendered a much safer place with the Black Warriors put permanently out of action.  Or so everyone thought.

Billy and Jimmy didn't kill ALL the Warriors.  The solitary surviving member of the gang nursed herself back to health, and spent several years studying ancient oriental arts of healing.  At the far triangles of the ancient medical science she studied, there is an area of what can only be called magic - magic powerful enough to reincarnate the dead.  Linda, for it was she, perfected her powers of undhai, or magic medicine, to the point where she had the ability to raise the mortal remains of the dead.  She learned how to breathe life back into the human remains left behind by souls long departed from this planet.

No prizes for guessing what Linda's main aim was.  But first she practiced her powers on the remains of a few dead yobboes, lowly members of the Black Warriors gang, to make sure she had full mastery of the magic before concentrating on raising Willy himself.  Before the Lee Brothers realized what was happening, the Black Warriors were up to full strength once more and back in action.  And it seems Linda's early experiments produced one or two mutated gang members...

Driven by a powerful urge for revenge (sharpened by five years being dead) Willy ordered his minions to kidnap Marian once more.  Within days of his command being issued, the hapless girl found herself transported to Willy's secret base.  Never a thug to make the same mistake twice, Willy immediately murdered Marian and locked her remains in a magic field conjured up by Linda. (Who achieved remarkably rapid promotion within the hierarchy of the Black Warriors as a result of her success in getting Willy up and about.)

Once again, the twins set out on a quest to rescue Marian - but this time their mission is likely to be even more complicated.  Starting out in the city's heliport, Billy and Jimmy have to battle their way down a lift shaft, into and through a warehouse and out into the open countryside.  Fighting their way up a cliff, they reach a hilltop where a door to Willy's secret base is hidden.  Marian's body lies entombed in the center of this hideout, and to stand any chance of rescuing her and returning her soul to this world, the heroes have to kill Willy and then do battle with their own tortured souls...

Only when the Warriors and Willy have been defeated can the magic field that shields Marian's remains be penetrated.  The Lees are twins, but they are also the seventh sons of a seventh son, so have magical powers bestowed on them as their Shinto birthright.  When they have defeated their own souls in combat, they will draw sufficient power from the other to enact a Shinto resurrection ceremony and restore Marian to life.

With the Warriors finally eradicated, and Marian restored to the peak of health, Billy, Jimmy and Marian will pass through a portal into another space-time continuum and - hopefully - live a long and peaceful life together.