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Battletoads and Double Dragon: the Ultimate Team
Console: NES
Developer: Rareware
Publisher: Tradewest
Number of Players: 2
Release Date: June 1993

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By Cloudmann
Contributing Writer


Rareware released this game for three different platforms, and generally all three versions are faithful to each other.  This was one of the last games ever released for the dying NES and is definitely one of the best fighting games on the system.

Graphics: A-

This version of the game doesn't even compare to the SNES or Genesis versions.  Age being the culprit, the NES's graphics capabilities were very outdated already (the hardware was designed some ten years earlier).  That said, this is a very impressive 8-bit title.  Color was used well, the sprites are reasonably sized, animation is pretty smooth and flicker is down to a bare minimum.  The NES's CPU was screaming in pain to get this game to look this good.  The only drawback is some of the goofy character art that the game has.  Rare should've just resampled the character pics from the 16-bit versions.

Sound: A-

This is actually a pretty decent sounding NES title.  Music is done about as well as the NES can handle and all the sound effects, while standard NES fare, are all very clean and not annoying.  Nicely done.

Enemies: A

Except for the completely fouled-up naming convention from the Double Dragon characters, Rare got this pretty well on the mark.  All boss sprites are big and colorful, the enemies are hard, but not frustratingly so, and the game is always fun and challenging.  What more do you want?

Weapons: B+

Aside from dynamite and being able to throw some enemies at other enemies, the only weapon you'll get is the stick that's left after destroying a walker.  That said, the stick works really well.  I love how you kill some of the enemies with it.

Controls and Moves: A+

Dead on.  This game only used two buttons on any platform, and the NES translated the incredible control beautifully.  You have very little control over what actual moves you perform, as most of it is automated.  But rest assured, it's all very gratifying, especially when using one of the toads.  This is probably the most fun beatemup I've ever played on the NES.

Modes: B

One -player mode, two-player cooperative and two player competitive.  I suppose nothing else is needed, but a one-on-one versus mode would have rocked.

Conclusion/Overall: A-

This game rocks!  It's amazing to see what programmers can do with a system towards the end of its commercial life (Chrono Trigger, anyone?), and this game is a prime example.  Outstanding effort, incredible game play and a lot of action made for probably the definitive NES beatemup.  It plays a whole lot like Battletoads, so some Dragon fans may be skeptical.  But fear not, this has Double Dragon spirit inside in spades.