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Battletoads and Double Dragon Characters
All versions

Note: All pics are taken from the SNES version.  Much of the information for this section was taken from the instruction manual.  The Toads' descriptions were taken from the World of Battletoads.  One thing to remember is that there are many mistakes with reference to Double Dragon enemies.  This is due to lack of research by Rare.  Tradewest, who has produced many Double Dragon games, did not notice either.

Special thanks to Tony Cima


Professor T-Bird
He is the mentor for the toads.  Contacted the Dragons when he spotted the Colossus.  Enjoys taunting the heroes when they lose.

Billy Lee
Height: 5'10".  Weight: 165 lbs.  Color: Blue.  The younger brother of Jimmy.  He began his martial arts training at age 12 and became a Kung Fu Sou-Setsu-Ken master at age 20.

Jimmy Lee
Height: 5'10".  Weight: 170 lbs.  Color: Red.  Billy's twin brother, who is also a Sou-Setsu-Ken master.  

Real Name: Morgan Ziegler.  Height: 6'8".  Weight: 198lbs.  Color: Bluish Green.  Profile: Toad leader and tactical genius.  Employs mechanical smash hits for maximum destruction using minimal effort.

Real Name: Dave Shar.  Height: 6'6".  Weight: 182lbs.  Color: Green.  Profile: Very fast and agile.  His smash hits are flashy and flamboyant, matching his extroverted personality

Real Name: George Pie.  Height: 7'9".  Weight: 280lbs.  Color: Brown.  Profile: Team tough guy who is built like a tank.  Though lacking finesse, his smash hits are highly effective due to their sheer size.


Shadow Marine - The Shadow Boss's personal army of mindless morons.  They patrol the Colossus's tail, eager to repel attackers.

Retro Blaster - Armed with twin cannons, this robot patrols the Colossus blasting enemies sometimes in pairs.

Mechno-Mitt - This giant hand rises from the Colossus and smacks its enemies on the head.  Running is the only way to avoid it.

Lopar - An old enemy of the Lee twins, he's going to make sure that this encounter won't end in receiving his usual humiliating beating.
Note: This character has been misnamed.  He should really be Will from Double Dragon II, who shares the same cartwheel attack.

Guido - This scum-ball halfwit may look stupid, but he's rough and tough and never knows when he's been beaten.
Note: This character looks to be based off Roper from DD I & II.

Walker - One of the Dark Queens annoying minions.  Kicks enemies with its long legs.  Once it is beaten its legs can be used as weapons.

Doorman of Doom - This cowardly character lurks behind doors and tosses sticks of dynamite in your path.  The only way to beat him is to toss back his own dynamite.

Windowman of Doom - The brother to the Doorman.  He's every bit as chicken - hiding behind windows where he thinks he's safe.

Ryder - Hurtling along the corridors of the Colossus at breakneck speed, this brainless biker will do his best to knock you off.

Raven - Survivors from the original Battletoads, they're back to even the score. 

Linda Lash - This character hails from the Double Dragon games.  She's back with her whip, and much harder to beat.

Securi-Cam - Located in the Colossus, these cameras use their high-powered blasters to eliminate intruders. 

Scuzz - Mooching menacingly inside the missile, this revolting rodent springs from doorways to try to knock you out for the count.

General Slaughter - He might be clumsy and stupid, but he always uses his head - as a weapon!


Abobo is the boss of the first level.  He smashes through the wall and pummels you repeatedly in an Abobo fashion.

Big Blag
This undisputed chief of the Rat Pack fell foul to the Toads in their last encounter, but he won't be so easy to beat this time.   He's gained a few pounds and is ready to flatten the enemies.


He's as big, bad, and strong as Abobo, but he has a big gun!  Duck under the bullets then rush attack him.
Note: This is a complete mistake.  Roper was nothing more than a common thug in the Double Dragon series.  Willy had the machine gun.  This character is really supposed to be Machine Gun Willy. 

This ship is the size of a city, full of hench people of the Shadow Boss and the Dark Queen, and packed with enough ordnance to invade a galaxy.

Thought to be destroyed by the Toads, this mutant biogen still lives and is uglier than ever.

Shadow Boss
One half of the evil team.  This character is supposedly the Dragons' greatest enemy.
Note:  This character is completely original for Battletoads and Double Dragon.  He never existed in any other game.  The Shadow Boss was Jimmy Lee in the NES version of Double Dragon.

Dark Queen
The other half of the dire duo, she wants revenge on the Toads for Ragnarok!  As usual, you'll have to defeat her disciples before you'll get the chance to show her the error of her ways.