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By Dojo Master

Double Dragon premiered on September 12, 1993 as part of Bohbot's Sunday morning lineup of Amazin' Adventures cartoons.  The story involves Billy and Jimmy Lee, twin brothers separated at birth by way of the evil Shadow Master.  Billy Lee was raised by the Oldest Dragon at the Dragon Dojo in the art of the Dragon.  Jimmy Lee was trained by the Shadow Master at the Shadow Dojo in the evil art of the Shadow (powered by the Black Flame).  When the twins reached the age of 18, Billy was declared the new Dragon Master, and Jimmy was already the Shadow Boss.  Neither one knew of the other, until now....

The half-hour show was essentially aimed at preteens who were probably familiar with the video game series.  The show was loosely based upon the story from the NES Double Dragon game in that Jimmy Lee was originally a bad guy (he was the second-highest leader of the Shadow Warriors) who converted to the side of good to fight with his twin brother, Billy Lee.  Together the brothers then fought the Shadow Master, and eventually, more powerful enemies.  I enjoyed the show when it first came out, which was when I was 9 years old.  Unfortunately, the show really started to fall apart by the second half of second two. 

The now-defunct station, UPN, was still airing the series around 2000 in its usual Sunday morning time slot.  I haven't seen the show in syndication since then.  A few episodes from the cartoon are available on VHS and DVD, but the entire series is not yet available on DVD.  However, the entire series is now available on Netflix and you can often find several episodes on Youtube as well.

If you click on the Episode Guide link above you'll find detailed synopses for each episode of the two-season series.  There's also a detailed Character List as well which explains the background information for the main characters in the series. 

It turns out that the episodes were probably aired out of order.  Therefore, the episode guide I've put together lists the air dates for each episode as claimed by other websites.  However, I've listed the episodes sequentially according to their plot so that you can follow the series' overall arc in order without having to wonder about something like why the supposed last episode of the series has the brothers using the Dragon Claws when they were destroyed in an earlier episode.  If you're following the general plot of the series, and not simply the air dates, then the true, final episode of the series is Daj of the Undertown Dragons.