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Double Dragon Cartoon Series Main and Supporting Characters

By Dojo Master

Below is a list of the main and supporting characters from the Double Dragon cartoon series.  I have not included every single character ever shown in the cartoon, but only the main ones.  The characters are broken down into the categories of Dragons, Shadows and Supporting Characters.


Billy Lee

Billy is the son of Marika and John Lee and the fraternal twin brother of Jimmy Lee.  He bears a striking resemblance to his father and is the quintessential good guy to the point of nearly being a goody two-shoes.  However, despite his kind nature, he is an extremely skilled martial artist and a resilient fighter.  When he and his brother were born, the Shadow Master heard of the twins' Dragon birthmarks and became fearful that the brothers would fulfill their destiny of stopping his evil plans.  Therefore, the Shadow Master tried to kidnap the twins from the hospital.  However, John escaped with Billy and left him in the care of the Oldest Dragon.  Billy then became Dragon Master at the age of 18 and discovered the existence of his brother, Jimmy, who was acting as the Shadow Boss.  Billy then converted his brother to the side of good, and they fought together as the Double Dragons.

In the first episode, Billy's undershirt is cut low, exposing his Double Dragon birthmark.  However, in every subsequent episode, this birthmark is covered by Billy's undershirt (when he is not transformed).  Billy and Jimmy later acquired the Dragon Claw daggers, which allowed them to perform a second transformation giving them samurai-like armor.  When the Dragon Claws were later destroyed in the Black Flame, Kami designed new armor for the brothers.  Unlike Billy's previous armor, however, this new armor was red in the torso portion and blue underneath.  Additionally, Billy does not wield his Dragon Sword when wearing this armor but instead utilizes two detachable sickle-like blades that can be used as a propeller, allowing Billy to fly and create strong gusts of wind.


Jimmy Lee

Jimmy is Billy's fraternal twin brother.  Although his face is similar to John's, he has blonde hair like his mother.  When he was born, the Shadow Master kidnapped him and his mother from the hospital.  In order to save Jimmy's life, Marika agreed to enter the Abyss inside the Shadow Dojo.  The Shadow Master then raised Jimmy as his own son and taught him to fight and use the powers of the Black Flame.  Jimmy became the Shadow Boss and later discovered his twin brother Billy when he began foiling Jimmy's criminal goals.  When the Shadow Master attempted to get rid of Jimmy and Billy at the same time, Billy saved Jimmy, and Jimmy turned to the side of good.  The Oldest Dragon then appeared at the ruins of the Dragon Dojo and taught the brothers how to transform into the Double Dragons.  The Dragon Sword then split into two, giving Jimmy his own sword.  Jimmy wielded the Dragon Claw daggers with his brother for a short while and was later given new armor by Kami.  However, this armor is blue on the outside rather than red, and instead of wielding his Dragon Sword, Jimmy blasts energy beams (or perhaps flames) from a dragon-looking blaster on his arm.

Jimmy is hotheaded and often speaks more like a street-smart brawler than an enlightened warrior.  For instance, instead of "calling upon the Double Dragon" birthmark to guide him somewhere, he will instead order the "scaly one" to "lead us to the butt we wish to kick."  Because of his Shadow training, he is somewhat knowledgeable of the Shadow Master's organization and utilizes a more aggressive fighting style than Billy.  At times he clashes with other personalities such as Marian or the hacker Megabyte.  However, he eventually calms down and befriends those who are on the same side.


John Lee

John Lee is the father of Billy and Jimmy.  He trained at the Dragon Dojo alongside the Shadow Master under the tutelage of the Oldest Dragon.  He was granted the title of Dragon Master and wielded the Dragon Sword.  When he married Marika, her half-brother became angry and revived the Black Flame, becoming the Shadow Master.  However, John was able to thwart the Shadow Master's goals many a time.  When Billy and Jimmy were born, the Shadow Master kidnapped Jimmy and Marika.  John managed to save Billy, however, and he quickly delivered him to the Oldest Dragon.  He was not seen again by any of the main characters, unless he trained Vortex after the kidnapping, which he presumably did.


Marika Lee

Marika is the mother of Billy and Jimmy Lee and the wife of John Lee.  She is also the half-sister of the Shadow Master.  She met John more than 20 years ago while he was a student at the Dragon Dojo.  They fell in love and got married.  When she gave birth to twin boys bearing the mark of the Double Dragon on their chests, the Shadow Master became frightened and attempted to kidnap the boys at the hospital.  The Shadow Master managed to kidnap Jimmy and Marika, but John escaped with Billy.  Marika then agreed to enter the Abyss inside the Shadow Dojo so that the Shadow Master would not kill Jimmy.  Marika then met with Billy and Jimmy approximately 18 years later when the Shadow Master intentionally dropped his key to the Abyss during a fight with the Dragons.  This piqued Billy's curiosity and caused the brothers to open the gate to the Abyss in the chance John Lee might be there.  When the Shadow Master then surprised the brothers and knocked them into the Abyss, they met up with Marika inside a strange tea house.  Together the three then escaped and fought the Shadow Master.  Marika then dove directly into the Black Flame to open the Shadow Dojo's doors and allow the Dragon Warriors to escape.  When the Dragons defeated the Shadow Master (temporarily), Marika stated that she would remain in the Black Flame, but that once her sons found their father, they would be a family again.  She was not seen again for the rest of the series.

Unlike her sons, Marika uses no weapons and does not really fight using martial arts.  Instead, she is more of a magician, like Su Lien, shooting energy from her hands and repelling attacks that way.  She is shown to be incredibly powerful to the point that she can repel the Shadow Master's attacks.  In fact, she manages to easily free the Dragon Warriors from the Shadow Mural.  She is able to reside inside the Black Flame without being harmed or corrupted by it.


Oldest Dragon

The Oldest Dragon was the head of the Dragon Dojo.  He trained John Lee, the Shadow Master (for a short while) and Billy Lee.  He raised Billy from a young boy when John left Billy in his care.  He is shown as being incredibly wise and reserved.  In the first episode, he directs Billy to stop the Shadow Warriors and tells him that his time on this planet is running short.  Billy then returns from fighting the Shadow Warriors to find the Oldest Dragon "gone," i.e., dead.  However, the Oldest Dragon continues to communicate with Billy and Jimmy and provide them guidance in his spiritual form.  Later, the Oldest Dragon appears before Billy and Jimmy in the second episode and tells them the sacred words they need to repeat to transform into the Double Dragons.  The Oldest Dragon then continues to provide guidance to the brothers (sometimes cryptic) throughout the series and tells them how to use the Dragon Claws.

In the second season, the Oldest Dragon explains that he sealed away the Shadow Khan many years ago using the power of the Dragon Claws.  The Oldest Dragon was never shown using his powers or martial arts in general, but it was established that he wielded the Dragon Sword and the Dragon Claws.  The Oldest Dragon was featured prominently in the first season, but saw his screen time decrease during the second season.



Vortex was originally just a normal kid.  However, during Vortex's childhood, John Lee stayed with his family, presumably to hide from the Shadow Master while searching for Jimmy.  During his short stay, John taught Vortex to fight using a whirling style.  Then, one day, John was forced to suddenly depart.  Shortly thereafter, the Shadow Master arrived, along with Sickle, and attacked Vortex's family.  Vortex managed to escape Sickle's attack by running away, but his parents' fate was unknown.  Vortex then grew up on the streets as a homeless man helping to look out for other homeless children.  He forgot many key details of his childhood as a result of repressed memories, but he retained his martial arts training.

Later on, when Sickle began running an illegal fighting ring in the poor section of town, he spotted Vortex showing off to some homeless children.  Sickle then forced Vortex to fight in the Shadow Master's illegal tournament by holding the homeless children hostage.  When Vortex subsequently defeated 12 opponents in a row, Sickle entered the ring and unfairly challenged Vortex, knocking him to the ground and causing Vortex's repressed memories to begin coming to the surface.  The Shadow Master then intervened and began attacking Vortex, demanding to know who trained him.  However, he still could not recall.  When Billy and Jimmy stepped in and saved Vortex, his memory came back and he recalled everything.  The Dragons then took Vortex back to the Dragon Dojo and made him a Dragon Warrior.  Vortex then told the brothers that he had been trained by John Lee.

Vortex gets nickname from his whirling fighting style which resembles break dancing.  He carries two small blades on his back that he can use as weapons.



Tsunami is a grand champion sumo wrestler and a student of Chi Master Su Lien.  He trained with Su Lien in Beijing, China, and learned the art of Chi to control his aggressive tendencies.  He was introduced in the episode "the Master of Chi" when Billy recognized him in a park practicing Tai Chi.  Tsunami told Billy that he was a student of Su Lien, and he invited Billy to attend a class Su Lien was teaching.  However, Billy and Jimmy's first impression in front of Su Lien was rather poor.  Su Lien then naively accepted an insincere offer from the Shadow Master to help him reform his evil ways, even though the Lee brothers informed her that the offer was simply a lie meant to allow the Shadow Master to learn the secrets of her powers.  Su Lien and Tsunami, of course, headed right into a trap, and Tsunami escaped from the Shadow Dojo only to ask the brothers for help.  He was then made a Dragon Warrior and given the name Kona.  Together, they rescued Su Lien from the Shadow Master, albeit because Su Lien chose to fight back against the Shadow Master.

Kona is shown to be incredibly strong and reserved.  He is well behaved but can become aggressive at any moment, throwing multiple attackers off him at once and shaking the ground when he lands.  When a group of generic Shadow Warriors attempted to restrain him with energy whips, he simply charged through the Shadow Dojo's walls, dragging the helpless Shadow Warriors behind him.  He is very appreciative and protective of Su Lien, and he has a love interest in Sashiko.  When he transforms, he sometimes wields dual arm blasters that can shock or blast people, move objects, and even restrain attackers.



Mike Pollard is a former Metro City police officer.  He was a top cop, driver and mechanic before he lost his right arm in an auto accident when he swerved out of control to avoid hitting a kid during a pursuit.  After the accident, he entered a state of depression and refused to act as a mechanic for the police department because he believed no one would take him seriously - he sure didn't.  The Shadow Master then approached Mike disguised as a government employee offering exceptional pay and an advanced mechanical arm in exchange for Mike building new attack vehicles - allegedly for the police department.  When Mike then discovered he had unwittingly built new attack vehicles for the Shadow Master, he constructed a Dragon Cruiser for the Double Dragons and joined them as a Dragon Warrior, earning the nickname Chop.  He then built himself a new mechanical arm and continued to assist the Dragons using his skills as a mechanic.



Colonel Neil McReady is a retired U.S. Special Forces member who returned to Metro City after 10 years of military service.  He was introduced in the episode "The Price of Oblivion" when he was run off the road by a couple of drugged-up drivers and crashed into a tree.  The Lee brothers then spotted his wrecked car and gave him a ride into town.  He subsequently witnessed a battle between the Shadow Warriors and the Double Dragons in which Trigger Happy kidnapped a neighborhood kid to use as a shield and to keep hostage.  After seeing the devastation inflicted on the city by the Shadow Warriors, McReady grabbed a large, experimental plasma blaster out of a footlocker in his apartment and headed out to fight the Shadow Warriors and save the kidnapped boy.  He met up with the Double Dragons at the Shadow Master's drug factory, but at first he mistook them for Shadow Warriors.  After clearing up the confusion, the Double Dragons and McReady then fought together and thwarted the Shadow Master's plans.  As the Double Dragons gave him yet another ride home, he told them to call him Blaster, and he asked to join the Dragons.  The Double Dragons then held a formal knighting ceremony in which Blaster transformed into his Dragon Warrior outfit.  His weapon is a large, two-handed plasma canon that he carries on his back.

Blaster is fairly relaxed and outgoing, unlike Kona.  He acts as the Dragon counterpart to Trigger Happy and Countdown, and is often seen shooting Countdown's rockets out of midair.



Michael is the most prominent student in the Junior Dragons program at the Dragon Dojo.  He is well-behaved and studies hard to become like Billy.  However, when Billy lectured Michael a little too hard for copying one of Jimmy's dangerous Shadow Moves, Michael became upset and temporarily joined Kami of the Komodo Dojo.  Kami then gave Michael a special type of armor that was forged in the Black Flame itself.  When Michael and Kami subsequently launched an attack on the Shadow Master, Michael was captured.  Kami then joined sides with Billy and Jimmy to save Michael.  Afterward, Billy promised not to treat Michael like a child again.

Michael is often portrayed as a good but inexperienced young student in need of guidance.  At first he is unaccepting of Daj because of Daj's mutant features, but he soon learns to look past that difference.  He is also learns about overcoming adversity through Chop.  Michael generally showcases the lesson that the viewer is supposed to learn, such as deciding not to take drugs or learning that just because you have one arm doesn't mean that you're useless.


Shadow Master

The Shadow Master is the supreme leader of the Shadow Warriors.  He is the half-brother of Marika Lee, technically making him Billy and Jimmy's uncle.  He originally trained at the Dragon Dojo with John Lee, but as Marika explained, he did so only for the power and the prestige.  When John married Marika, the Shadow Master became upset and turned to the black arts to get revenge.  He then revived the Black Flame and began terrorizing Metro City.  However, John Lee was able to thwart his attempts.  When Marika then gave birth to twin boys bearing the mark of the Double Dragon, the Shadow Master became fearful that they would fulfill their destiny of stopping him.  Therefore, he attacked the hospital holding the boys and kidnapped Jimmy and Marika, taking them back to the Shadow Dojo.  He was unable to grab Billy, who was saved by John.  The Shadow Master then agreed to let Jimmy live if Marika entered the Abyss inside the Shadow Dojo.  But the Shadow Master did not know that this had the consequence of weakening the power of the Black Flame.  The Shadow Master then trained Jimmy in the black arts and made him the Shadow Boss.

The Shadow Master's real name is not known.  However, according to Marika, he has always been evil.  He wields a unique weapon that is half scythe, half sword.  He sometimes separates the two pieces to wield separately.  He regularly blasts dark energy from his weapon and can teleport or turn into a shadow at any time.  He walks freely in and out of the Black Flame but is repelled by bright light.  He commands an army of generic Shadow Warriors as well as five specific goons.  His base of operations is the Shadow Dojo which is always located in a bad part of town.  He has been shown to shape shift, such as in the episode "Rebirth" when he took on the appearance of a government employee who was offering Chop a new mechanical arm.

In the second season, he meets the Shadow Khan, who is trapped inside a shield-shaped prison.  The Shadow Master has the power to free Khan, but refuses to do so because Khan would be able to challenge the Shadow Master's own powers.  Instead, the Shadow Master continually lies to Khan, promising to free him if Khan will grant him better armor and a weapon that will strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.  Khan then grants him stronger armor and uses his shield to shoot terror discs which cause people to see images representing their worst fears.  However, these powers are easily beaten by the power of the Dragon Claws.

Once Khan was freed, the Shadow Master was temporarily forced to serve Khan under the threat of being imprisoned in his own Shadow Mural.  However, this did not last long as the Dragons and Daj managed to chase off Khan.  When Kami subsequently attempted to forge three new sets of armor in the Black Flame, the Shadow Master absconded with one, granting him more powerful armor comparable to what Khan had previously provided.

The Shadow Master detests pretty much everyone and sees no one as his equal, although he does fear the Shadow Khan.


Shadow Boss

Jimmy Lee's evil alterego is the Shadow Boss.  Before he turned to the side of good to fight with Billy, Jimmy was raised by the Shadow Master and taught the evil ways of the Black Flame.  Jimmy wears his typical red clothes, but by putting on his black cowl, his outfit turns completely black and his eyes glow red.  He has two henchmen directly under him: Abobo and Willy.  When Jimmy discovers that Billy has become the new Dragon Master and is thwarting his criminal schemes, Jimmy takes off his black cowl and wanders into the Dragon Dojo, pretending to have escaped from the Shadow Master.  Jimmy then has his henchmen attack the Dragon Dojo to further the allusion that he's on the run.  After Jimmy helps Billy clean up the Dojo, he talks Billy into participating in a martial arts tournament to gain students for the school.  However, while Billy is participating in the tournament, Jimmy disappears without telling Billy.  Saddened and confused, Billy then calls upon his Dragon birthmark to lead him to Jimmy.  The birthmark takes Billy to the Shadow Dojo, where he faces the Shadow Boss and unmasks him, revealing Jimmy.  Distraught, Billy then blasts the Black Flame, causing the Shadow Dojo to collapse in a black whirlwind.  Under orders from the Shadow Master, Jimmy then heads to the Dragon Dojo again with a new set of henchmen and captures Billy, taking him back to the Shadow Dojo.  However, when Jimmy is unable to retrieve the Dragon Sword, the Shadow Master becomes upset and tells the Shadow Warriors to get rid of the brothers.  When Trigger Happy and Sickle then try to ambush Jimmy, Billy steps in and saves him.  Shocked and upset by the fact that the Shadow Master betrayed him, Jimmy joins sides with Billy, ceasing to be the Shadow Boss.

The Shadow Boss is essentially the second in command under the Shadow Master.  He wields a black sword that looks similar to Billy's Dragon Sword, except the bottom of the handle is spiked.  As the Shadow Boss, Jimmy can shoot dark energy, float in midair, teleport and jump directly into the Black Flame.  The Shadow Boss's voice is much deeper and more evil than Jimmy's natural voice.

In the episode "Over the Line," Billy loses his memory after being knocked into an electromagnetic field, and the Shadow Master takes advantage of Billy's amnesia, telling him he's his son.  The Shadow Master then drags Billy into the Black Flame, turning him into the new Shadow Boss.  However, as the new Shadow Boss, Billy does not have is own sword the way Jimmy did.  Instead, the Shadow Master separates the scythe part of his weapon from the sword part and hands Billy the sword.  Billy is later returned to normal thanks to Jimmy's help.


Shadow Khan

The Shadow Khan is a very ancient and powerful being.  He is by far more powerful than even the Shadow Master.  Years ago he nearly caused the Oldest Dragon to bow before him, but the Oldest Dragon used the power of the Dragon Claws to seal him away in a shield-shaped prison.  The Dragon Claws were then placed on top of the shield prison, which kept the Shadow Khan dormant.  However, when Dr. Linquist discovered the shield in an ancient underground Dragon Dojo, he removed the Dragon Claws, causing the Shadow Khan to awaken.  The Shadow Khan then hypnotized Dr. Linquist and told him to take him to the Master of Shadows.  Upon meeting the Shadow Master, Khan demanded to be freed, but the Shadow Master refused, knowing better then to free a powerful, evil being such as Khan.  The Shadow Master instead offered to free Khan in exchange for new armor and a weapon, which Khan provided.  However, the Shadow Master still refused to keep his part of the bargain, which continually infuriated Khan.  Eventually, Khan managed to escape his prison by hypnotizing Daj and causing him to destroy the Dragon Claws in the Black Flame.

The Shadow Khan is essentially a sorcerer, sort of like Marika Lee.  He shoots cloudlike tentacles from his hands which can grab people and tie them up.  His face looks like the skull on his prison and his voice changes slightly once he is freed.  From inside his prison, he is able to hypnotize some people and shoot terror discs which cause people to see images representing their worst fears.  He has his own army of ancient Terror Warriors which he calls forth once he is freed from his prison.  He detests the so-called Shadow Master, calling him a Shadow Fraud, as well as the Double Dragons.  The Dragons' standard weapons are pretty much useless against both Khan and his ancient warriors.  The brothers even have trouble fighting Khan with their more powerful armor they received from Kami.


Ice Pick

Ice Pick generally acts as the senior-most member of the Shadow Warriors.  He is shown to be fairly intelligent and quite handy with computers.  Whenever the Shadow Master attempts to leverage technology for his evil plans, Ice Pick is always the person handling the technological components.  However, Ice Pick is quite cowardly and a poor fighter overall.  He tends to scream like a girl when getting his butt kicked.  He carries a rapier-like sword and a small dagger.  His body appears to be made of ice, although this is never explained in the show.  He possesses no inherent special powers and is sometimes taunted by Trigger Happy, who calls him "toothpick," "nosepick" or "snow cone."



Next to Ice Pick, Sickle is perhaps the most prominent Shadow Warrior.  He is often placed directly in charge of executing the Shadow Master's evil plans, such as running an illegal fighting ring or dispatching security guards when assaulting a compound.  He is named after the two sickle-shaped weapons he carries, which he always uses in combat.  Sickle sometimes impersonates other characters.  For instance, in the episode "Judgment Day," he wore a disguise to impersonate Judge Rhodes and sentence Jimmy to prison.  He acts as a nemesis to Vortex, whose family was attacked by Sickle and the Shadow Master many years ago.  It is revealed in season two that, ironically, Sickle is afraid of sharp blades such as the ones he carries on his back.  He has a mean temper and always resorts to violence, even though he is guaranteed to lose against the Dragons.


Trigger Happy

Trigger Happy is the next most prominent Shadow Warrior and is set apart by his twisted sense of humor.  He carries an arm blaster and always laughs maniacally while blasting everything in sight.  He often throws out witty remarks and one-liners such as "Have a nice day."  He certainly lives up to his name as he is indeed quite trigger happy.  He openly mocks Ice Pick, and while he is certainly crazy, he is not quite stupid like Countdown.



Countdown is a mindless grunt, although not quite as mindless as Jawbreaker.  He carries a hands-free weapons system that looks almost like a harness or backpack and shoots rockets and energy beams.  Whereas Trigger Happy enjoys blasting everything in sight because he is a bit crazy, Countdown will do so, even in dangerous situations, simply because he is stupid.  For instance, in the episode "Shadow Khan," the Dragons disable a stolen truck that Countdown and Sickle are riding in, trapping them inside the cab.  Countdown then decides to blast the roof of the cab off using his rockets - while he's sitting in the cab.  Countdown later screws up a mission so badly in the episode "Shadow Conned" that the Shadow Master nearly blasts him into the Shadow Mural.  When Countdown subsequently turns against the Shadow Master, causing the Shadow Khan to be freed, the Shadow Master traps Countdown in Khan's former prison.  Countdown then remains in the shield prison for the rest of the series.



Jawbreaker is easily the dumbest of the Shadow Warriors and generally acts like a wild beast.  In the second season, it is revealed that Jawbreaker is a mutant.  He carries no weapons aside from his large jaws, which he uses to try to bite down on enemies.  He often bearhugs people to restrain them, and he speaks like a caveman.  Generally, he tends to say only single words such as "Dinner!", which is his favorite line when attacking the Dragons.  Since Jawbreaker is so animalistic, he will often rush brashly into combat only to run away whimpering like a scared dog as soon as he gets his butt kicked.

In the episode "The Sight of Freedom," Jawbreaker is ordered to kidnap the police commissioner's blind, 11-year-old daughter.  Jawbreaker does so, but quickly bonds with the girl, who helps him realize that he's not a bad person simply because he's a mutant.  When Ice Pick later tries to dispose of the girl, Jawbreaker turns on Ice Pick and the Shadow Master in order to save the girl.  He then joins the other mutants in Undertown.



Abobo is based on the character of the same name from the first Double Dragon game.  Like his video game counterpart, this Abobo is a large, muscular goon who throws barrels.  However, here Abobo is blue, not green, and he is shown to be fairly intelligent to the point he knows to fear both the Shadow Boss and the Shadow Master.  He's certainly smarter than Willy and derides Willy for being a reckless idiot.

Abobo is only featured in the first two episodes.  When Abobo witnesses Willy being blasted into the Shadow Mural in the second episode - a wall that comes to life and sucks people into it for failing the Shadow Master - he unsuccessfully attempts to run away.  In later episodes, you can even see Abobo's image in the Shadow Mural.  Many years ago, the now-defunct website did a hilarious article on Abobo's appearance in the cartoon series, which you can still read here through the Internet Archive.



Willy is based on Machine Gun Willy from the first two Double Dragon games.  He is shown to be a reckless and irritating cowboy eager to commit any crime because he thinks it's fun.  However, unlike in the games, Willy has no leadership qualities and is in fact shown to be quite stupid.  Abobo calls him an idiot and a crazy cowboy.  Willy serves directly under the Shadow Boss and has no clue that there's also a Shadow Master.

In the second episode, the Shadow Master appears along with the rebuilt Shadow Dojo.  When Willy then meets the Shadow Master for the first time, the Shadow Master rightfully notes that Willy's voice is more annoying than a thousand fingernails on a chalkboard.  Willy and Abobo are then punished for their failure by being blasted into the Shadow Mural.


Shadow Warriors

These generic thugs are recruited right off the streets of Metro City to serve the Shadow Master.  They all wear the same type of armor which includes energized claws similar to the ones featured on Fulgore from the arcade game Killer Instinct.  They can use energy whips as well.  The Shadow Master has devised various, unsuccessful plots to create army of unstoppable Shadow Warriors, including a plan to pump them up with the steroid-like drug RPM.  In the episode "The Eye of the Dragon," a young but surprisingly good-natured boy named Daryl tries to become a Shadow Warrior by working with other potential recruits in digging through a warehouse to find the Eye of the Dragon.  However, he quickly switches sides and becomes a Junior Dragon at the Dragon Dojo.

In Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls, Tradewest created a specific playable character based on these henchmen and named him "Blade."  A female version was created as well and named "Sekka."  In the cartoon series, they're simply called Shadow Warriors.

Supporting Characters

Marian Martin

Marian is the newest member of the Metro Task Force.  She met Billy while trying to stop an armored car heist being carried out by Willy and Abobo.  Afterward, Marian then followed Billy back to the Dragon Dojo and offered to make him a special deputy with the police department, allowing him to arrest people and carry a weapon (although he was doing this anyway).  When Jimmy subsequently turned to the side of good, Marian deputized him as well.

Unlike in the video games, here Marian does not act as Billy's girlfriend.  She's not even a potential love interest for either of the brothers.  In fact, she managed to butt heads with Jimmy multiple times.  However, she's always eager to work together with the Dragons to stop the Shadow Master and fight crime, and she will stand by their side even when public sentiment has turned against them.  Marian is shown to be skilled in combat, even though she is not a member of the Dragon Dojo.  She was featured quite prominently in season one, but her role in the show was downplayed during season two.


Su Lien

Su Lien is a powerful Chi Master and sensei to Tsunami, a.k.a., Kona.  She is capable of harnessing her Chi energy to accomplish amazing feats such as repelling advanced martial artists with a simple wave of her hand.  She can see through disguises, including the Double Dragons'.  Even though she is an expert martial artist, she abhors violence and teaches only to spread peace.  Nonetheless, Su Lien is willing to teach anyone who wants to learn because she believes she can reform them - even evil people such as the Shadow Master.

During the first season she was introduced to the Lee brothers when Kona invited Billy to her class.  However, Billy and Jimmy barged in late and instinctively started a fight with the Shadow Warriors under the mistaken belief that the Shadows had arrived to harm Su Lien.  This irritated Su Lien, who abruptly ended the lesson.  When Sickle then reported back to the Shadow Master regarding Su Lien's powers, the Shadow Master sent her an insincere letter asking for help in reforming his evil ways.  Su Lien then headed straight into a trap despite the Lee brothers' previous warnings.

The Shadow Master then hooked Su Lien up to a virtual reality machine to learn the secret of her power, but at the last moment, Su Lien used her power to end the "game," and she somehow transported the Shadow Master to the Arctic (or perhaps Antarctic).  Despite this, Su Lien was again kidnapped and hooked up to a virtual reality system in the second season as well.  This time, however, she was unable to rescue herself and had to rely on the Double Dragons.

It was later revealed in season two that Su Lien began instructing Kami to help her deal with her desire for vengeance.  When the Shadow Khan was subsequently freed from his prison, Su Lien provided Kami guidance in crafting crafting new armor for the Double Dragons.



Kami is the master of the way of the Komodo.  She was trained by her father, who taught her how to fight and make special Komodo armor.  However, this type of armor has to be tempered in the black flame.  Ten years ago, her father donned a suit of Komodo armor and attempted to defeat the Shadow Master.  But the Shadow Master would not fight fair and instead kidnapped Kami's mother and sister.  Her father then tried to offer himself in their place, but Kami never saw any of them again.

Later, Kami witnessed Billy chastising Michael when Michael defeated a group of Scorpion gang members using a dangerous move he learned from Jimmy.  Kami then offered to train Michael in the Komodo style.  After taking Michael back to the Komodo Dojo, Kami gave him her father's armor, and the two launched an assault on the Shadow Dojo only for Michael to be captured.  Jimmy then located Kami and together, she and the Lee brothers rescued Michael.  Afterward, Kami gave up her desire for vengeance and became thankful for gaining her first real friend - Michael.

Kami describes the way of the Komodo as winning at all costs.  Anything is acceptable as long as you defeat your opponent.  However, after saving Michael with the Double Dragons, Kami abandoned this viewpoint and sought tutelage from Su Lien, who helped her to control her vengeful nature.  When the Shadow Khan was freed, the Double Dragons sought new armor from Kami.  Kami then attempted to forge three new sets of armor in the black flame (two for the Dragons, one for herself), but the Shadow Master took her set of armor and damaged the remaining two.

When Kami returned to the Dragon Dojo with the damaged suits of armor, Su Lien advised her that there was another way to temper the armor using Chi.  Kami then harnessed her Chi and tempered the armor with her own energy.  Kami subsequently became a Dragon Warrior, with her Dragon Warrior outfit simply being her previous suit of Komodo Armor.  Kami was never featured fighting alongside the brothers as a Dragon Warrior because the show ended only a few episodes later.



Daj is a mutant who lives in an underground city called Undertown.  When the Shadow Master opened the first RPM factory, he fooled the underground mutants into working there in exchange for becoming normal.  However, they soon found out that this was a lie and that they were nothing more than slaves.  Daj then fled above ground while attempting to escape from the Shadow Warriors.  When Billy and Jimmy spotted the Shadow Warriors attacking Daj, they intervened, saving him.  The brothers then helped Daj to free the other Undertown inhabitants and shut down the factory.  A new factory was subsequently built which allowed the Shadow Master to distribute RPM above ground, but the brothers once again destroyed the factory with Daj's help.

When the Shadow Khan was subsequently freed from his prison and chased off by Daj and the Double Dragons, Khan took refuge in the underground and attempted to subjugate Daj's people.  However, while fighting Khan, Billy and Jimmy discovered a large egg which cracked open, revealing a dragon.  The dragon then bonded with Daj and helped him to fend off the Shadow Khan.

Daj possesses the ability to control animals and call upon them for help.  Daj explained that he and the other Undertown mutants gained their special abilities (and mutated appearances) from EMF radiation, which they apparently receive underground.  In the final episode of the series (plot wise), Daj was made a Dragon Warrior.  His Dragon Warrior outfit is no different from his normal outfit, except he wears a dragon medallion on his chest.