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One Year Anniversary

December 2, 2000 - December 2, 2001

Welcome to the Double Dragon Dojo's One Year Anniversary Celebration!  What are we celebrating you ask?  It's the first full year that we have been graciously hosted on's server.  The Dojo hasn't been around very long, but we would like to take this time to show you all it's been through and what it took to make.  We have also included for your benefit a timeline outlining the history of the Double Dragon series.  Read on, and enjoy.

Double Dragon Timeline (video game series) | Double Dragon Dojo Timeline 

Double Dragon Dojo Timeline

By Dojo Master

Date: Late 2000.

After his sudden addiction to the internet and long time addiction to video games, the founder and editor of the site, Dojo Master, spends a remarkable amount of time searching the internet for Double Dragon information.  To his surprise, there are a million sites that post only codes, a million sites copying the review of Double Dragon for Atari Lynx, and a few sites with a review of specific versions of Double Dragon.  Unfortunately, there is only one Double Dragon site that was partially dedicated to the series.  The page, which is now dead, contained info on the arcade game for emulation purposes.  The site also included a snapshot of the NES, SMS, Genesis and SNES versions of Double Dragon with a small review.  Out of the million gaming pages on the internet, none even came close to a real fan site except for the arcade emulation site, which couldn't be compared to's massive fan sites.

It's hard to remember what time the project was started on, but sometime after September might be appropriate.  Dojo Master had no idea what he was getting into.  Learning Microsoft FrontPage from a friend, and not actual HTML, Dojo Master began to fool around with web page design.  Not even knowing how to upload files, he went through about three free servers before landing on Geocities.  Using its manual upload process and not FTP, Dojo Master began the Double Dragon Home Page as a tentative title.  With almost no knowledge of HTML, Dojo Master began teaching himself web site design by looking at other gaming sites.  Still using the tentative title Double Dragon Home Page, he found a strange site known as

Being so happy to find a real Double Dragon fan site, Dojo Master placed this huge banner on the front page for everybody to see.  After donating pictures of various Abobos and small amounts of info, Chuck Rock placed a link to the Double Dragon Home Page on  The two formed an alliance to spread the word of Abobo, and hopefully Double Dragon as well.  The alliance of the two led to largest step in history of the site.

Date: Sometime before November.

An unlikely ally by the name of Johnny Undaunted appeared on the message boards and in Dojo Master's emails displaying a vast knowledge of the series that no person had ever seen before.  Johnny also began writing reviews and started the first characters sections.  With this newly acquired mountain of knowledge and more of a drive for creation, the site began changing fast.  The layout of the site was changed to a much cleaner frames format with newly minted navigation.  The name Double Dragon Home Page was dropped and the sleek, aerodynamic name Double Dragon Dojo was instituted.  Updates every day were not uncommon.

After a short time with the new name, Dojo Master made a daring move and asked to host the website.  Great news arrived just in time before the holiday season, and after learning FTP at the last minute the files were uploaded and the Dojo was online with a real server.  The site received around 700 visitors on opening day and a few emails.

Date: Mid 2001

In an email message Dojo Master was notified of a Double Dragon Web Page that was inspired by the Dojo.  The creator had managed to start an inspirational Double Dragon Web Ring, and soon changed the name of the page to that.  Aidan shared the fact that Double Dragon was quite popular in Europe, which was quite a surprise to an American citizen.

The Double Dragon Web Ring
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Date: Mid/Late 2001

Dojo Master receives a ton of emails containing reviews for rare games.  The reviewer, Cloudmann, submitted more reviews than any other person.  Being extremely grateful, Dojo Master adds him to the staff and welcomes the content.

Date: December 2, 2001

A full year on!  Special thanks to the following people:
Johnny Undaunted
"Pyscho" Steve Halfpenny

And special thanks to everybody listed in the contributors section.  The Dojo prides itself on being one of the few sites to accept reviews and other content from visitors.  We also like to keep track of them.