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By Sarah Crisman

Many people don't realize it, but Tiger Electronics did more with their video game licenses than just create cheap LCD hand-held video games.  Some of their games got the Pocket/Travel Game treatment, and one such game was Double Dragon.

The unit itself is completely self-contained: the red plastic case holds the fold-out game board and the instruction sheet.  The dice required to play are contained in a special plastic-covered clicker unit (hence the KLIX name) that allows you to "roll" them without the risk of losing them.  Finally, a small compartment holds the four magnetized marker pieces (two red and two yellow) that are used to play the game.  As it is, the game is two-player only though I suppose you could adapt a single-player variant if you were alone and really bored.

The object of the game is to be the first player to reach the Finish square with both of his or her markers, and thus rescue Marian from the clutches of the Shadow Warrior gang.  I've included a scan of the instruction sheet, the Fight Results table that explains how play works, as well as a scan of the game board, the cover of the instruction sheet, and the case that holds the dice.  About the only thing I didn't scan are the little plastic marker pieces, but they are so tiny (about 1 cm each) that I'm not certain it would do any good to provide a scan of them. 

As I recall, I found this in the clearance section of a toy store while vacationing in Georgia back in 1991.  Aside from contacting the company directly, I have no idea how one would go about acquiring one of these outside of Ebay or some other on-line auction/sale service.

It's a nifty little pocket-sized package that measures maybe 3" x  2" x 1" when completely closed up, and I just thought I'd contribute this to the site, since you guys already have information on just about every other Double Dragon product ever made!