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DD II Shrine




Double Dragon
Console: Neo Geo AES/MVS
Developer: Evoga/Noise Factory
Publisher: Playmore
Number of Players: 2
Release Date: September 26, 2002


The art of the dragons is a very unique art among the rest because it practices the worship to the dragons, ancient creatures that once roar in the earth, this mythical art can transform the human energy into power for good or evil depending of which dragon the user decides to adore.

This cult comes from all parts of the world and in many ancient cultures was used, therefore there are different ways to learn the abilities of the dragons.  The power of the dragons gives the user the power over many elements among other powers, but the resonance among the different dragons provokes the user to look for the challenge of other dragon, those who pay respect to the legends will fight for honor but those blinded by ambition and power will destroy the adversaries to gain more power from the defeated dragon

The dragons have been in many different ways and in very different persons along the history, they have decided many important parts of mankind during many centuries, sometimes evil dragons raise to gain power to be superior to other dragons and rule, it's when the dragons must clash to balance the power and keep peace.

The humans are conducts to the dragons energy, and can live in harmony or be consumed by the power of the dragon, those that had summoned a dragon are also mark to be in constant confrontation with the rest of the dragons and to feel the resonance of the spirits, only those who train can control the full power of the Dragons, those who don't will live in a constant confusion because they don't know how to deal with the Dragon spirits.


Sunshine city is ruined, decadent and corrupted, the city is no man's land ruled by the law of the strongest, the police and national army are not capable to stop the violence wave along with the corruption in the government and others authorities that makes the situation worse.

Among this chaotic situation exist a strong group that practice the religious worship to THE BLACK DRAGON.  This group is quite recent but has gain a lot of young followers with faith lost in life and in a world in economic recession and severe climate crisis.  The leader of this is a young and powerful rich man that has is mansion set in one island close to Sunshine bay and from there controls totally all the city and the fates of many people.

This man has been possessed by the evil spirit of the BLACK DRAGON, an ancient spirit confined in a sacred stone and that has been awaken by this powerful man.  Long ago he was a martial art student, tenacious and strong but also too ambitious, because of this we was expulsed from the dojo where he was learning the ways of the dragons along with the SHO SETZU KEN art , because of this he promises that his old master will be sorry for reject him, so he steal one of the old seals that kept the black dragon spirit, his anger and hate feed the black dragon spirit and took possession of him and became a powerful leader and with his power his cult grow quickly and overpowered the Sunshine City authorities and now is expanding through the country, this has happen in humanity history several times and in many countries and now it will happen again.

This sect will touch in a way or another the life of many people in Sunshine City, the sect has grow more and more ruthless so, this time, when two brothers feel the need of confrontation that flows from the black dragon energy the fight is set.  The dragons have the destiny to fight each other and they can't escape to this, the confrontation is set, the dragons are summoned, this is the...


Old master of the SHO SETZU KEN and guardian of some of the Dragon spirits have travel long time ago and set on Sunshine city when it was a blooming city in development, from there he will look to fulfill his mission, hand the task of guardian of the dragon symbols and keep alive the ancient art of the SHO SETZU KEN, but he will commit a mistake...

Knowing of the power of the Dragons and with fear to not find nobody capable of the task to keep the seals he took the decision of put the spirits of the dragons in his most noble students.

He found two brothers with the natural spirit of the dragon born with them (something very unusual), this young blood came from Jimmy and Billy, this brothers were from a violent family that make big brother Jimmy to escape from it with his little brother and they were received by Master Lee, he felt the energy that marks those who can achieve the enlightenment of the dragon so he started the training of both brothers on different worships, so Jimmy start to trainee on the Red Dragon while Billy did the same with the Blue Dragon, but a tragedy and a dispute between both brothers after Mariah's death, the girlfriend of Jimmy, make them to split leaving the training.

Master knew that this could be dangerous because they did not achieve enough discipline to control the dragons power that lives inside them, after the split both brothers took different ways in a self quest to find more about the dragons and how to control the power that lives inside them and grows each time more and more.

Knowing that his days where count Master decide to give to his granddaughter Lynn the White dragon seal and train her in this art to have a successor, but he did not expected that a student that he reject returned to show how powerful he became with the black dragon spirit so he confronted the old master but because of his age he died before the fight, after he left the dojo, Lynn returned to the dojo after she escaped of the training, she felt the fall of a dragon and the rising power of a new one, this energy was felt also by the brothers who decide to return to the city, each one by their own side to know what is going on, while the power of the BLACK DRAGON keeps growing, more and more powerful.