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Double Dragon II: The Revenge
Console: PC Engine Super CD-ROM
Developer: Naxat Soft
Publisher: Naxat Soft
Number of Players: 2
Release Date: March 12, 1993

The year is 2000 A.D.  The Earth went on the verge of collapse due to the misfiring of a nuclear missile.

New York has eluded annihilation, and various ethnic races have gotten together from various countries.  Among the good and bad, most of the evil has been gathered together in this busted city called New York.  The city became disordered and evil has taken over, turning this city into an outlawed zone.  The good citizens were attacked one after another and the killing and plundering of money and articles were repeated over and over again.  But among those evil groups was the biggest and cruelest group of all, which had plans to control this city with all its evil ways.  That group is the "Gen-Satsu-Ken".

Gen-Satsu-Ken... During far-away times, it was the name of the Fist of Assassination, a fighting method of wickedness taught in the dark world.  Gen-Satsu-Ken's goal was to kill its opponents without mercy.  This wicked group was secretly starting its plans for world domination.

Only one group was left to oppose the evil group's force: the Fist of Justice, "Sou-Setsu-Ken."  Jimmy and Billy, the heirs to "Sou-Setsu-Ken," have confronted this group before and other gangs as well.  However, Gen-Satsu-Ken, in retribution, has killed Billy's girlfriend, Marian.  Billy and Jimmy are now trembling with anger.  The two men, after hearing Marian's last breath, have sworn to destory Gen-Satsu-Ken and have decided to attack the enemy's base.