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Double Dragon II NES moves list


Billy Lee & Jimmy Lee

Punch To punch while facing left, press B.  To punch while facing right, press A.  Punches will end with an uppercut, which sends your opponent flying.
Kick To kick while facing left, press A.  To kick while facing right, press B.  Billy and Jimmy will always kick behind themselves, not to the front.  This allows you to quickly deal with enemies on both sides.
Hair Grab While punching an enemy, walk toward him once his head drops and you will grab his hair.  Only works on standard enemies.
Knee Smash While in the hair grab, press the punch button to knee the enemy in the face.
Hair Throw While in the hair grab, press the kick button to throw the enemy behind you.
Elbow Drop While in the hair grab, hold down on the control pad and press the punch button.
Upper Kick While in the hair grab, hold up on the control pad and press the kick button.
Jump Kick Press A & B simultaneously to jump, then press the punch button to kick.


Special Techniques

English: Hyper Uppercut
Ten Satsu Ryuuji Ken (Heavenly Killing Dragon King Punch)
This secret technique is also known as the Hyper Uppercut due to its quick speed.  The user summons the power of the Dragon God, which penetrates the heaven and is very effective against larger enemies.

While crouching (after jumping), press the punch button.

English: Cyclone Kick
Ryuubi Ranbuu Kyaku (Dragon Tail's Storm Wind Kick)
It is generally known as the Rotating Whirlwind Kick.  It is one of the secret techniques of the Sou-Setsu-Ken that was passed down from generation to generation, in which the person uses his rage to take the shape of the Dragon God and starts rotating.  Every opponent that gets near someone who is using this technique is pushed down to the ground and that is why this secret technique is useful while fighting multiple opponents.

While jumping, press and hold A or B.  (Works best before reaching or while at the peak of the jump).  Can be done while jumping left or right.  Attacks enemies on both sides.

English: High Jump Kick
Bakuma Ryuujin Kyaku (Demon Exploding Dragon God Kick)
The most destructive secret technique of the Sou-Setsu-Ken.  This secret technique is used when a quick finish is necessary.

While crouching, hold right or left on the control pad and press A and B simultaneously to send enemies flying across the screen.