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Double Dragon
Console: Sega Game Gear
Developer: Virgin
Publisher: Virgin
Number of Players: 1
Release Date: 1993

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American version

European version

By Cloudmann
Contributing Writer


It seems that everyone and their mother wanted a release of Double Dragon, even five years after the game hit the arcades.  I remember when the NES and SMS ports of the game came out, and I was actually hyped when I heard that a Game Gear conversion was in the works.  With RAM being much cheaper in 1993 than it was in 1989, I expected the game to be larger and therefore to contain better graphics, music and more faithful levels than on the SMS conversion.  The Game Gear was more than capable of putting out a better than acceptable conversion of this game, but what we got instead was some rehashed, reworked, rewritten pile of poop.

Subtitled "The Revenge of Billy Lee" in the European version, the game's story differs from any other version because Billy is out to avenge the death of Jimmy at the hands of the Evil Dragon Clan.

Graphics: D+

One word: choppy.  Animation in this game must move at about 10-frames-per-second. This game's almost painful to watch.  While everything looks really nice as a whole, the animation is crap, and while good graphics don't make a good game, bad graphics certainly deter from a good one.  Unfortunately, this isn't a good game.  Read on.

Sound: C-

I know the Game Gear is capable of more than this. The music sounds like something a 3-year-old could beat out of his Fischer Price music keyboard.  It's just that bad.  Sound effects are either non-existent or pure garbage.  Everything just sounds grainy and full of static.  I can tell very little work was placed here.

Enemies: D

No Abobo.  What we have here is a totally different game from what we're used to.  The enemies are cheap and way too fast.  They are damn near impossible to beat.  The developers went and changed a good thing and ended up with garbage.

Weapons: D-

Guns?  Since when do Billy and Jimmy... oops just Billy... need freakin' guns?  Not two seconds into the game, you get a gun.  What's up with that?  Just the presence of a gun reeks of gayness and destroys part of the magic of the game.  I really didn't see too much as far as weapons, as I got waxed before the first level was over because of the insane difficulty and the sloppy control.  In fact, let's talk about the control now...

Controls and Moves: D-

Sweet Jesus in the cornfield!  The control in this game reeks.  I feel like I'm steering an 40-ton tank with a set of bicycle handlebars.  Everything is unresponsive and it seems like your character just kind of does random attacks.  You have little control over what actual moves you are delivering.

Modes: D-

Modes?  What are they? We don't need no stinking modes!

Conclusion/Overall: D

It's kind of a toss up as to what is the worst conversion of Double Dragon.  The Game Gear port is certainly in the running for the title.  What killed this game is sloppy design and crappy programming.  Period.  In the early 1990s there was no excuse for a game like this to have slipped through the cracks, and I'm surprised that Virgin's quality control let this pile of dung reach the public.  This is pure crap.