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Double Dragon

Theatrical Release: November 4, 1994
Director: James Yukich
Production Company: Imperial Entertainment
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Run Time: 96 minutes



Robert Patrick as Kogo Shuko/Guisman
Julia Nickson-Soul as Satori Imada/Lotus Flower
John Mallory Asher as Smartass Mohawk
Jeff Imada as Huey, Shulo Henchman
Cory Milano as Marc Delario
Vanna White as Channel 102 News Anchor
John T. Grantham as Langston Torpedo
Ken McLeod as Rich Kid Opponent #2
Bruce Strickland as New Angeles Policeman
Verle Majed as New Angeles Policeman
Patrica Cascino as Reporter
Mark Brazill as Reporter
Rio Hackford as Male Power Corps Kid
Ed Feldman as Jack City Salesman
Vincent Klyn as Wild One
Ron Yuan as Ninja Wraith
Danny Wong as Punk Mohawk
Gilbert Gottfried
Kristina Wagner as Linda Lash, Shuko Henchwoman
Henry Kingi as Bo Abobo #2, Improved Model
Leon Russom as Police Chief Delario, Marian's Father
Al Leong as Lewis, Shulo Henchman
Michael Berryman as Maniac Leader
Deanthony Langston as Tower, Zombie Basketball Player
Garrett Warren as Rich Kid Opponent #1
Andy Dick as Smogcaster on Channel 102 News
Donald Nugent as New Angeles Policeman
Rohn Thomas as Tour Guide
Chuck Gillespie as Sam Gillespie, Channel 102 News
David Early as Security Man
Irene Tanaka as Female Power Corps Kid
Joe L'Erario as Jack City Salesman
Roger Yuan as Ninja Wraith
Jim Aleck as Channel 69 Newscaster
Brian Imada as Referee
George Hamilton as Channel 102 News Anchor


James Yukich - Director
Neal Shusterman - Writer (Story)
Peter Gould - Writer (Screenplay)
Anders P. Jensen - Producer (executive producer)
Don Murphy - Producer (producer)
Ash R. Shah - Producer (producer)
Sunil R. Shah - Producer (producer)
Jay Ferguson - Composer
Fiona Spence - Costume Designer
Maya Shimoguchi - Art Director
Paul Dini - Writer (Story)
Michael Davis - Writer (Screenplay)
Jane Hamsher - Producer (producer)
Tom Karnowski - Producer (associate producer)
Alan Schechter - Producer (producer)
Sundip R. Shah - Producer (executive producer)
Florent Retz - Editor
Tolga Katas - Composer
Mayne Schuyler Berke - Production Designer


Years ago in ancient China, a good king stood up to protect his people and his land from evil warlords and their armies set on conquering the land for themselves.  The king created a mystical medallion - the Double Dragon - in order to save his kingdom.  The medallion possessed mystical powers of body and soul to be used by the king's sons.  The princes used these powers to defeat the warlords and restore their homeland.

Many years have passed, but now another city is in the same predicament.  In 2007 A.D., the city of New Angeles, built from the ruins of Los Angeles and San Diego, is being terrorized by roving gangs.  New Angeles was created after the destruction of the two cities by an enormous earthquake.  A truce is now in effect between the gangs and the authorities because of the impact the gangs have in the area.  The truce is simple: the gangs rule the night.  For their part, the police and other authorities can ensure the safety of its citizens during daylight hours without gang interference.  There is one man in New Angeles who wants complete control over the city and its remaining riches: Koga Shuko.  Shuko plans to unite the gangs under his supreme power.  He sends one of his lieutenants, Lash, to find the Double Dragon medallion.

She succeeds, but returns with only half of the medallion.  Shuko quickly discovers the powers of the medallion and turns into a ghostly image of himself.  He then orders Lash to recover the second piece of the medallion.  If Shuko can piece together the medallion, he will possess the powers to rule the land.  The Double Dragon medallion's remaining piece is hanging around the neck of Satori, the guardian of Billy and Jimmy Lee.  The main characters are introduced in the movie as contestants in a martial arts tournament.  The brothers participate in these tournaments in order to earn a living.

One night, the boys find themselves going home as night starts to fall.  They know it will be difficult because the gangs are roaming the streets.  The Lee brothers are subsequently attacked by a gang called the Mohawks.  One of its members tries to steal the medallion without realizing its true value.  The brothers and their sensei Satori are quickly surrounded by the gang.  They are rescued, however, by the Power Corps, a futuristic version of the Guardian Angels.  This motley crew is led by Marian Delario, the daughter of the police chief.

Later that evening, Satori tells the boys that the medallion was given to her by the boys' father before he passed away.  She tells them that they must protect their half of the medallion from those who would use its magical powers for evil purposes.

Shuko learns that one of the Lee brothers has the second piece of the medallion.  Shuko and his followers then ransack the Lee's home looking for the medallion.  He is unsuccessful in his attempt, but retaliates by killing Satori.

Undaunted by his lack of luck, Shuko summons his new supernatural powers and unites all the gangs.  He demands that they find the brothers and the remaining half of the medallion.  Soon the Lee brothers are attacked by every raiding gang in the city.

Billy and Jimmy escape on a boat down the newly created Hollywood River and set their sites on Shuko.  The boys decide to ask for the help of the Power Corps in order to stop Shuko.  

Billy, Jimmy, and the Power Corps bandits break into Shuko's office building.  They are quickly discovered and decide to hide out underneath the office building.  To their surprise, they discover that this is where Shuko keeps his wall of animation, a set of super-villains he has gathered for their fighting abilities.

Shuko uses his new powers to possess Jimmy's body.  In a final showdown, Billy does battle with Jimmy, whose body is possessed by Shuko.  Billy is just about to lose all hope when, quite miraculously, the medallion starts to glow, giving Billy incredible new strength.  He uses his new found strength to throw Shuko out of Jimmy's body.

Billy and Jimmy then team together in a final battle against Shuko, in which they successfully wrestle the medallion from Shuko.  The boys then piece together the medallion and summon the powers within to aid in their triumph over Shuko.

Now that the Double Dragon medallion is safe from Shuko and the gangs, the police can now return to the streets and take back the night from the gangs.