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Issue #2
Double Jeopardy

By Johnny Undaunted
Associate Editor

In the beginning of the second issue we learn that the events in the first issue were nothing more than a distraction.  While Billy and Jimmy were away rescuing Marian, Nightfall's henchwoman, a naked shape shifting black chick named Stelth, disguised herself as Billy, defeated Sensei while she was invisible and stole the Dragon Statue.  Our heroes return to the Dragon House only to find Sensei wounded and dazed.  Before he dies, he tells his grandsons about their heritage.

Meanwhile, back at Nightfall's headquarters, Nightfall gives his reward money to Stelth, which is doubled due to the fact that she killed Sensei.  He then offers her more reward money if she manages to kill the Dragon brothers.

Later, in Oligopolis Police Headquarters, Jimmy comes to visit Marian after Marian manages to beat down a giant thug.  Jimmy and Marian go outside to chat.  Jimmy then tries to desperately make out with Marian and Marian is disgusted because of this.  Jimmy knocks Marian unconscious and we learn that isn't really Jimmy, but Stelth in disguise.  She changes herself to Marian and locks the real Marian inside her car's trunk.

In Sensei's grave, we see Billy and Jimmy saying their last goodbyes to Sensei.  Marian then approaches Billy and Jimmy, but this is really Stelth disguised as Marian and it doesn't take long for the Dragons to figure it out.  As soon as they realize who she really is, Stelth summons several gang members to attack Billy and Jimmy.  We finally get to see the Dragons fight without the ridiculous looking Dragon Armor, which is how this whole comic should had been in the first place.  After defeating about half of Stelth's men, Stelth casts a spell on all of her men in order to make them look like Billy and Jimmy. In the end, only Billy and Jimmy are left standing on their two legs, but neither is convinced of that.

Comments: This issue is probably the best one in this incredibly stupid comic series.  This is the only time in the comic that Billy and Jimmy ever fight without the Dragon Armor.  Stelth is probably the only henchmen in the comic who appears in more than five panels and she's really just a plot device to trick Billy and Jimmy into fighting each other in the next issue.