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The Return of the Shadowmonster
Episode written by Doug Booth

     The Shadow Plane is seen flying over some sort of monastery built high in some snow-capped mountains.  Three speeder bikes detach from the Shadow Plane and fly through the doors of the temple.  Two of the speeder bikes are being driven by Ice Pick and Sickle.  Both of them are knocked off their bikes by skeleton monks wearing robes.  The Shadow Master then arrives in his new armor and says "enough," blasting the skeleton monks and causing them to fall to the ground in pieces.
     The Shadow Master then gives a quick history lesson, saying that the ancient Shadow Master posted these guardians.  For 1,000 years, they have protected the treasure of "Jen Chan," or something like that (I don't know how to spell it; it's not clear).  The Shadows then open a latched door on the ground and head deeper underground.  The Shadow Master says that the Shadow Temple will yield its treasure to him.  With it, not even the Shadow Khan will be able to stand against him.
     The Shadows arrive at the bottom of the temple, which has been dug directly into the glacier.  The Shadow Master uses his arm blaster to blast open a hole in the ice, which takes him to a cave section.  Inside this ice cave, he spots the "Shadowmonster" stuck in the ice.  He says it was frozen in time when it become impossible to control, even for the ancient Shadow Master.  The Shadow Master then begins blasting it with his arm blaster to melt the ice and free the beast.
     Back in Metro City, Vortex and the Lee brothers are busy flying around in the Dragon Copter.  However, Vortex suddenly has to tell Dao Lung to pull up, and the Dragon Copter nicks the edge of a building.  Dao Lung apologizes and says he senses a severe disturbance of chi.  He then says it's the Shadowmonster, but he thought it perished long ago.  Jimmy asks "circuithead" where they're going, saying that they're supposed to be patrolling the city for Shadows.  However, Dao Lung says he has already alerted Chop and Blaster to take over their patrol, and the Shadowmonster must be stopped before it's too late.  Dao Lung takes the Copter to Mach 10 and heads toward the Shadowmonster's location.
     In the Shadow Temple, the Shadow Master has finally thawed the Shadowmonster, which has come back to life.  It's a massive, flying beast in the shape of a stingray.  However, the beast is not fully awake, and it collapses on the ground.  The Shadow Master tells Ice Pick to implant the sensor, otherwise the beast will be completely uncontrollable.
     The Dragon Copter arrives outside the Shadow Temple, and Vortex asks, if Dao Lung can sense and track the Shadowmonster, isn't there a chance the Shadowmonster can track Dao Lung too?  Dao Lung prays that is not so.
     Ice Pick attempts to place the sensor on the Shadowmonster, but it awakens completely and knocks Ice Pick off.  The monster then breaks through the ice and flies outside.  The Dragons spot the Shadowmonster and accidentally crash into it as well.  They then take evasive action as the Shadows return to the Shadow Plane in their speeder bikes and join the pursuit.  The Shadowmonster begins chasing the Dragon Copter and firing lasers from its eyes.  However, the Shadow Master jumps out of the Shadow Plane and lands on the monster, implanting the sensor.  He takes control of the beast using a headset and continues chasing the Dragon Copter.
     As the Dragon Copter continues flying away from the Shadowmonster, Jimmy asks how Dao Lung knows this creature.  Dao Lung says that hundreds of years ago, his master, Chen Long, was the guardian of this temple, which was then a Dragon Temple.  He wielded the sword in which Dao Lung's spirit resided.  However, the ancient Shadow Master used the Shadowmonster to attack the temple.  The battle raged for five days and five nights.  Chen Long was severely wounded, but before he perished, he hurled the sword through a dimensional portal.
     Suddenly, Dao Lung senses his ancient master, Chen Long.  The Dragon Copter then flies into an ice cave where Billy and Jimmy spot Chen Long lying on the ground, sleeping.  The brothers are then surprised to discover that Chen Long is an actual dragon.  Billy and Jimmy need to awaken him somehow, so they transform into their ultimate armor.  Jimmy then calls on his dragon birthmark, and it awakens Chen Long.  Chen Long notices Dao Lung residing in the Dragon Copter, and he exchanges greetings with the Dragon masters.
     Before the Dragons can engage in any further discussion, they notice a rumbling from above.  The Shadowmonster then blasts open the top of the cave with the Shadow Plane behind it.  Chen Long and the Shadowmonster begin fighting, as do Billy, Jimmy and the Shadow Master.  Chen Long then leads the Dragons through a tunnel which takes them to the dimensional portal referenced earlier.  However, Chen Long says he is not strong enough to activate the portal. 
     With the Shadows hot on the Dragons' tails, Chen Long tells the Lee brothers to focus their power on a specific Dragon statue.  This activates the portal and sends the Dragons flying through it.  However, the Shadow Master is able to easily follow the Dragons through the portal. 
     The Dragons arrive in the underground below Metro City, and Chen Long tells the brothers to close the portal by aiming at the statues again.  However, the Shadows arrive, making the portal a moot issue.  The battle continues to rage between the Dragons and Shadows, and the Dragon Copter crashes into a pool of water below.  Chen Long attempts to save Dao Lung, but he too comes under attack and the Dragon Masters step in to help him.
     The Dragon Masters, the Dragon Copter and Chen Long all sink below the surface of the water as the Shadow Master gloats, believing he has just vanquished the Dragons.  The Shadow Master takes off to destroy the Dragon Dojo.
     From above ground, we see the Shadowmonster and the Shadow Plane breaking through the street and scaring everyone in the vicinity. 
     Back in the underground, Billy and Jimmy wake up and carry Chen Long and the Dragon Copter to the surface of the water.  Chen Long awakens as well, but he is clearly wounded.  He asks the brothers to take him to the nearby Dragon Spring, and the brothers do so.  He says the sacred waters of the Dragon Temple will restore his chi, but they should go now.  He will catch up with them when he is ready.  Billy, Jimmy and Vortex head out in the Dragon Copter.
     Above ground, the Shadowmonster begins opening fire on the Dragon Dojo, but the Dragon Warriors are there to try to protect it.  The Dragon Warriors aren't doing much to stop the Shadowmonster, but the Dragon Masters arrive in the Copter to put up a better fight against the Shadow Master.  The battle rages on yet again, but the Shadowmonster manages to disable the Dragon Copter, knocking it toward the ground.
     Just then, Chen Long bursts through the street and joins the fight.  He catches the Dragon Copter in the middle of its freefall, setting it down on a nearby rooftop.  He then blasts the Shadowmonster with Dragon Fire from his mouth.  The Shadowmonster responds by blasting lasers from its eyes, and the two start tossing each other into buildings.  Jimmy notes that Metro City can't take this abuse.
     Dao Lung says they need to freeze the Shadowmonster back in the glacier, and Billy suggests liquid nitrogen.  The substance is available at the university, where the school uses it to cool its supercomputer.  The Dragons will set their trap there. 
     The Shadow Master manages to gain an upper hand against Chen Long.  He's lying on his back and apparently weakened.  Dao Lung attempts to intervene with the Dragon Copter, but once again, the Copter is knocked out of the way.  Chen Long says the Shadowmonster has always been impatient, and this time it will be its undoing.  Chen Long then blasts the sensor off the Shadowmonster's head, causing the Shadow Master to lose his control over the beast.  Without the sensor, the Shadowmonster is a primal beast with primal fear. 
     Chen Long then blasts a ring of fire around the Shadowmonster, and it begins freaking out, tossing the Shadow Master off its back.  Jimmy then fires liquid nitrogen from his arm blaster, turning the Shadowmonster into a giant ice cube and causing it to fall to the ground.  As the Shadow Master looks in horror to see his monster completely frozen, the brothers blast him clear out of the area with their weapons. 
     The Dragons take the Shadowmonster to the dimensional portal and they activate it, suspending the beast in time forever.  Dao Lung says that this time, he did not fail his master.  However, Chen Long explains that he did not toss Dao Lung through the portal because he failed him.  It was done so he could aid the ultimate Dragons in this victory.  Chen Long then disappears to the higher realm of chi to join the Oldest Dragon.  As he departs for the spirit realm, he leave behind some sort of gift that looks like a glowing ball flying through the air.  However, it's not clear what exactly this gift is, and it seems to disappear.  The brothers ask for clarification, but Chen Long only says it will be made clear soon. 
     Epilogue Message: The Dragons are at the dimensional portal in the underground using a pulley (attached to the Dragon Copter) to lift some sort of stone block.  Dao Lung says he was not strong enough to defeat the Shadowmonster alone.  Vortex says it took all them working together.  Billy says teamwork makes impossible jobs possible.  Jimmy says don't be a prima donna.

     Dojo Master's review: I don't care for this episode either.  Despite all the supposed action with dragons, monsters and flying machines blasting the crap out of each other, this episode is boring.  It's like the martial arts aspect of this show has been completely eviscerated.  Nobody even clashes swords anymore.  Everyone just flies around shooting green crap at each other.  This show isn't supposed to be like Power Rangers or Voltron.  It's supposed to be about martial arts and gang warfare in a tough city.  The first season sort of touched upon these aspects, although it certainly had its fair share of green crap flying around the screen.  Still, that's a lot better than what the show has now become.  God I hate the second half of season two.

Rating: D