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Over the Line
Episode written by Sandra Ryan

     The episode opens with the Shadow Master addressing the Shadow Warriors about another plot for conquering Metro City.  If they can find a way to destroy the regulator computer at the EMF plant, they can increase the power of the black flame exponentially.  Without wasting much time, the warriors follow their leader into the Black Flame, which teleports them to the EMF plant.  Inside the plant, Sickle knocks down the security guard and takes his jacket.  However, the guard isn't unconscious and manages to press the alarm.  Sickle quickly calls the police, and imitating the security guard's voice, he reports that he spilled his coffee on the computer, accidentally setting off the alarm.
     Billy, Jimmy and Marian are in the garage of the Dragon Dojo working on the Dragon Cruiser when they hear the police dispatch on Marian's radio tell them to ignore the call at the EMF plant because some rent-a-cop accidentally spilled his coffee on the computer.  Jimmy just wants to ignore the call like dispatch suggested, but Marian knows the guard and shares the fact that he doesn't even drink coffee.  Just like that the three of them high tail it to the EMF plant.
     The three show up outside the plant and see the outline of a security guard waving in the dark, except this security guard's outline also includes two large sickles.  Billy and Jimmy realize that it's Sickle and quickly transform.  They head into the plant and proceed to pummel the Shadow Warriors.  Billy, Jimmy and Marian then arrive in the ultra-magnetic field room where they face the Shadow Master.  The Double Dragons proceed to confront the Shadow Master, but Ice Pick attacks Marian and Jimmy runs to her rescue.  As Jimmy protects her, Billy fights the Shadow Master by himself.  During the fight, Billy is knocked back into the ultra-magnetic field, trapping him.  The Shadow Master leaves with the Shadow Warriors and Jimmy pulls Billy out of the field.  Everything should be fine, except Billy doesn't know who he is now.
     In a hospital room, Jimmy and Marian begin to fight over what has happened to Billy.  Jimmy decides to leave while Marian guards Billy.  Jimmy talks to an EMF scientist and discovers that he has to flip the polarity switch in the ultra-magnetic field room and throw Billy back into the ultra-magnetic field, essentially re-frying him.  This will give Billy back his memory, but they must do it within 24 hours because that's how long they have before the field shifts and Billy loses his memories forever.
     While Jimmy is busy playing detective, Sickle reports to the Shadow Master that Billy has the IQ of a brussel sprout.  The Shadow Master orders that Billy be brought to him, and the Shadow Warriors kidnap Billy from his hospital room.  Jimmy returns to the hospital to find Billy missing and argues with Marian some more.  The two head then back to the Dragon Dojo to regroup with the Dragon Warriors.
     Meanwhile, back at the Shadow Dojo, the Shadow Master convinces a kidnapped Billy that he is his son and walks him into the Black Flame, transforming Billy into the new Shadow Boss.  The Shadow Master separates his scythe weapon into two and hands Billy the sword end of it.  Billy's Dragon Sword is thrown across the room and and ends up sticking in the ground.
     Jimmy and Marian argue some more at the Dragon Dojo, but Jimmy knows that the Shadow Master won't be able to resist showing off Billy.  The Dragon Warriors follow Jimmy and Marian to the Shadow Dojo.  They find Billy dressed in black and brainwashed.  He's completely unreceptive to Jimmy's pleading.  Billy and the Shadow Warriors run into the Black Flame and disappear.  Jimmy grabs Billy's Dragon Sword and the Dragons head back to the Dragon Dojo.
     At the Dragon Dojo, Jimmy heads into a room by himself and meditates alone for the first time.  The Oldest Dragon appears and tells him that sometimes to escape drowning, you must throw yourself into the fire.  Jimmy doesn't understand the message initially, but he manages to clear his head and resolve his differences with Marian.  The Dragons head to the EMF plant to foil the Shadow Master's plan.
     The Dragon Warriors beat up the Shadow Warriors and Jimmy heads into the ultra-magnetic field room to face Billy.  The two brothers fight, much to the reluctance of Jimmy.  The Shadow Master watches and Jimmy tells his brainwashed brother that his father is John Lee.  This confuses Billy and slightly jogs his memory long enough for Jimmy to grab him and tell Marian to flip the switch.  Jimmy finally understands the Oldest Dragon's teaching and runs himself and Billy into the field.  The black clothing burns off of Billy while he screams "Ah, it burns!"  Jimmy throws the evil sword back to the Shadow Master and hands Billy his true sword.
     The two transform, blast nameless Shadow Warriors, and then blast their leader.  Shadow Master disappears shaking his fist and Metro City is saved again.

     Dojo Master's review: I enjoyed this episode because it had Billy and Jimmy switch places.  Billy experiences what Jimmy went through and Jimmy learns how hard it is to be the leader.  The story isn't bad and there is a decent amount of fighting without too much green stuff being shot from swords.  The Shadow Warriors get pummeled thoroughly and the Shadow Boss returns for a short time.  

Rating: A