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The Price of Oblivion
Episode written by Bob Forward

     The episode opens on a rural highway during a beautiful spring day.  Colonel Neil McReady is driving home to Metro City after 10 years of military service.  While heading home, he notices a car driving behind him with erratic behavior.  The two occupants of the vehicle happen to have glowing eyes and they run him off the road and into a tree.  They then take off like they didn't even see him.  Further up the highway, Billy and Jimmy are heading back from a fishing trip in the Dragon Cruiser when they see McReady stranded on the side of the road.  Being the kind Dragon masters that they are, they offer the colonel a ride into town.  After a formal introduction, McReady explains his situation.  He's lucky to be alive.  But down the road, the three spot several ambulances and police cars.  It turns out the drivers who ran McReady off the road weren't so lucky.
     The next scene opens with the Shadow Master introducing his latest notorious plan for dominating Metro City.  Ice Pick has developed a new drug called Oblivion.  It's a glowing green liquid that is absorbed directly into the skin, causing instant euphoria and addiction.  The drug causes people's eyes to glow green and basically turns them into mindless zombies.  Once the effect wears off, users will do anything to get more Oblivion because of its extremely addictive properties.  The Shadow Master is going to release several batches of the drug in Metro City starting with the nicest neighborhood in town.
     The nicest neighborhood happens to be where McReady is returning to.  When Billy and Jimmy drop McReady back in his neighborhood, he expresses surprise at seeing bars on the windows of his apartment.  Billy and Jimmy tell him he can thank the Shadow Master for that and then take off.  Before they can get very far, the brothers spot a Shadow tank driving by.  They stop to transform themselves and the Dragon Cruiser.  Meanwhile, a kid named Charles stops by to introduce himself to McReady and to offer some safety tips as well.  
     Sickle and Trigger Happy try to unload a batch of Oblivion on neighborhood dealers when the Double Dragons stop them.  A battle ensues and the Shadow Warriors flee while the Dragons give chase.  During the pursuit, Charles is grabbed by Trigger Happy and taken as a hostage.  The Dragons are unable to fire on the Shadows due to the hostage, and the Shadows use this tactical advantage to blast the Dragon Cruiser, causing it to roll.  The Shadow Warriors escape with Charles.
     Back at the drug lab, the Shadow Master is ranting and raving about the glorious results of the drug's recent infusion into the city.  Sickle and Trigger Happy arrive with news of their escape and a new hostage.  The Shadow Master gloats over his temporary achievement and says how the Double Dragon are powerless to stop him.
     Back in a recently defiled neighborhood, Marian attempts to round up druggies.  She's unable to do this by herself though.  Michael, a student at the Dragon Dojo, spots a drug dealer and tells Marian, but the guy disappears.  Marian joins the Lee brothers at the Dragon Dojo where they're repairing the Dragon Cruiser.  She's fed up with the mayhem and losing her patience.  However, the brothers manage to calm her down.  "Let not your haste for victory bring about an early defeat," Billy warns.
     Back at his apartment, McReady can't believe his eyes.  He goes into his back room and opens a case containing a massive experimental plasma cannon.  He arms himself with the huge gun and heads out for some vigilante justice. 
     By this time the Shadow Master has developed Super Oblivion.  It causes permanent brain damage and will give the Shadow Master an army of mindless zombies who obey his every command.  He's also ready to test it on his recently acquired victim: Charles.
     In an alley, McReady beats the location of the drug lab out of a low-level Shadow Warrior and sets off to take it out.  Billy and Jimmy finish their work on the Dragon Cruiser and head off after transforming.
     Outside the drug lab, Billy, Jimmy and McReady mistake each other for Shadow guards and begin fighting.  After clearing up the confusion, the Double Dragons introduce themselves and McReady tells them to call him Blaster.  Billy and McReady head into the factory while Jimmy takes care of the guards outside with the Dragon Cruiser.  Billy and McReady are forced to put down their weapons when the Shadow Master threatens to harm Charles.  While the Shadow Master takes some time to rant about what he's going to do, Jimmy busts through the wall with the Cruiser, distracting the Shadow Master.  Billy uses this opportunity to grab Charles, and Blaster shoots the Oblivion tanks, causing a fire.  The three men escape with Charles and the Shadow Master's plan is foiled.
     Inside the Cruiser, the Dragons recognize Blaster as Col. McReady and he recognizes them on account of the fishing tackle left in the back seat.  He asks to join them and they accept his offer, performing the ritual Dragon knighting ceremony.  McReady becomes the newest Dragon Warrior: Blaster.

     Dojo Master's review: This is definitely one of the cheapest episodes in the series, though not the most ridiculous.  The Shadow Master's ranting about Oblivion sounds like a D.A.R.E. commercial and the educational clip at the end shows Michael asking what to do when you spot a drug dealer.  It's even funnier how the Shadow Master goes from supreme drug lord to defeated idiot in two seconds.  At least it sends out a positive message to kids.

Rating: B