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The Legend Continues
Episode written by Phil Harnage and Martha Moran

     The episode opens with Marian and Billy attending the grand opening of the EMF fusion plant.  It's a beautiful day outside and the Mayor is highlighting the benefits of the new plant.  It's strong enough to power the entire city and it has none of the negative effects of other power plants such as pollution and noise.  The plant is turned on for the first time, lighting up all of the street lights and neighborhoods.  Billy is a little surprised that the Shadow Warriors aren't there to exploit this new addition to Metro City.
     Meanwhile, over in a much darker and desolate section of town, a new Shadow Dojo emerges over the remnants of the old one.  A dark whirlwind forms overhead as Jimmy, Abobo and Willy enter the building.  Inside, the layout is much different than the previous incarnation, with a larger, central black flame.  From the flame, the true mastermind and leader of the Shadow Warriors emerges: the Shadow Master.  The Shadow Master is much larger than anyone else and carries a double edged weapon with a sword on one side and a sickle on the other.
     Abobo and Jimmy kneel before his presence but Willy just runs his mouth like an idiot because he doesn't know who he is.  So, the Shadow Master does what any rational person would do to somebody with such an annoying voice: he blasts him into the Shadow Mural (The Shadow Mural is a stone wall containing embossed images of fallen warriors.  When the Shadow Master blasts someone into the Shadow Mural, it temporarily turns into a gooey substance and essentially swallows them, trapping them in a concrete wall until they can be removed).  Abobo sees this and runs off in panic, but he too is blasted into the stone wall containing all of the warriors who fail the Shadow Master.  Jimmy stands in place, waiting for his punishment.  But the Shadow Master stays his punishment.  He complements Jimmy on facing his fate with courage, but tells him that he deserves his wrath more than those other two imbeciles since he was raised as his own son.  Jimmy is given a second chance and from the black flame the highest ranking Shadow Warriors (below Jimmy) emerge: Sickle, Ice Pick, Trigger Happy, Jaw Breaker and Countdown.  
     Jimmy is sent out with Sickle and Trigger Happy to capture Billy and the Dragon Sword.  The rest of the pack heads with the Shadow Master to the EMF plant where he is going to reverse the polarity of the plant and suck the light from the sky, covering the city in darkness.
     Back at the Dragon Dojo, Billy is coaching two young Dragons, Michael and Jason, as they spar.  After correcting Jason's technique, Billy dismisses the two and the rest of the class.  As Billy is cleaning up the dojo from the day's lesson, Jimmy arrives and greets him sarcastically.  Billy's optimism is as evident as ever, and he asks Jimmy if he's here to switch sides.  Jimmy doesn't waste any time with words and tries to blast Billy with his sword.  Billy manages to block the blast with a stack of mats, but Jimmy's impending attack still poses a problem.
     In another section of the dojo, Trigger Happy and Sickle are trying to grab the Dragon Sword from its stand.  The only problem is that no Shadow Warrior can touch it.  The two soon discover this as the swords energizes and blasts Sickle back.  Trigger Happy tries to blast it with his arm cannon but it's also to no avail as it simply reflects the blast.
     Back to the confrontation with the twins, Billy manages to disarm Jimmy and the two duke it out hand to hand.  The fight migrates to the main hall where Billy's sword is.  Jimmy recovers his sword and this time Billy manages to grab his.  The fight escalates with the swords and Sickle and Trigger Happy getting involved.  Billy is managing to hold all of them off, but Michael is still in the dojo and Sickle seizes the opportunity to grab him.  The Shadow Warriors threaten Michael's life and Billy says that he will give up his sword if they let him go.  Sickle doesn't believe Billy, but Jimmy knows that a Dragon Master keeps his word, so they agree to his terms.  They release Michael and Billy throws the sword back onto the stand.  Jimmy idiotically tries to grab it only to repeat Sickle's mistake.  He yells at Billy for going back on his word, but Billy reminds him that he kept his word.  If Jimmy wants the sword, he'll have to get it himself.
     Jimmy decides that if he can't have the sword, no one can.  The three Shadow Warriors begin to trash the dojo and shackle Billy.  The four escape as the building collapses and Billy is taken back to the Shadow Dojo.  Michael notifies Marian of this and she does her best to hold off the other Shadow Warriors' attack on the fusion plant.
     Billy and the three Shadow Warriors arrive at the Shadow Dojo.  Billy is shocked when he sees the Shadow Master for the first time, and he proclaims that the legends are true.  The Shadow Master asks where the sword is and Jimmy replies that it's buried in rubble; nobody will find it in a million years.  The Shadow Master becomes visibly upset at this response and states that's not what he told him to do with it.  Jimmy has failed him again.  Shadow Master orders Jimmy escort his brother to the dungeon, and after the two leave the room, the Shadow Master tells Sickle and Trigger Happy to get rid of both of them.
     As Jimmy is pushing Billy into a prison cell in the basement, Trigger Happy sneaks up behind him and tries to blast him.  Billy saves Jimmy from the blast and knocks Trigger Happy back.  Jimmy is upset and confused over the Shadow Master betraying him, and faced with no alternative, he frees Billy.  The two head further underground through a cave section where they are ambushed by Sickle and Trigger Happy again.  It is during this time that Jimmy somehow ditches (or loses) his Shadow Sword even though it's not shown on screen.  Jimmy returns Billy's earlier favor by rescuing him from a blast.  As Jimmy lifts Billy back up on his feet, the mark of the Double Dragon appears on Jimmy's chest.  Billy tells him what it is and that he has one too.  Billy says that Jimmy was meant to be a good guy after all, but Jimmy is skeptical.  
     They emerge from a manhole cover and head toward the ruins of the Dragon Dojo.  Billy spots the Dragon Sword sticking out of the ground.  He is surprised to see it undamaged.  He tells Jimmy to touch it, but Jimmy tells him that he learned his lesson the last time.  Billy manages to instill some confidence in Jimmy, and when he touches it, the spirit of the Oldest Dragon emerges.
     The Oldest Dragon tells them that the legend of the Double Dragons has been fulfilled.  However, he says his time here is short and he instructs Jimmy to repeat these mystical words: the power of might.  He then tells Billy to repeat: the power of right.  (Later shortened to "for might, for right").  Then together, they say: we are Double Dragons.  This causes the magical transformation that splits the Dragon Sword into two and changes Billy and Jimmy into their costumes with the Dragon Masks.
     The Oldest Dragon disappears and Jimmy spots the dark whirlwind over the EMF plant.  He tells Billy that the Shadow Master said something about taking over the plant.  Billy hits a hidden switch that opens a trap door containing a Dragon Cycle.  Apparently, everything wasn't destroyed at the Dragon Dojo.  They head off to the plant on the motorcycle.
     Billy and Jimmy fly past Marian and proceed to take out any Shadow Warriors in their way.  They arrive inside the EMF plant, much to the surprise of the Shadow Master.  A fight ensues and Ice Pick flips a switch, reversing the polarity.  The Shadow Master blasts the Double Dragons to the ground in their weakened state.  Jimmy tells Billy to undo the switch while he holds off the Shadow Master.  In a rather amusing scene, Billy grabs Ice Pick by the hair and throws him out of the chair.  Billy flips the polarity switch, reversing the polarity back to its normal state.  He then rejoins Jimmy outside on the balcony where they blast the Shadow Master over the edge.  Ice Pick runs after his master and the Shadows retreat.
     The brothers notice that a crowd has formed below the balcony.  The citizens cheer them on, which causes Jimmy to bask in all of the glory.  Marian arrives and thanks them, whoever they are.  Billy and Jimmy ask her if she can keep a secret and the two de-transform.  Marian is shocked to see Jimmy, but Billy tells her that he's one of the good guys now.  Marian decides that she has to deputize him too and he doesn't appear to mind having her around either.

     Dojo Master's review: As far as I'm concerned, this is the best episode in the entire series.  The main highlight is the fight between Billy and Jimmy, which takes place both with and without weapons.  The action keeps escalating and since the writers had to pack so much in a 21-minute episode, it never slows down.  This episode is very important plot wise because it shows how Jimmy turns to the side of good.  The brothers' first transformation actually looks kind of cool and I like how they face the Shadow Warriors by themselves and with the Dragon Dojo destroyed.

Rating: A+