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The Eye of the Dragon
Episode written by Pat Allee and Ben Hurst

     The episode opens at night with a view of a warehouse on the docks.  The Shadow Warriors blow open the door to the warehouse and start digging furiously inside through stacks of hay-filled crates.  Sickle is yelling at a young kid named Daryl, telling him this is his first job as a Shadow Warrior and he had better not mess up (This is actually an inconsistency.  It is later revealed that Daryl is merely a recruit).  While they're searching the alarm goes off and Daryl incidentally finds a box containing a green jewel.  Sickle grabs it and everybody attempts to evacuate when they're stopped by the Double Dragons who are waiting in the entryway.  Sickle sets fire to the crates and all of the Shadow Warriors escape in a boat except for Daryl, who's grabbed by Billy.
     Back at the Shadow Dojo, the Shadow Master is using a giant mechanical arm to remove the green jewel from its box and suspend it in the black flame.  He then uses it to watch the Double Dragons.  Inside their dojo, they're interrogating a very cooperative Daryl who reveals that they were searching for the Eye of the Dragon.  Billy says that they have to get it back, and the Shadow Master makes sure that they will.
     Jimmy doesn't have a clue about the importance of the Eye of the Dragon, so Billy enlightens him on the matter.  They stand in front of a dragon statue inside the dojo and stare at a small hole in the middle of the forehead.  Billy explains that is where the Eye of the Dragon goes.  Apparently, the jewel's magic properties were once used to protect the dojo until it was stolen centuries ago.  When it is removed from the statue, it gives the holder the power of sight to view anything, anywhere, which is what the Shadow Master used it for.  Jimmy suggests that they use it to find their father, but Billy interrupts, warning him that the Oldest Dragon decreed it only be used to protect the dojo.
     Billy summons Kona, Vortex and Blaster to prepare the assault on the Shadow Dojo.  Daryl offers to go but Billy is skeptical.  Jimmy is willing to risk it though and they take off.  The Dragon Warriors take care of the guards outside and Daryl leads the twins to the secret underground entrance.  As they are about to remove a grate, Daryl changes his mind about whether to betray them, and instead warns them about the booby traps.  He then leads them to the real entrance and subsequently gains their trust.  Inside, they are met with no resistance, which is suspicious to Billy.  Jimmy takes the opportunity blast the jewel out of the black flame.  Shadow Warriors invade the room and Billy tells Jimmy to take Daryl and the jewel out of there while he holds them off.  Trigger Happy tries to stop Jimmy, but his shots simply bounce off of him.  Jimmy escapes, but without Daryl.  
     Outside, the Dragon Warriors meet up with Jimmy and ask where Billy is, but Jimmy isn't all there (mentally).  His eyes are glowing green and he's not paying attention to anyone.  The Eye of the Dragon has taken hold of him and he de-transforms, believing that he is more powerful as himself.  Billy is left inside without his powers and the Shadow Master takes him prisoner.  The Shadow Master is also about to hold Daryl accountable for treachery, but Billy saves him by saying that he forced Daryl to cooperate.  Daryl swears allegiance to the Shadow Master and is ordered to take Billy's sword and hide it.
     Jimmy is back at the Dragon Dojo using the jewel to try to find his father.  But before he can, the Shadow Master blasts through the front door.  Jimmy unsheathes his sword and goes outside to face him.  The Shadow Master demands that he hand over the jewel, but Jimmy turns the tables around and uses its immense powers to blast the Shadow Master.  The subsequent blasts knock him down, and Jimmy is ready to deliver the final blow.  Before he can, the Shadow Master warns that if he dies, his henchmen will kill Billy.  Jimmy uses the jewel to check this.  It's true, and Jimmy meets with the Oldest Dragon in a mental realm to decide what to do.  Jimmy releases the Shadow Master.
     Inside the Dragon Dojo, Jimmy is watching Billy with the jewel.  He then switches to Daryl.  It turns out that Daryl hid the sword from everybody, including the Shadow Master, and if he doesn't turn it over by midnight he'll be made an example of.  The Dragon Warriors walk in and try to get Jimmy to join their attempt to rescue Billy, but he says he has to stay here and guard the dojo.  Jimmy is starting to act like the jewel itself.
     At the Shadow Dojo, Daryl is about to be thrown into the Black Flame when the Dragon Warriors intervene.  In a veil of smoke, they save Daryl and try to blast the shackles off Billy.  It's no use though and Billy says they need to use his sword, except Daryl hid it and he'll probably try to sell it back to them.  Daryl arrives with the sword, surprising Billy, and cuts him free, regaining his trust.  They escape during the confusion.
     Outside the Dragon Dojo the Dragon Warriors are unable to get in.  Jimmy is guarding the dojo from everybody and the Shadow Warriors are advancing.  Jimmy talks with the Oldest Dragon again.  He warns that the Eye of the Dragon will accept no interference from friend or foe and using it again will mean destroying Billy.  
     Billy sneaks in the secret entrance and tries to win over Jimmy.  Jimmy is still struggling with the jewel though and the Shadow Warriors are setting up their cannons outside.  They begin a full assault on the dojo and Billy tells Jimmy that they need to transform now.  They try, but Jimmy is not in harmony because of the jewel.  The Shadow Warriors have breached the perimeter and defeat is now imminent.  Jimmy finally gains a hold of himself and places the jewel in the statue.  Green flames engulf the entire dojo and blast the Shadow Warriors out of it without touching the Dragons.  The Shadow Warriors flee and the flames recede.
     The Dragons hold a formal ceremony and induct Daryl into the Junior Dragons to study with the rest of the students like Michael.

     Dojo Master's review: The Eye of the Dragon certainly was a neat idea.  It's too bad they never used it again after this episode.  Dragon artifacts would become a major theme after this and would be used probably too much in the second season.  I liked how the episode gave insight into the initiation of kids into the Shadow Warriors.  There's not a whole lot of fighting between the twins and the Shadow Warriors though.  We also discover nothing new about John Lee, which leaves us wanting more.  And that's exactly what they writers wanted to do.  Too bad they never really followed up on that.

Rating: B+