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Dragon Hunt
Episode written by Kurt Weldon

     The episode opens with the Shadow Master dancing maniacally like an oversized ballerina.  Something is obviously wrong.  In the background we see Ice Pick holding some sort of electronic device when the real Shadow Master approaches him.  Caught off guard and slightly fearful, Ice Pick explains that he has developed a 3D hologram device.  He then puts on a proper performance with the gizmo creating an electronic illusion of the Double Dragons.  There's only one problem though: the holograms fade in bright light.  The Shadow Master is quite impressed, despite this setback, and quickly develops a plan to use this technology for what else other than framing the Double Dragons.
     The Shadow Warriors put this technology to use at the Metro City Bank where Ice Pick sits hidden in the corner, projecting the Double Dragon holograms in front of the bank's safe.  Trigger Happy and Countdown also stand hidden in the background where they destroy all but one of the security cameras.  The two then blast open the safe, creating the illusion of the Double Dragons robbing the bank.
     Marian is then called into Police Chief Bricks' office to view the footage of the robbery.  Of course Marian is skeptical, but the arrogant Chief Bricks isn't.  Knowing that Marian will have trouble dealing with this, Bricks reassigns her as a Meter Maid.  Bricks then holds a press conference to debut his newest addition to the force.  A giant robot busts through the double doors and reveals itself as CLU: the Cybernetic Law Enforcement Unit.  CLU is equipped with blaster cannons, stun cannons, thrusters for limited flight, and armor plating strong enough to resist even the Dragon Swords.  But worst of all, it's equipped with Bricks' personality.
     Billy and Jimmy are strolling through the Zoo on their way to have a picnic when a loose Rhino starts terrorizing Zoo visitors.  After running for cover, they transform and manage to calm down the animal.  A few kids spot Jimmy and start screaming and running.  Jimmy is confused but doesn't have time to question it because he hears more commotion.  The brothers spot a low-level Shadow thug stirring up the elephant cage and they quickly tie him up with his own whip.  
     Marian contacts Billy on his belt intercom to tell him that they've been set up for robbery somehow.  Just then, CLU shows up and demands the arrest of the Double Dragons.  The Double Dragons don't comply, but they can't fight CLU for fear of endangering the visitors and animals.  CLU starts blasting away uncontrollably, damaging several areas in the Zoo.  Billy realizes that CLU is looking for the Double Dragons, not Billy and Jimmy, since the department doesn't know their secret identity.  The brothers temporarily escape from the robot and de-transform in a building.  They then walk out calmly.  CLU approaches them and asks if they've seen the Double Dragons.  Without breaking the code of the Dragon by lying, they answer that they did see them and that they ran in there (pointing at the building).  The robot gives chase (to no one) and manages to destroy anything in its path by simply flying through it.
     Marian reviews the security footage and discovers the holograms fading in direct light.  She then attempts to show this to Chief Bricks.  Unfortunately, Bricks won't listen and just yells at her, causing her to storm out his office.
     As Billy and Jimmy are driving home they spot the Shadow Warriors robbing the bank.  They transform and take out the low-level thugs when they spot the holograms of themselves.  They attempt to tackle the fake Double Dragons just to fly through them and hit the wall.  The Shadow Warriors take off as the police arrive and the brothers become surrounded.  They can't give up though, and they evade the police just for CLU to show up again.  As Billy and Jimmy take off on foot, the police give chase.  CLU was programmed a little too well though, and he blasts the police vehicles for exceeding the speed limit.  Bricks yells at the robot only for it to declare its supreme jurisdiction over the matter.
     Back at the Dragon Dojo, Marian shows the brothers the tape and explains the hologram's problem.  CLU pounds on the door armed with a search warrant.  Piloting the Dragon Cruiser by remote control, Jimmy manages to distract CLU.  While CLU is giving chase, police dispatch alerts all units to converge upon the Double Dragons at the EMF plant.  CLU believes that he is currently chasing the Double Dragons and this conflicting data shorts out its logic circuits.  In its illogical state, CLU starts blasting the Red Dragon Tea sign (the hidden back entrance to the Dragon Dojo) while Billy, Jimmy and Marian head over to the EMF plant with their remaining vehicles.  
     The holograms are present at the plant as are the police, Ice Pick, Countdown and Trigger Happy (hidden of course).  The Double Dragons arrive with Marian while Chief Bricks stands bewildered.  Marian explains the situation and hurls a flash grenade at the holograms.  The lower half of them disappears and the real Double Dragons chase off the three Shadow hoodlums.  CLU arrives and poses the worst threat though as he is about to blast at the holograms and inadvertently blow up the nuclear plant.  Bricks stands helpless until Marian blasts it with a cannon in its only weak spot: the face.  This blows its head off and saves the city.
     In the wake of his arrogant stupidity, Chief Bricks finally re-promotes Marian to sergeant and reinstates the Double Dragons as special deputies.  The Shadow Master laughs deviously back at his dojo and fades into the darkness basically saying oh well.

     Dojo Master's review: Well, it's not that bad of an episode considering that it steals the basic plot line from RoboCop, or if you want another source, the robot that was used in the Chuck Norris film Code of Silence.  The writers alter the idea slightly to show that nothing can replace real human police officers.  It's not too exciting of an episode though and basically just serves as a break from the traditional storyline to explore other avenues, which every series does here and there.  Of course these types of episodes never rate at the top.

Rating: B