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Doom Claw
Episode written by Martha Moran

     We pick up immediately after the events of "Shadow Claw."  It's nighttime and the Shadow Warriors are digging furiously through the rubble of the collapsed Shadow Dojo as Shadow Master watches with Shadow Khan's shield on his arm.  Shadow Master orders the Shadow Warriors to dig faster, saying that he wants the Dragon Claws in his hands by dawn.
     Shadow Master soon spots the Dragon Claw chest and orders the Shadow Warriors to retrieve it.  Shadow Khan's eyes light up and he orders everyone to throw the Dragon Claws into the Black Flame, claiming it will increase Shadow Master's powers ten fold.  Shadow Master, however, is not fooled by this claim and calls Shadow Khan a bad liar who will say anything to be free.
     Shadow Master then spots a homeless man walking by and orders Trigger Happy to bring the outcast to him.  Trigger Happy drags the bum over to Shadow Master, who then threatens to harm the man if he doesn't grab the Dragon Claws out of the nearby chest and place it on top of Shadow Khan's shield (Shadow Master needs the outcast to move the Dragon Claws because no Shadow can safely touch a Dragon artifact - Dragon artifacts will always energize and blast a Shadow clear across a room or other large distance).
     The outcast retrieves one of the Dragon Claws and attempts to place it on top of the shield, but Shadow Khan begins to panic and accuses Shadow Master of bluffing, saying that he wouldn't dare do it because he wants his new armor too much.  Shadow Master replies by saying that Shadow Khan wants his freedom more.  As the Dragon Claw hovers over the shield, Shadow Khan yields and asks Shadow Master what he wants.
     Shadow Master states that he wants his dojo restored with powers as strong as his new armor, and he wants Metro City to be his.  Then, he'll release Shadow Khan.  In an amazing display of power, Shadow Khan raises a rebuilt Shadow Dojo out of the rubble of the old one and begins swirling large storm clouds overhead.  The storm clouds begin to grow.
     Outside the Dragon Dojo, on what can probably be described as the dojo's front lawn, we see Billy leading a meditation session with the Junior Dragons.  Danny, the video game nut from the prior episodes, is now a Junior Dragon.  He yawns during Billy's lecture, then apologizes, noting that the sun is usually up before he is.  Danny asks if they can "cut to the chase," as in, get to fighting. 
     As Billy begins to respond with typical Dragon wisdom, the storm clouds appear overhead and cast a shadow over the group.  Lightning begins to strike the ground, and Billy orders the Dragons inside where it's safe, noting that this is "no storm cloud."  Billy is then forced to dodge lightning strikes as he runs inside the dojo as well.  Jimmy appears at the front door and asks Billy what is going on, but Billy doesn't know.  However, Billy says he can take a guess as to who is behind it.
     Billy and Jimmy pull up in front of the rebuilt Shadow Dojo in their Dragon Cruiser.  They're both shocked at the sight of the building as it was demolished in the prior episode.  We then cut to Shadow Master, who is inside the dojo watching the Dragon Cruiser on a large screen.
     Back outside the Shadow Dojo, Jimmy decides to "crash" the party, and drives full speed at the dojo.  However, as he comes within range of the building, it disappears and only the rubble is left in sight.  Jimmy is quickly forced to swerve in order to avoid crashing into the rubble.  It becomes readily apparent at this point that the Shadow Dojo is in another location, and that the dojo Jimmy tried to crash into was simply a mirage put forth by the Shadow Khan.
     Billy calls upon his Double Dragon birthmark and asks it to lead them to the Shadow Dojo.  The glowing dragon birthmark flies off of Billy's chest and begins leading the Dragon Cruiser to the real Shadow Dojo.  The cruiser is then seen pulling up to the actual Shadow Dojo, and Billy and Jimmy get out of the car only to be attacked by Trigger Happy, Sickle and Jawbreaker.
     Billy and Jimmy quickly chase off the three Shadow Warriors, but as they laugh about their victory and say how they wish it was always that easy, the Shadow Master appears in his fully powered-up armor.  The Shadow Master then blasts the brothers back a large distance.  As they climb to their feet, they transform and fire back at the Shadow Master.  However, the blasts have no effect on the Shadow Master as he's wearing his more powerful armor and the twins don't have the Dragon Claws.
     Shadow Master then fires "terror discs" at the brothers using the Shadow Khan's shield.  One of the discs hits Billy, and he is soon left crippled in fear and self-doubt as an image of John Lee appears and chides Billy for not finding him and saving him from the nightmare he's trapped in.
     Jimmy is hit next with a terror disc, and an image of the Shadow Boss (Jimmy's former, evil self) appears and taunts Jimmy for not finding John Lee as well, claiming that Jimmy hates John Lee because he abandoned Jimmy.  Both of the brothers are rendered helpless as the Shadow Warriors take their swords and place them inside a nearby chest (by grabbing their arms and forcing them to drop the swords in the chest).  The brothers de-transform without their swords and get taken inside the Shadow Dojo as Shadow Master watches and laughs maniacally.
     The camera cuts to the outside of the Dragon Dojo, where we see Blaster, Chop and Vortex pull up on Dragon Cycles.  As the warriors approach the dojo, Michael and Danny tell them that Billy and Jimmy are missing.  The Dragon Warriors offer to give the two Junior Dragons a ride to the police station so that they can tell Marian what has happened.
     We next see the Dragon Warriors and Junior Dragons approach the abandoned Dragon Cruiser, much to their surprise.  However, the Dragon Warriors soon spot the Shadow Dojo as well and decide to investigate.  They order the Junior Dragons to wait by the bikes as they try to sneak toward the dojo.
     As the Dragon Warriors approach the dojo, Shadow Warriors emerge and a large-scale fight ensues.  After a few action scenes including a flying garbage bin landing on top of the Shadow Warriors, the Dragon Warriors emerge victorious.  However, an irritated Shadow Master spots the battle on his television screen inside the dojo and decides to take matters into his own hands.
     Shadow Master emerges from the dojo and fires terror discs at the three Dragon Warriors.  We soon learn that Blaster has an extreme fear of snake-like creatures, and Vortex still has unresolved issues with Sickle.  However, when Chop is hit by a terror disc, nothing but a typical smoke trail appears.  As Vortex and Blaster are rendered helpless by the fear-inducing images of the terror discs, Chop attempts to run off only to be encircled by a group of throwaway "Blade" Shadow Warriors.
     Using his mechanical arm, Chop then fires some sort of bullet-like objects at the Shadow Warriors' feet (they're shaped like plugs and could very well be rivets since he's a mechanic) and runs off as the Shadow Warriors scatter.  The Shadow Warriors then drag Vortex and Blaster inside the dojo.
     Shadow Master then stands outside the dojo and declares that Metro City will be consumed in fear.  Scary-looking images of the Shadow Master's face begin flying around the city, scaring innocent civilians and chasing them inside their homes.  Shadow Master is next seen standing inside the dojo near the Black Flame, proclaiming his victory.  The Shadow Khan begins insulting the Shadow Master when the Shadow Master again threatens Khan with the Dragon Claws, shutting him up.
     Chop, Michael and Danny are next seen standing in an alley, talking about the Shadow Master's terror disc launcher.  Michael notes that the discs had no effect on Chop, and Chop concludes that it must be because he already faced his greatest fear when he lost his arm.  Chop says that they need to use their brains.  They need to think scientifically.  Danny states that his father is a scientist, but claims that he probably can't help because he's kind of a geek.  Chop corrects Danny by saying "Maybe he can."
     Chop drives the two Junior Dragons to a building where Danny's father works.  The three walk into some sort of research center where Dr. Linquist is examining a pterodactyl.  Dr. Linquist is completely oblivious to what has been occurring in the city.  As the three begin to explain the matter to Danny's father, an image of a shark swims through a window and scares Michael, helping Dr. Linquist to understand that "hallucinations" are going on all over the city.  Danny is still showing a bit of an attitude, talking down his father and saying "get with the program."
     The Shadow Master then appears on a nearby television screen in the research center.  He states that the Double Dragons have been vanquished, and if the mayor doesn't surrender the city to him, this is what the city will be in for (another scary-looking image of the Shadow Master's face then flies out from the television screen).
     As the television cuts to footage of the storm clouds swirling over the city, Chop points at the screen and notes that they need to disperse those clouds with light.  Dr. Linquist then notes that he has a laser grid at his disposal.  Michael then suggests to Danny that his father was the right person to go to.
     Michael and Chop are then seen standing on the roof of the building, next to a large satellite dish.  More images of sea creatures appear and scare Michael, and Michael tells Chop that he doesn't know how to swim.  Chop then says that after the cloud problem is over, maybe he'll teach him.
     Inside the building, Dr. Linquist flips some switches and activates the satellite dishes on the roof, which fire lasers at the clouds directly above them.  The lasers are successful in dispersing the clouds, but only over the area directly above them.  They'll need to hit the source of the clouds.  Danny then remarks that the source is the Shadow Master's terror disc launcher, which is inside the Shadow Dojo.  Danny's father suggests using mirrors, or more specifically, satellite dishes, to bounce the lasers into that building. 
     Inside the Shadow Dojo, we see a delighted Shadow Master receiving the keys to the EMF plant and the armory from the mayor and some military official.  We next see the room in which Billy, Jimmy, Blaster and Vortex are being held.  They're chained to a wall and are watching the Shadow Master on a nearby television screen.  Despite their struggling, Billy and Jimmy can't get free from the shackles which are locking their arms behind their backs.
     Back inside the main room of the dojo (where the Black Flame is), the Shadow Khan states that the Shadow Master has gotten everything now, and Khan should be freed as promised.  Shadow Master replies that he'll free him when he's ready to do so.  Khan goes ballistic and begins firing terror discs.  One of the discs hits Trigger Happy, causing a giant insect to appear above him.  In his sudden state of panic, Trigger Happy fires his blaster at the hallucination only to hit the chest in which the Dragon Claws are being held.  The chest falls down dangerously close to the Black Flame and catches fire while the Shadow Khan says "Burn Dragon Claws, burn.  Then I shall be free."
     The Shadow Master immediately tosses the Shadow Khan's shield aside and actually attempts to pull the Dragon Claw chest away from the Black Flame.  However, the Shadow Khan begins firing some sort of energy discs at the Shadow Master, interrupting his rescue attempt.
     Back inside the containment area where the Dragons are being held, their Shadow Warrior guards spot the commotion on the TV screen and leave the Dragons to help the Shadow Master.  Billy then notes that they have to save the Dragon Claws.  Billy and Jimmy jump against the wall and push off with their feet, ripping out the mounts which are bolting their chains to the wall.  With the shackles and chains still attached, they break the glass case holding their swords and transform into the Double Dragons.  The twins then break their shackles off with ease and use their swords to blast the shackles holding their two Dragon Warriors.  Billy tells Vortex and Blaster to get the mayor and others to safety while he and Jimmy go after the Dragon Claws.
     Back inside the Black Flame room, Ice Pick, Jawbreaker and Sickle have managed to pull the Dragon Claw chest safely away from the Black Flame.  However, the Shadow Khan manages to hit all three of them with terror discs, crippling each of them with their respective fears (Ice Pick is afraid of fire, Jawbreaker is afraid of... himself, and Sickle is afraid of giant slime monsters apparently).
     As the Shadow Master attempts to get the Dragon Claws, the Double Dragons show up and exchange blasts with the Shadow Master to no avail.  The Shadow Master knocks them down with his increased firepower, and as he attempts to send the brothers to "be with [the Oldest Dragon] always," Chop grabs the Shadow Master's weapon out of his hand using his mechanical arm in a vice-grip like form.  Chop then grabs the Shadow Master himself with his mechanical arm (in its vice-grip like form) and swings the Shadow Master in circles.
     The Dragons use this moment to head toward the Dragon Claws when Sickle and Trigger Happy intervene.  However, using a quick set of moves (and surprisingly, not their swords), the brothers dispatch the two Shadow Warriors and retrieve the Dragon Claws from the chest.  They then touch the Dragon Claws to their swords and perform the second transformation.
     At this point Chop is beginning to lose his fight with the Shadow Master.  However, the Dragons fire at the Shadow Master and order him to put Chop down.  Shadow Master then tosses Chop at the Dragons and blasts him in the back while he talks to the twins for "taking his eyes off his opponent."  The Double Dragons return fire at the Shadow Master and begin overpowering him with their increased firepower.  The Shadow Master tells Shadow Khan that he if fails, Khan fails.  Khan calls Shadow Master a hopeless child and agrees to help.
     Shadow Master picks up Khan's shield and begins firing terror discs at the Dragons only to have them deflect the discs with their swords.  One of the discs hits Danny, and an image similar to his father (with weird changes such as a few monster-like facial features) appears and tells him that he's going to become a science geek like his father and that no one will like him.  Chop approaches Danny and tells him to fight the hallucination, saying that his father is going to save the city.  Danny then overcomes his fear and the hallucination disappears.  Chop's mechanical arm then transforms into a small satellite dish and he radios Dr. Linquist to "let her rip."
     From inside his research center, Dr. Linquist activates the laser grid, firing a laser off a sequence of satellites and mirrors.  The laser bounces into the Shadow Dojo, where Michael adjusts some strangely placed satellite dish to cause the laser to fire at Chop.  Chop then deflects the laser directly at the Shadow Khan's shield, and the Double Dragons fire at the Shadow Khan as well.
     The combined firepower hitting Shadow Khan cause him to go dormant (his glowing eyes fade out and he stops talking/moving), and the Shadow Master subsequently loses his improved armor.  As the Shadow Master furiously bangs on the shield attempting to get Khan to return, Jimmy mocks the Shadow Master by saying, "Ahhhh, he lost his little pal."  The Dragons then fire on the weakened Shadow Master, who disappears.  The Shadow Dojo begins to crumble again as the heroes run out and drive away in the Dragon Cruiser.
     Outside City Hall, a ceremony is being performed with Vortex, Chop and Blaster receiving medals while the Double Dragons (in costume) look on.  Danny then tells the mayor that he forgot someone - his dad.
     Back inside the Shadow Dojo (which appears to have been rebuilt), we see the Shadow Master sitting on his throne, demanding that Khan speak to him.  Khan reactivates and mutters "Shadow... Master," causing Shadow Master to say good, he still lives.  Khan then notes that it's good for him, but bad, very bad for Shadow Master and the Double Dragons.
     Epilogue Message: Danny is with his father in his research center.  He says that his father saved the city by using his mind, not a gun.  Billy and Jimmy then appear, and Jimmy says that any idiot can use his fists.  It's the guys with brains that make things better.

     Dojo Master's review: This is it folks.  This is the best that the second season has to offer.  Only three episodes in and it's already peaked.  From here on out, it's going to be nothing but decline, first with little, gradual steps, then with massive, lumbering missteps.
     This episode does an excellent job of directly tying in with the previous episode and with teasing us as to whether the Dragon Claws will actually be destroyed, thus freeing the Shadow Khan.  The Shadow Khan's immense powers are demonstrated, as are the Dragon Claws'.  I really liked how Danny's father got to be a hero, and how a mere Dragon Warrior such as Chop ended up becoming more important than anyone else because of his specific advantage - he has conquered his fears, something not even Billy and Jimmy can claim.  The plot moves forward consistently without any added filler and we get to see several fights including another exciting firefight between the Shadow Master and the Double Dragons in their armored-up forms.  There's even a demonstration of actual martial arts moves (as opposed to glorified laser blasts).  Sadly, there will only be more episode in which the Dragons actually use the Dragon Claws (RPM), making for a mere total of three Dragon Claw episodes.

Rating: A+