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Daj of the Undertown Dragons
Episode written by Martha Moran

     Daj and Dr. Linquist are excavating a gold-colored temple in Undertown.  Daj asks Dr. Linquist if he always wanted to be an archeologist.  Dr. Linquist supposes so since he was always digging up old spoons and stuff in the backyard as a kid.  Daj wishes his path was as clear.
     The two manage to clear some dirt and rubble blocking a nearby door, and they head inside another section of the temple.  Inside, they spot a coiled dragon statue with a glowing egg in the middle.  Dr. Linquist spots an inscription on the statue, but as he tries to read it, his magnifying glass starts to melt.  It turns out that acid is dripping from the ceiling. 
     In another section of the underground, the Shadow Khan is overseeing the construction of a mural/sculpture in his likeness, which is being carved into the face of a nearby wall.  We can see the Terror Warriors directing mutant workers as well.  Khan says it's finally starting to look like his old lair, and thanks to some toxic waste being pumped through nearby pipes, these modern times have much to offer. 
     We then see that Daj and Dr. Linquist are secretly watching Khan from above.  However, one of the Terror Warriors spots the two and hurls his trident at them.  This causes Dr. Linquist to have a hallucination that his son, Danny, is falling endlessly in an excavation site.  Daj calls to some nearby creatures for help, but Khan wraps him up in his smoke tentacle things.  Daj manages to toss a small charm to a cockroach and tells it take the item to the Double Dragons.  Khan says to put these two to work.
     The cockroach heads above ground and carries the item inside the Dragon Dojo.  As he's sparring with Billy, Jimmy starts telling the bug to get out of here, but Billy stops him when he spots Daj's charm.  Billy and Jimmy then do their "ultimate" armor transformation and follow the insect underground.  The brothers spot Khan and his Terror Warriors, and they instantly launch an assault to save Daj.  Despite their new armor, Khan manages to tie the brothers up in his smoke tentacles. 
     Daj then calls on some bats to attack Khan, causing him to drop the Dragons.  The bats then chase Khan and his warriors out of the area.  Daj then spots an injured worker who needs to see Arika the healer.
     Meanwhile, Khan says Daj shall learn the meaning of regret, and he uses his smoke tentacles to break open the valve on a toxic waste pipe, causing the noxious substance to spill through the underground.  The toxic waste begins dumping into Undertown's water supply, killing all of the fish. 
     Daj and the brothers take the injured worker to Arika, and she says it's the taint of toxins.  She'll go fetch water while they take the injured worker to her hut.  Arika then spots the dead fish and toxic water.  Billy and Jimmy note that Khan must have poisoned the water.  They have to find him and stop him.
     Lucky for them, Khan made the finding part easy.  Khan and his Terror Warriors appear right in front of everyone and begin attacking the local mutants.  Khan tells Daj that his people will pay dearly for his interference.  Some of the mutants attempt to fight back using shoulder-mounted blasters, but the weapons are of no use.  The brothers step in to help, as does Daj, but Khan ties Daj up and covers his mouth with smoke tentacles so he can't call any more animals for help.  As the brothers attempt to help Daj, Khan knocks them into the toxic river and they begin floating downstream toward the gold-colored temple from before.
     With Khan and the Terror Warriors hot on their tail, the brothers head inside the temple.  Khan then collapses the doorway to seal the Dragons in the temple.  Toxins also begins spilling inside the temple, and Billy says their armor won't protect them for long.  Khan says the decaying Dragon Temple will make a fitting resting place for the Dragons.  He then takes off to subjugate the Undertown mutants.
     Jimmy tries using his arm blaster to dam up the water, but he and Billy de-transform from all the exposure to the toxins.  The brothers then jump onto a high support column to avoid the toxic waste.  They spot a nearby opening and head through the passage.
     The passage takes the brothers to the dragon statue with the glowing egg that Daj and Dr. Linquist discovered earlier.  Billy spots the inscription and reads it out loud.  It says something about "here I wait for my brother; a Dragon Lord like no other."  Jimmy says that could be either of them, but Billy says he doesn't think so.  They're twins, so they don't fall under the category of "like no other."
     The toxic waste continues to fill the temple, and brothers worry that they will drown if they don't find a way out.  Just then, Daj appears, saying he found a secret tunnel.  Daj then spots the glowing egg.  When he touches it, it hatches, revealing a small dragon no larger than a cat or small dog.  It quickly flies into Daj's hands.  Jimmy says he thinks the dragon likes Daj, and Daj says it'll be like his brother.
     As Jimmy reminds everyone that they need to leave now, the pet dragon blasts green fire from his mouth at the toxic waste, causing the water level to recede.   The dragon then flies out of Daj's hands and begins transforming into a full-sized adult.  The dragon starts flying through the temple and blasting the toxic waste with green fire from its mouth.  This seems to vaporize the water.  The temple's toxic waste problem is quickly taken care of.
     The dragon returns to Daj and allows him to jump on its back.  Daj then flies out of the temple on his dragon pet.  The brothers begin noticing a strong rumbling, almost like an earthquake, indicating that Khan is causing more trouble in Undertown.  Billy and Jimmy once again transform into their "ultimate" armor and head out to stop Khan.
     Khan is seen standing on top of his sculpture/mural that is carved on the side of a wall.  He's telling the mutants to submit or they will be dominated, but the mutants of Undertown are protesting and refusing to submit.  Khan then orders his Terror Warriors to crush the mutants.
     Arika tells the mutants to defend themselves, but even with their blasters and canons, they can't stop Khan and his warriors.  Billy, Jimmy and Daj arrive, and they manage to put up a better fight than the Undertowners.  Khan quickly ties up the Dragon Masters again, and he drops them into a toxic waste pool below.  Daj's pet dragon starts blasting Khan, buying the brothers time to free themselves and blast/blow away the toxic waste. 
     Billy and Jimmy start dispatching the Terror Warriors yet again, but Khan wraps a smoke tentacle around the pet dragon's neck and starts driving it toward a pool of toxic waste.  However, Billy manages to fly right through the smoke tentacle, severing it.  The pet dragon then crash lands on the shore.  He looks wounded.  Arika says the dragon has the same look as the man who was poisoned with the toxins.  She will do what she can.
     Khan won't let up.  He stands next to the Dragons with his Terror Warriors and starts surrounding them with illusions.  Billy and Jimmy sit cross-legged and do their "focus their chi" thing, driving the illusions away.  As Khan tries to use his smoke tentacles again, Billy detaches his propeller and blows Khan away.  Jimmy then dashes forward, punching and kicking the crap out of the Terror Warriors before blasting them toward Khan with his arm blaster.
     As Khan yells at his "imbecilic" warriors to get off him, Jimmy seals a nearby toxic waste pipe, then blasts open another portion, causing the substance to dump all over Khan and his warriors.  Billy then flies toward Khan's sculpture and destroys it with his propeller, causing the debris to fall on top of Khan and his minions, trapping them underneath.
     In their standard armor, Billy and Jimmy then hold a Dragon knighting ceremony with the Undertowners present.  Daj becomes, "Daj, Undertown Dragon Warrior."  Daj hops on the back of his healed pet, and the dragon flies around repairing the damages pieces of the temple with his green Dragon breath.  Daj says he has at last found his calling.
     Epilogue Message: Jimmy says pollution is bad news as the camera shows the dead fish floating in the toxic water from earlier.  Jimmy says everyone, including you kids out there, can do something to help.  Arika says old batteries, motor oil and paint don't belong in the lake or in your city's storm drains.  Billy says they must be recycled or disposed of properly.  Daj says the health of the planet is everyone's problem.
     Dojo Master's review: This episode also sucks.  There are a few hand-to-hand combat scenes, but overall, it's still people flying around blasting each other with canons, fire and other crap.  Khan is also shown to be a bumbling idiot, not the great and powerful Shadow that he was originally presented to be.  Why is he even wasting time in Undertown with a bunch of mutants?  It's like that's the best Khan can do - subjugate a bunch of second-class citizens.  How pathetic.
     This episode is plagued with the same problems established in "Ancients Arrive."  The new armor is still lame, and Billy and Jimmy still manage to get manhandled by Khan because he simply ties them up.  Why do they even have this new armor?  The recurring solution seems to be for them to "focus their chi" and do a loud "Ki-yah!"  It's so lame I can't stand it.
     Also, what the hell happened to Dr. Linquist?  It's like the writers completely forgot about him halfway through the episode!  I didn't see him get rescued or anything.  You know what, screw it.  As far as I'm concerned, Khan ate him or molested him or something.
     Instead of the Shadow Warriors and the other supporting characters we've come to know from season one, we're stuck with mutants yet again.  I'm tired of it.  What a fitting end for the series.  It's now Captain Planet.

Rating: F