New Double Dragon Video

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New Double Dragon Video

Post by nostalgianerd »

Hello Dragon Fans!

I've just posted a new video comparing Double Dragon (arcade) to Double Dragon Neon & Double Dragon Trilogy

I'd appreciate your comments, subs, shares, or anything else if you have time!

Thank you! :)
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Re: New Double Dragon Video

Post by Play2win »

Very impressive! Although I disagree at points- the video had very good examples and analysis...
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Re: New Double Dragon Video

Post by mechapop »

Haha loved this video. Probably my fave youtube review of the original. Yeah it's crazy how much slow down was in the original. Final Fight was only what, 2 years later and it felt light years ahead as far as moves/design/fluidity. But there is a funky magic to the clunkyness of DD. To this day I dislike DD2 arcade's control scheme change and how it's essentially a remake of the first one but I still love it. DD3 is almost unplayable to me. Never played DD Neon nor had a desire to. DD in space? It seems on par with Battletoads vs double dragon as far as absurdity.
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