opinions about AVGN's DD3 review?

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opinions about AVGN's DD3 review?

Post by cartman »

hello guys, thought it would be great to hear your opinions on this matter. I would guess that most of you are familiar with this guy who does retro-game reviews. If not, here's the link: http://www.cinemassacre.com/category/avgn/avgn-2010/

I've followed him since the start basically, and most of the times his criticism is well-grounded and sincere. However when i saw this, i was actually pretty dissapointed. Not because of the fact that he doesn't like this game, after all everyone likes different stuff, but because most of what he said was straight out false.

Let's break down his arguments:

1. only one life.

well this could certainly be a valid point, altough it's only true for the first and second level. On the second you beat Chin and therefor have 2 lives on the 3rd lvl. On the 4th lvl you get to fight with 3 guys + have one continue if you die.

2. Never go inbetween anybody and only use the spinkick/cyclone kick

This isn't that dangerous actually, i myself do it many times in order to spin kick them both at the same time. But you don't have to use the spinkick, you can just throw one away and beat the remaining guy in by spinkicking him, throwing him, pucnhing/kicking him etc. Or you can just throw both guys if you want.

3. Spinkick/cyclone kick won't work always.

I don't get this actually, it works always for me. I think he's pressing A or B too fast or something like that.

4. Only way to see behind the first lvl is to use 2 players (or be a double dragon god).

Now this isn't really the case, altough i do see where he is coming from. It is pretty hard if you don't know what you are doing. If you play it calm (especially if you want to punch the guys, gotta make sure you do it right to not get hit back) it should be allright.
I remember how hard it felt when i was little. Now when i've learned how to do it right, i can beat the game without even taking too much damage.

5. Don't pick mode "B" if you want to get far

A valid point. Although if you've played before, it can be fun by adding a little extra to the challenge.

6. It's even hard if you use 2 players.

I couldn't dissagree more. 1 on 1 is not what i would call hard. Besides kill one guy, and both of you can gang up on the second.

7. So many enemies on the screen.

There are exactly 2 enemies on the screen at once.

8. Too much flickering, can't see what you're doing.

I'm not really sure about this one, since i haven't played 2 players for ages. Playing alone i certainly don't think it's too much, and i never have problems seeing what i'm doing.

9. The characters you can use later on are worthless and suck.

He couldn't be more wrong. Chin can kill most of the enemies by doing his punching combo, all the way up to the Egypt level if i remember correct, where they get more lives. His "Belly-attack/diving head attack" is not bad either. And yes he is slow, but when he said that he doesn't have a chance against one of the Japanese ninjas... :oops:
Ranzou is also very good, the "Tumble High-Jump Kick" can kill the guys very fast (in 2 attacks i think?), the sword is effective both when jumping and on the ground, the "Round House Jump Kick" only needs one hit etc..

Conclusion: He has no idea what he's talking about, no idea what so ever. Aside from some of the points that were actually completly wrong, his opinions on the matter are not really well-grounded either. All in all a very bad and unfair review for a game that actually isn't even bad.
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Re: opinions about AVGN's DD3 review?

Post by mechapop »

To me DD3 for the Nes is the ONLY real "Double Dragon III" game. I dont even acknowledge the existence of the arcade, Genesis or GB version(much like Strider fans do not acknowledge "Strider Returns")

It is damn hard, even when I was a more seasoned NES player when it came out. But given its the third in the NES series, it feels a lot more polished. I wish that could have been the basis for the arcade game or receive a 16-bit facelift, but as it stands its my fave of the NES DD games. I do feel his criticism is valid...however the flickering is something that happens on a lot of NES games and cant be helped. (regardless if youre playing the real deal or emulator) Even 20 years ago I thought it bizarre there was only one life bar, so now when I play it its only with a game genie. But its definitely the best of the NES series I feel
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Re: opinions about AVGN's DD3 review?

Post by korruption »

His reviews aren't meant to be taken seriously. Odds are he actually likes the game. Sometimes he sucks at the game deliberately just to have something else to complain about. Though his game B (with friendly fire on) point is legit. However if both players are aces, I'm sure they could manage. Though I'd love to see it. :mrgreen:
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