Hey guys! NES - DD3 - Sacred Stones help

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Hey guys! NES - DD3 - Sacred Stones help

Post by KRAL »

hey guys

first of all, im so glad i came across a community that loves DD as much as i do.
i didnt think there was enough passion for the game out there for a community to form.
but this is awsome

ive pretty much mastered the game but i did something that ive never done before in my 16 years of playing Double Dragon 3.

ive reached Yagyu Ranzou's room and im fighting his men as Chin.

1 x Purple Ninja
1 x Baldy

The ninja is at a distance to the left of the screen

and im fighting baldy on the right of the screen

just as i kick baldy for a 2nd time to send him down, ive also kicked one of the shurikens (ninja stars)
that the ninja threw at me. (usually they just disappear if you kick them)

just as this happened, the baldy momentary turned into a bunch of pixels on the screen then went back to normal and right beside him was the shuriken on the floor.

Baldy gets up and is coming towards me, i hit him out the way but then the ninja gets in my way

im trying to get to the shuriken

It stayed solid for about 3 seconds and then it flashed for 3 seconds and dissappeared.

has anyone successfully deflected a shuriken and picked it up to use it?
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Re: Hey guys! NES - DD3 - Sacred Stones help

Post by cydriic »

Thanks for posting.

I didn't even know you could kick shurikens to deflect them, glad I read your post.

Never happened to me.

But man that Japan stage is great. I just finished last night DD3 on MAME and though I really enjoyed it, I find the the NES version of Double Dragon 3 is the best. I love the gameplay and I love the Difficulty level of the game, It really promotes re-playability.

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Re: Hey guys! NES - DD3 - Sacred Stones help

Post by Jonny2x4 »

I discovered the "trick" by accident as well. You can deflect projectile weapons (like the Italian fighters' spears) with your kicks by using either Lee brother or Chin (you can use the nunchucks as well). Sometimes when you deflect a weapon, it will drop to the ground and stay there for a moment, but you can't pick it up. It's more trouble than it's worth though.

There are some unused text strings for a "Hand Spear" and a "Knife" (not the "Army Knife" obtained from the Gibsons, but the blue throwing knives used by the Daveys) meant to appear on the weapon display below your health gauge, which seems to imply that they were intended to be obtainable weapons at some point.
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