Where to find NES sprites of Roper and Linda?

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Where to find NES sprites of Roper and Linda?

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Hi folks,

I've recently got into Game Maker as a hobby and I'm doing a remake of Double Dragon for the NES and coding from scratch and probably using my covers album for the score as an alternative audio mode.

It's going great so far but graphical resources for the game are very limited as I can only find Mode A sprites for Billy, Will & Abobo. I've tried the Sprite database and spriters resource with no luck so if anyone can point me in the direction to NES rips of Roper & Linda that would be great.

I'm not needing mohawk or green Abobo as I'll just tweak the standard Abobo sprite and (for now) it's only a 1 level demo so I don't need Willy. I've brought back Jeff too so I don't need Chin either.

Thanks! :)
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