Double Dragon Extreme (BoR mod) - FINALLY got to play it...

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Steve Halfpenny
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Double Dragon Extreme (BoR mod) - FINALLY got to play it...

Post by Steve Halfpenny »

So the other day I dig out my Dreamcast and after a few quick bouts of Power Stone (still excellent!) I remember Beats of Rage; the beat em up engine where you can make your own brawler or, more specifically as fans have already done so, remake one of your all time favorite games. Obviously first on the list was Double Dragon Extreme by a fella called Mr.Q, which is apparently one of the more higher regarded mods.

Well what can I say. This might surprise many who have heard my opinions regarding other brawlers, but overall I found this particular mod to be very enjoyable indeed. This is down to the amount of "games" available (arcade DD1, NES DD1, arrange, DD2 modes, X editions or something... wild). It also plays very well considering it's far more like Streets of Rage with DD sprites really but it's just so smooth. Sadly, it's also very easy and enemies are throwaway; very un-DD like indeed!

Also, stages are now more linear (mission 2 is altered to compensate) and I don't think you can take or use a weapon (a major blow) but I believe this is down to the Beats of Rage program being somewhat limited (somebody correct me if I'm wrong. I'm new to this program). Overall though, you can feel the love Mr.Q has for DD, just like us lot (the attract mode is absolutely perfect despite not featuring the legendary intro with Willy kidnapping Marian. Again, down to BoR being limited I guess).

Incredibly, despite not including all the game's features, this might be the best conversion of the original arcade game.

Next on the list is the other DD mod... Return of Double Dragon!
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Re: Double Dragon Extreme (BoR mod) - FINALLY got to play it

Post by Die_In_Fire »

this mod is pretty cool considering how old it is (at that time the engine didn't allow weapons for example), so the gameplay is not very DD-wise, however Mr.Q did even better on his "Return of Double Dragon" which if you are a DD lover, you MUST play it. It has his flaws (the "jumping williams" which I hate) but the overall experience is pretty good, and as you said, you can see the love for Double Dragon placed here.

edit: sorry I didnt note I was making topic-necromancy!!
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Re: Double Dragon Extreme (BoR mod) - FINALLY got to play it

Post by spike »

Is there any interest in updating this mod?
Don't get me wrong MrQ did an amazing job,
I always scratch my head at level 2 in DD1.
You'd think it'd be good enough to just have 2 areas of fighting - where the level starts then load it to where the level ends from arcade standpoint.
If he wanted to add some caves after level 3 make it look like the caves in DD1 nes. Fight chin by a door then Williams by a couple waterfalls and have 2 green abobos.
My only beef with DD2 is level 4
move the spears coming out of the floor to the same area as DD1. Also load the last room so it's centered also like DD1.
What's with the yellow Linda's.. look like Ronald McDonald. And stick with Jeff being yellow green or red.
Maybe I'm rambling about nitpick issues
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Billy Lee
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Re: Double Dragon Extreme (BoR mod) - FINALLY got to play it

Post by Billy Lee »

I hope there is interest. I enjoyed the game when I played it.
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