MSX version - I don't buy it...

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Steve Halfpenny
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MSX version - I don't buy it...

Post by Steve Halfpenny »

If you haven't seen it already, the above is the MSX version reviewed here at the Dojo. Anyway, I don't for one second buy that this is an official Double Dragon game. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. There's another port, which is 100% official from Melborne House that is really just a port of the crappy Spectrum version. Also, the company behind it had a reputation for releasing pirate games (as rightfully pointed out in the review on the Dojo) and imo there is nothing to suggest that they had bagged a licence for this case. The graphics are clearly inspired by the NES game, there are only a few enemies and I'm told that the music is taken from another game (Vigilante?). Just seems like a total fake to me.

What does everyone else think? (If you care that is)
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Re: MSX version - I don't buy it...

Post by Swainy »

Yeah I totally agree Steve, doesn't look like a game that a real publisher would release. The animation for the walking is what gets me :)
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Re: MSX version - I don't buy it...

Post by Jonny2x4 »

Its a definite bootleg. The developers were a South Korean game developer that did several bootlegs games for the MSX, including an unlicensed port of SMB1.
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