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Double Dragon For Next Generation Concept Ideas and Discussi

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 3:39 pm
by Billy Lee
Hey guys! I thought this would be a good time to talk about new concept ideas. Last year we more or less talked about what we felt would be a great concept for a Double Dragon sequel. Over time we brought in a great mixture of ideas starting from the first game to now. I felt that now would be a good time to go over a new topic. This topic should be about Double Dragon for the next generation. I did this topic a couple of years ago; however, with the release of new consoles I felt this would be a great time to discuss it once again. While we have had some remakes of Double Dragon over the last few years, I still feel that any of these companies haven't delivered a true and consistent remake series-wise. Some remakes I enjoyed while others were slightly disappointing like Double Dragon Neon. Double Dragon Wanderer was just down right horrible. With that being said, I wanted to hear your thoughts as far as some of the problems with the series and what could be done to make the series better. For this topic I will bring up a weekly (Maybe Bi-weekly) discussion this topic about a factor that should be looked at when creating a Double Dragon game for next generation consoles. We will go over things like game play, characters, feel of the game as far as the environment, etc. I want you guys to have enough time to gather your thoughts and state your cases. Some will be debatable; however, I feel this group is a great and mature group that wouldn't get into senseless fights. If a member jumps in on the discussion late simply state your ideas for past topics. So without further explanation this week's topic is:

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Re: Double Dragon For Next Generation Concept Ideas and Disc

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:59 pm
by Billy Lee
Here are my weekly post to the topic:

Consistency when it comes to remakes:
As I mentioned before we have seen a few companies remake Double Dragon; however, we have not seen anything coming from any of those projects that would span into some great sequels. I could see DD IOS expanding, but it’s hard to tell. The biggest issue is that these projects are drastically different from each other. One thing I am afraid of is that if they continue to remake the first Double Dragon, with the exception of the hardcore DD fans, people may get sick of playing yet another remake. Say what you want about bandwagon fans, but they are the ones that keep a franchise going. Double Dragon needs a fresh and updated remake that will draw old and new fans alike. Double Dragon has already placed itself as an all-time classic, but like Mario Brothers, Zelda, and Ninja Gaiden, I want the series to keep moving forward. In order to achieve this, some things must remain a part of the games core and a few thins must change.

What can Double Dragon learn from successful remakes such as Ninja Gaiden?
The biggest challenge with fans is how can a company make a retro game that feels like a retro game and a new game at the same time? I feel in order to translate a retro game into a new game you need a few things to work.

Elements in gameplay: While a lot of people feel Double Dragon needs to stay with classic gameplay, but for major next generation systems, I feel it doesn’t need to completely stick with the classic format to please old and new fans alike. What it needs is for it to feel like the old game at the heart, but new at the game time. The translation from the NES version of Ninja Gaiden to the Xbox/Xbox 360 versions are a perfect example of this (Note: The reason why I keep bring up NG is because it was my second favorite series of all time next to Double Dragon.):

Nintendo version

Arcade version

Xbox/PS3 version

As you can see the Xbox/PS3 version looks and feels new; however, it keeps the heart of its predecessors as far as look, feel, difficultly, and excitement. Even though Ninja Gaiden, Zelda, and Mario went from 2D to 3D, they found ways to makes their new gameplay feel like an updated version of the classics. This is one of the key contributors to keeping your fans and gaining new ones. As they come out with more series, they will tweak it and add a few new elements to make it work.

Re: Double Dragon For Next Generation Concept Ideas and Disc

Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2014 11:21 pm
by Driversold
Here is what they need to do: Million should package the 3 arcade versions, 3 Nes versions, Super (Return) Double Dragon, The Gameboy and Advance versions all in one. Either on a disc for the modern consoles or through their LIVE stores.
Otherwise, package them with a new version. That would entice fans to pay a higher price and at least experience a new version.

New Version: I would mix the views up. 2D to 1st Person. Change the perspective and keep it 2 player. More background interaction. I would also open up to multiple paths, especially 2 player. Example: Billy and Jimmy could split off to chase down punks. One go around back while the other go up the fire escape. I also wouldn't give a barrage of moves: Limit it to kick, punch, elbow, spin kick, hair pull with the slap punch/kick from Super DD game. Gradually earn moves ... Break a bone (and when it does, you quickly see like an x-Ray of the bones breaking. And then a few more shattering moves to earn.

I would also limit it to One Abobo, but create new Larger type thugs or use from the past characters.

To top it off, being in 1st person view, I would add Parkour type levels very similar to what you see in The 360's Mirror's Edge, with villains to manually fight and also button timing scenarios.

Re: Double Dragon For Next Generation Concept Ideas and Disc

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:44 pm
by Billy Lee
You bring up some great points. Actually, I planned on bringing up some of your replies soon such as characters. I may bring up a series about characters in the next few days actually.