Live-Action Double Dragon Trailer

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Live-Action Double Dragon Trailer

Post by PetrosOfSparta »

Hey all,

First I'll introduce myself, my name is Petros, I'm the writer and creator of a webseries called MY LIFE AS A VIDEO GAME. It's the story of a gamer pulled into an alternate reality where video game genres, are real life. We just did our first four episodes based on First Person Shooters (for the mainstream crowds) now our next set are based on a very old school retro genre - the Beat 'Em Up, taking most influence from Double Dragon itself.

I've always been a huge fan of Double Dragon, I grew up playing it on the NES and sometimes I literally will search for arcades where I live in LA that have a Double Dragon arcade there and will play it right up until the end - often forcing friends to join me whether they want to or not. So I decided to do a set of episodes in my series primarily about the old school arcade awesomeness that was Double Dragon (with a little inspiration from Streets of Rage and Final Fight too).

The trailer here is very 80s influenced and somewhat parody-esque at times (Rather like Double Dragon: Neon). It kinda pokes fun at how hilariously dated games from that era were while still being an homage to their awesomeness.


Anyway, that's the trailer link above. It also features a voice over by the guy who does the voice for Honest Trailers on YouTube.
New episodes start on February 11th (Tuesday) so hope you can check them out, we're very proud of what we've done.


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Re: Live-Action Double Dragon Trailer

Post by Swainy »

Looks good and great to hear my old mate Jon Bailey doing the voice over. I worked on a couple of videos with him myself!
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Re: Live-Action Double Dragon Trailer

Post by Billy Lee »

Oh wow that was awesome.
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Re: Live-Action Double Dragon Trailer

Post by CityHunt3R »

LOL great job guys I like it!
what type of camera did you use?
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Re: Live-Action Double Dragon Trailer

Post by Eddie MountainGoat »

Incredibly well-made.
Incredibly funny.
Incredibly awesome!

This trailer was fun, it led me to Ep. 1 - I really enjoyed the FPS series.

But then Episode 5 was AMAZING.

I really love the way you both celebrate and parody the world of video games. I had to keep pausing it, so I could stop laughing!
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