Clarifying the Abobo and Bolo mix-up

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Re: Clarifying the Abobo and Bolo mix-up

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Eddie MountainGoat wrote:Great find, Seimei! And welcome to the DD Dojo forums!

Unfortunately, warosu wouldn’t allow me the hotlinks directly to those images (I don’t know if anybody else had that problem), so you can find the thread at

Exactly where you end up on the page seems a bit random, so you may want to search for the phrase “Dumping Famitsu's review of the original Double Dragon”, on the page.

Anyway, all three pages of the Japanese review are there, and can be zoomed in. I still can’t read Kanji, so again I’m requesting help, on this one.


There is enough evidence that the bald miniboss is named Abobo, from NES-related material. See the topps sticker cards, and the Famicom guide (okay, I still can’t read the kanji, but I do recognize them – but if I’m wrong on that one, please correct me).

Yay 100 posts.

Thank you very much, I hope I can contribute to the forum here.

The Bald Giant is definitely Abobo on the NES, as seen in VS mode.

The Famitsu article on the Arcade game didn't refer to the bald giant. Its possible, the bald giant was originally Bolo, mohawked giant was Jick, and green giant was Abobo? The NES version does contain the green giant, even if he doesn't have a mohawk. Or alternatively, they are all Abobo like Bolo Abobo, and Jick Abobo?
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