Commodore 64 Ocean port

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Commodore 64 Ocean port

Post by DojoMaster »

Is it true that only 20 copies or so were made? That's what is being claimed on this website: ... -c64-cart/

Here's the link where that statement is made: ... le-signed/
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Re: Commodore 64 Ocean port

Post by Swainy »

It certainly had a limited release in the UK, where I think it was only made available via mail order if my memory serves. As to how many copies were sold/released I doubt if Ocean software even knew.
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Re: Commodore 64 Ocean port

Post by Steve Halfpenny »

I still don't get why that was even made or even quite how Ocean had the rights. Only thing I can think of was that Ocean were planning one of their famed compilation sets including DD (or for the C64 console as you've just rightly pointed out to me via PM ;)) and since the original C64 port was so bloody awful, they wanted to include something a bit more playable (well, as opposed to UNplayable).
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