Double Dragon Advance survival mode run 110 Kills!

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Double Dragon Advance survival mode run 110 Kills!

Post by Rockman »

So my good friend Angryman (the guy who I will eventually do a 2-player DD:Z run with) decided to have me record a play through of him in Double Dragon: Advance to show off the games mechanics as well as his skill by racking up 110 kills (the highest recorded on youtube)!

110 seems like it would be tedious to watch but anybody who didn't really get into DD:A or even ppl who know how the game works would still be VERY entertained giving it a watch. He uses almost every move in the game at his disposal and looks pretty good doing it.

This is definitely not a boring survival run where only the safest tactics are used throughout the entire game, so give it a look and tell me what you think!

Also Angryman told me to make it very clear that 110 is only the beginning! Be on the lookout of upwards to 200 next time!

Check it out here:
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Re: Double Dragon Advance survival mode run 110 Kills!

Post by DojoMaster »

That's pretty good. 110 asses whooped just to get sucker punched in the back of the head by Linda. Such is life.
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