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Post by jacksontens »

So I am posting in regards to 'truly' beating DDII&III. It appears you only get one life in DDII, I'm assuming you don't get awarded a life in the game? If not that would make this incredibly hard. Obviously you once again have to beat the game with both brothers surviving.

In regards to DDIII, I assume you have to beat the game with all three playes surviving, though how are you supposed to get more lives if you aren't inserting more coins? I mean, what do you guys think is the 'correct' way to 'truly' beat this game?

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I always figured that beating a game simply meant completing it.

In beat 'em ups, this means defeating the final opponent. In sidescrollers like Double Dragon, it usually means killing the end boss (though it sometimes also requires beating every single one of his cronies).

So, it never mattered to me how many coins were spent, how many lives were used, or how many players survived to the end (though the ones that didn't had no claim to having beaten the game).

Of course, elite gamers might set stricter goals for themselves. That's okay. I never claimed to be elite.

But the way I see it is, if I survive Willy's attack, and my friend doesn't, why should I lose out? I still beat the game. HE didn't.

On the other hand, if we kill Willy together, but I only made it there because I had a fistfull of coins, while he did it all on one credit, can I really claim that we beat the game together? Well, yes. It may not necessarily be fair that I spend more money, and I can't say that I'm anywhere near as good as him, but we still both completed it.

And I doubt very much that any gamer anywhere can beat arcade DD3 on one credit.
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Post by Jonny2x4 »

To me, in order to truly master any arcade game, you must be able to at least beat it on the default difficulty setting on one credit.

DD2 seems to had been deliberately designed to make this as difficult to achieve as possible. You never get any extra lives other than ones you start off with (which can be set up to 4 at maximum), the bosses are cheap (Abore and Chin in particular), and you only regain a portion of your energy when completing a stage. Its still possible to 1CCed though. I think I did it once using the elbow trick on the Hardest setting and with just one life.

DD3 on the other hand is almost impossible to beat without buying any power-ups. You need to buy tricks and attack power at least to make your character competent enough to take on enemies.
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