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Double Dragon Advance character profiles

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I remember back when I translated Muneki Ebinuma's commentary on Double Dragon Advance, I asked Game Kommander to scan the character profiles from the Japanese version's manual. I completely forgot about it until recently, so I took the liberty of translating them and posting them here. The American manual only has Billy's and Jimmy's profiles.

For some reason, not all the enemies are covered in the Japanese manual either. The two Chin Taimei-esque enemies are not listed, and neither are the Five Emperors.

The Heroes
Billy Lee - The younger of the Lee brothers, Billy is a martial artist with a strong heart and body. He has learned numerous styles of martial arts since he was a child, and with his brother Jimmy, he founded Sou-Setsu-Ken at the age of 20. He is usually calm and quiet, only his brother Jimmy is capable of stopping him.

Height: 175cm
Weight: 72kg
Fighting style: Sousetsuken
Specialties: Kicks and nunchaku
Hobby: Training
Martial arts idol: Bruce Lee

Jimmy Lee - The older of the Lee brothers, Jimmy is high-spirited and possesses strength beyond compare. He co-founded Sou-Setsu-Ken with his younger brother Billy, and was the instructor at their dojo prior to the war. Rumored to even surpass Billy in martial arts skill, Jimmy likes spending his time studying Eastern philosophy.

Height: 176cm
Weight: 75kg
Fighting style: Sousetsuken
Specialties: Punches and double kali sticks
Hobbies: Literature and weight training
Favorite books: "Miyamoto Musashi", "The Book of Five Rings"

Marian - Billy's girlfriend, who once served as an assistant instructor in the women's
division of the Sousetsuken Dojo. She continued teaching "Sousetsuken" to women and
children as an art of self-defense after the school was destroyed.

Height: 168cm
Weight: 55kg
Measurements: B87/W57/H85
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, reading animal folk-tales
Turn-ons: Strong but sensitive men
Turn-offs: Bullies who prey on the weak.

The Shadow Warriors

Abobo - A member of the Shadow Warriors who possesses extreme superhuman strength.
Having fortified his body as a weapon with his experience in actual street fights and playing
American football, he has been tasked with the duty of expanding the gang's turf, as well as punishing those who oppose them. He is very loyal to Willy.

Height: 210cm
Weight: 160kg
Specialties: Abobo Hammer, Bomber Throw
Hobbies: Sleeping for a long period, singing, dancing
Turn-ons: Any beautiful woman who can admire a strong guy

Burnov - A former heavyweight-class wrestler who achieved fame in the underworld circuit. Due to the immense strength he has shown during his professional career, he was barred from competing in betting matches, so he was scouted by the Shadow Warriors after his retirement. He now roams the streets of the underworld as a member of a criminal organization. Usually wears an armored helmet mask to conceal his plain face.

Weight: 185kg (including iron mask)
Specialties: The Burnov Tackle, Hair grab punches
Hobbies: Eating, manhunting
Wrestling idols: Bruiser Brody, Andre the Giant

Hong Yuan-Hu and Huang Gu-Liang - A pair of martial artists who once represented Chinatown, Hong and Huang are martial arts expert who are the inheritors of the "Taikyoku Kongou Ken" style, a complete unification of Chinese martial art syles. Among the martial artists of Chinatown, they are nicknamed the "Cold Faced Twin Tigers".
Height: 187cm (both)
Weight: 78cm (both)
Fighting style: Taikyoku Kongou Ken (The Ultimate Thunderbolt Fist)
Specialties: Butterfly Twist, Whirlwind Kick (Hong), Tiger Punch, Front Sweep Kick (Huang)
Hobbies: Tai-chi and Chi-kung (Hong), Competing against other schools and collecting weapons (Huang)

Williams - A member of the Shadow Warriors who specializes in powerful techniques.
Weight: 90kg
Specialties: Oildrum throw, punches
Hobbies: Weight training, ambushing
Dislikes: Spiders, lizards, and roaches.

Roper - A member of the Shadow Warriors who specializes in knife throws.
Height: 183cm
Weight: 87kg
Specialties: Knife throw, front kick
Hobbies: Collecting weapons, trashing other gangs' turfs
Dislikes: Being preached at, inconveniences, lies

Linda - A female member of the Shadow Warriors who specializes in whip attacks.
Measurements: B92/W58/H88
Specialties: Whip attack, Middle Kick
Hobbies:Dieting and teasing men
Turn-offs: Effeminated men and weaklings

Steve - Behind this sunglasses/suit-wearing gentleman lies a cold martial arts killer.
A peculiar man who enjoys kicking his opponent to death with his consecutive attacks.
He has the duty of keeping an eye on the more trouble-making members of the gang, as well as restraining them when necessary.
Weight: 82kg
Specialties: Various kick techniques, the Steve Combination
Hobbies: Collecting neckties, darts, alcoholic drinks
Favorite words: "Perfection!" "Victory!"

Unlisted characters
Chen Wang-Yu (Chin Taimei in the original games)
Chen Yuan-Gui (the bald version of Chen)
Yang Zheng-Li (Gen-Setsu-Ken master with a headband)
Wu Ren-Zhi (bald Gen-Setsu-Ken master)
Anderson (Gen-Setsu-Ken master with fornlocks)
David (red-haired Gen-Setsu-Ken master)
Raymond (Gen-Setsu-Ken leader)
Double Dragon Advance Characters 2
Double Dragon Advance Characters 2
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Double Dragon Advance Characters 1
Double Dragon Advance Characters 1
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Re: Double Dragon Advance character profiles

Post by Eddie MountainGoat »

Awesome stuff, thanks for translating and posting!

I never thought Abobo would be the type to like singing and dancing, but there you go!
Burnov's data seems to be based on his Neo Geo incarnation.
I think Anderson was named after the boss of the Gameboy DD II.

Again, thanks!
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Re: Double Dragon Advance character profiles

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Wow, Thanks for sharing this with us.
Eddie MountainGoat wrote:Awesome stuff, thanks for translating and posting!
I never thought Abobo would be the type to like singing and dancing, but there you go!

Neither did I. @_@
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Re: Double Dragon Advance character profiles

Post by Jonny2x4 »

I think I might rewrite some of the older character description pages in the future if I get the time. Reading some of them now, I made a couple of mistakes here and there. Not to mention I have stumbled onto a couple of Japanese pamphlet guides to the first two Famicom games, which includes move lists for all the enemies and their damage.
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Re: Double Dragon Advance character profiles

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Great! Let me know if you want to do that. I'll post it immediately.
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