Transformers Badly Animated - The Stop Motion Spoof

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Transformers Badly Animated - The Stop Motion Spoof

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For those who don't know, Transformers Badly Animated is an ongoing stopmotion comedy spoof series based on the original Transformers show by Sunbow. It's a joint production between Lola Films and jON3.0 with most of the animation being done in England and most of the writting being done by Jon over in the States.

Episode 1 - The ULTIMATE Ultimate Weapon: Megatron devises a plan that could finally see the Decepticons conquer the universe and destroy the Autobot's. Only Starscream has heard it all before and Optimus Prime doesn't think that Megatron is that smart.

Episode 2 - Under the Influence: When Prowl's cousin Barry visits Autobot Headquarters, his pranks become all too much for the Autobots. Megatron however see's a window of opportunity.

Episode 3: Coming Soon
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