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New Dreamcast shoot em ups... looking very good...
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Author:  Steve Halfpenny [ Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:41 am ]
Post subject:  New Dreamcast shoot em ups... looking very good...

I dunno how many of you are shrump (shooter) fans but if you are and you still have Sega's last console, you might want to take a look at these buties.

First of all is First Striker, a standard but nice looking vertical shooter. check it out here -

Apparently it was the most advanced New Geo game ever made (until the next one...) and it looks and sounds very good indeed. It's hardly gonna set the world on fire but it still might be worth picking up, particularly the limited edition release. More information on how to obtain a copy at

Then there's this -

Holy hell. This is more like it. A new DC game developed for the DC. Sturmwind is a horizontal scroller like Gradius, R-Type, etc and is definitely not an impossible bullet hell title; you can clearly see the influence. I think this looks absolutely glorious and can't wait for its release. There's also a serious gap in the market for games like this and I've been gagging for Gradius VI ever since I finished Gradius V. Perhaps I no longer need to wait for that now. You can pre-order here -

I think it's great that Dreamcast games still come out every now and again. The console clearly died years before its time, which is kinda funny to me since the machine itself was released years before the world would accept something to replace their precious PS1 and yet it was so much better for me (what with its online capabilities, UMV memory, etc).

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