The hero and main character of the story, Billy Lee. He is the first player character. His girlfriend was murdered and now he's out for revenge. He's a very versatile individual. I think you'll find him more than efficient in completing this quest.
Brother of Billy, Jimmy Lee is seemingly just along for the ride. He is the second player character. In the first NES installment he was Billy's arch-nemises but now has decided to join Billy in fighting the Shadow Warriors. He operates exactly like Billy Lee in every aspect.
Strangely enough, this character's name is Will. He is probably the easiest of the enemies to defeat (so much for a high and mighty character named Will...) and is able to carry knives and metal bars. They appear in pretty much every level. Linque informs me that his full name is Williams.
This guy's name is Roper. He's a solid punk who can be tough at times and weak at other times. He is able to carry dynamite (grenades) and throws the boomerang in Level 4, a weapon Billy and Jimmy can't use. He appears in almost every level too.
This cat is called Linda. She's probably the second easiest to kill, as she packs the two weakest weapons in the game: the Chain Whip and the Incendiary Bomb (flammable). They appear in most of the earlier levels.
The boss of the first level whom I lovingly call Ironhead, but is officially called Burnov. He has the power to disappear then reappear. He usually takes five or six good hits to defeat. He also appears in Level 7.
This fellow is Right Arm, an all around scrapper and one of the thoughest non-bosses in the game. His only weapons are his fists which he will not hesitate to pound you with. The best way to defeat him is to just scrap it out or land an uppercut. He is in most of the levels.
These ninja-like guys are really a pain to kill as they usually travel in packs of two and collectively work together to launch a full assault on you. Everything from shurikens to flipping kicks are at their disposal. They only appear in Levels 2 and 8.
Relative to Abobo, Bolo is just as fierce. He has a little hair as apposed to his first installment counterpart. He can punch and kick as well as the new toss-over-the-shoulders move, excellent for throwing you directly into a pit. He appears in about half of the levels, sometimes as a boss.
The new big guy in the game is this large fellow named Abore, with a vicious karate chop and a devastating shoulder block, he's definately a threat. Treat him as you would most big guys, with extreme caution. While he's not a strong as Abobo, he's much quicker and can swat you down in mid-air. He appears in half of the levels, sometimes as a boss.
This sword bearing guy (now identified as Chin from DD1) is another tough one to kill. He looks a lot like Link from the Zelda series and has a sweep and flipping kick attack. They usually come in packs of two or three and aren't the best guys to get into a fist fight with. They appear in most of the later levels.
This is a clone of Billy that you must take on in Level 8 before you fight the leader of the Shadow Warriors. He has all of the same moves as you (well he is you... or at least a darkened form of you). He also can disappear than reappear inside of you and shoot a fireball.
Billy's murdered girlfriend Marion. You really don't hear much about her except that she was murdered and Billy is pissed about it. But how could she be standing here? It's a mystery... or is it just a shadow? Wink wink.
This is the leader of the Shadow Warriors and Billy and Jimmy's prime target. Not much is known about this mysterious warrior going into the game. I can tell you that he's one tough cookie though with such moves as a handstand kick and a cyclone punch. He can also make like a jelly donut and disappear. Defeat him and you'll win the day.

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